Monday, 18 August 2014

BTL - Chapter 20 (C)

"Miss? Excuse me miss?" Khushi felt someone tapping her shoulder as she blinked her eyes open...the dried up tears on her face felt stretchy across her cheeks as she winced, feeling her neck ache due to the odd angle her body was sprawled on the cool floor of the washroom

Wait..what?' khushi thought as she jerked up from her sitting position and yelped, as a sharp pain shot through her cramped up legs "Are you alright miss? How long have you been in here?" a petite woman who seemed like she was part of the cleaning staff asked her as khushi took the support of the wall to move her legs around in order to get rid of the pins and needles she was currently experiencing

"Wh..?...what time is it?" she asked the woman who looked at her oddly before checking her watch "Its nearly 10 in the night...are you all right?" she asked her again as khushi shook her head ", I'm not alright...I can't believe I fell asleep...I...I was locked...and then I heard him...and he...he loves me...and he wants to drink mint tea and...and my guava tree...I...I have to go...oh my God, I have to go now!" Khushi screamed as she went around and collected all her things

"I think you should sit don't seem to be all right" the kind woman spoke, looking at Khushi with a mixture of worry and curiosity as she flitted around in a frenzy "I'm fine...really...and I can't thank you enough for letting me out of here...but I really have to go..." Khushi said with an huge smile as she gave a quick hug to the bewildered woman before making her way out

She ran all the way to the reception area, making all eyes turn towards her "Hi...can you tell me Arnav's...I mean, Mr Crispin Pike's room number please? I'm need to meet him immediately" she asked the man at receptionist as he looked at her suspiciously "Are you expected maam? We are told to keep his information confidential" he said as Khushi smiled and nodded "Oh, I'm expected all right!" she said as the man asked for her name

She waited impatiently as he dialed the number to Arnav's room...but the call kept going unanswered "I'm sorry maam, but no one's taking the call..." he said as khushi felt her heart sink, but the next second a huge smile lit her face as she suddenly remembered her own phone that held his personal number... "Its ok...I'll call him on his phone" she said confidently as she took out her phone only to find a blank screen...she tried to switch it on again but it seemed to be not working anymore, thanks for her thrashing it earlier

She bit her lips anxiously as she tried to restart it by taking the phone apart...but nothing seemed to work...she looked up pleadingly at the man, who seemed to be wary of her "Look maam...maybe he's asleep...why don't you come tomorrow and try again?" he told her as she nodded her head slowly "Is there no way you can take me to his room? He is expecting me..." she said in a broken voice as the man sighed

"I'm very sorry maam...but its against protocol...the best thing for you to do, is to come in tomorrow morning..." he said kindly, as khushi nodded and turned around to leave...she was not going to go anywhere...she would sit here all night long if she has to, but she will not leave until she finds her arnav and tells him how much she loves him too

With a determined bounce in her step, she made her way to the lobby area and sat down on the soft plush sofa...taking out her phone, she once again tried to fiddle with it, hoping it will miraculously start, when her ears picked up a conversation between two men sitting opposite her "I can't believe he pulled that stunt...I mean, canceling media interviews! Only I know how much I had to pacify them, not to print anything negative about him...otherwise they were ready to spew venom about his unprofessionalism" one of the men said with a huff as the other looked on and nodded

"I know, but i'm sure he had a genuine reason...being his publisher cum manager, I have known him since a long time now and he's anything but impulsive...he'll be back soon, don't worry and then we can talk to him and work around a new schedule with the media" the other man said as the first one nodded and got up to leave

Khushi widened her eyes as she realized they were probably speaking about the same man, she was dying to meet "Are you taking about Arnav?" she asked them as they looked up at her in amusement "Arnav? Oh, a fan I see!...already using his real name huh?...!" one of the men said as he looked at khushi with interest "Yes, we are talking about him...and if you are waiting to get a glimpse of him or an autograph, its best you go home like the other ladies...he ain't coming back anytime soon" the other guy said as khushi felt alarmed

"What do you mean? He left already?" she asked them as they got up to leave "Yep...for now he's not here...and please don't ask us when he'll be back...I'm sick and tired of everyone asking me that question, to which the answer is 'God only knows when!'" he said as they both left the lobby, making Khushi choke back tears as she tried to get up on wobbly feet

He's not even in the hotel...what should she do now? What if he doesn't return? No...he won't just leave like that...Where did he go? She thought as she walked out of the hotel and hailed a taxi to her house What if all the things that happened since morning were a sign for something? Maybe she should not meet him...he loves her so much and she...she threw it all away without giving him a chance...without giving themselves a chance' she thought as the taxi stopped in front of her building

She paid the taxi driver, as she got down and made her way inside her building...'maybe she should leave things to chance...No...maybe she should go back and wait at the hotel...arrgghh!She screamed in her head as she got into the the lift made its way to her floor, she made up her mind to call VK and ask for his number from her home phone...then she will call him again and again till he picks up, and if he doesn't then she'll go and wait for him at the hotel lobby...there was no way she was leaving anything to chance now...bas!

She opened the old lift door as it pinged on her floor and got out; turning back, she closed the inner grid and the outer door as the lift once again started its the odd humming sound, shrouding the entire floor in darkness...she realized that the landing lights were off since she had not come in all evening and her usually nosy neighbors too were on a holiday

Sighing, she switched on the lights before the sight in front of her eyes made her gasp out loud...her heart nearly fell out of her mouth as she gazed dumbfounded at the mirage in front of her...cause that's what it was...a mirage...was her mind finally giving up on her? Because there is no way in hell that Arnav Raizada...aka, Crispin Pike was sitting at her doorstep, with his head resting on his arms placed on his drawn up knees, deep asleep and snoring away to, it.just.wasn't.possible.

She walked towards him in a daze as she pinched herself to check if it was a dream, but ended up yelping loudly, waking up the man in front of her with a jolt... "Kh...khushi?" Arnav mumbled before slowly getting up from the floor...he stood up straight as khushi came closer to him and poked him on his chest, receiving a loud 'ouch' from him as she looked on in confusion and disbelief "It is you" she said as Arnav looked on warily at her before raising his eyebrows at her dazed state "Yes, its me...I.." he started saying, but did not get to finish his sentence as Khushi flung herself in his arms, taking him by surprise

To say he was shocked would be an understatement, because since the two hours that he had been here, waiting for her to show up and to question her as to why she had not come to see him at the hotel, a lot of different scenarios of his and khushi's reunion had played in his head..they included her slapping him and asking him to get lost, her ignoring him and walking past him into her apartment and the worst, seeing her hand in hand with some other guy and breaking his heart into a million pieces

But nothing...nothing had prepared him for the bone crushing hug that she had given him as she remained viced around his body, her hands holding onto his neck while her body was plastered to it was a natural reaction for him to instantly pull her closer to himself and bury his head in her familiar fragrant hair, finally finding the peace he was so restless for, since such a long time

They stayed like that for quite some time as Arnav felt a shudder run through her body before he heard her soft ...she was crying... "Khushi? Sweetheart...what's wrong?" he asked her as she started crying in earnest while he held her tightly to himself, his hands rubbing her back gently as her tears wet his shirt "Please khushi...tell me..." he said as he tried to pull back to look at her, only for her to tighten her hold on him

"I'm s..such a...a horrrible person...I...I did...did'nt lissten to was sso bad..." she sobbed as Arnav pulled her face closer and kissed her gently on her forehead... "Shh...Khushi...stop crying please...lets go inside ok..." he said as she nodded while looking for the keys in her bag...her fingers shook as she tried to open the door making Arnav hold her hand steady "Let me" he said as he took the keys from her and opened the door

He followed her inside the house as she quickly switched on the main lights which flooded the apartment in a gentle yellow glow... "This is a beautiful apartment" he said as his gaze swept over the tastefully done up interiors " bua and I designed it...she's not here right now...she's um...on a holiday with her friends" she said as Arnav nodded and saw her fidgeting with the hem of her dress...she looked breathtakingly beautiful with her blushing cheeks and flushed skin

He wanted nothing more than to just grab her and kiss her senseless...but this was not the right time; Khushi looked too stricken for some reason and looking at her state, it was clear that she had been pretty disturbed and probably very tired too "Uh...why don't I sit here till you freshen up a bit?" he asked her as she smiled at him in gratitude... "The kitchen's over there...please get yourself something to drink till then" she told him as he nodded and watched her go to her bedroom quickly making him smile at the fact that she at least wasn't being formal with him

Once inside, Khushi literally tore off the clothes from her body and rushed into the the cool water soothed her frazzled nerves and calmed her heated body, she went over all the incidents that had happened throughout the day that had been so damn horrible...but arnav was her house...did he leave the interviews for her? Was he here all this time? She thought as she quickly dried herself off and got into her comfortable shorts and t-shirt

She wiped her long dark hair before leaving it to dry naturally as she contemplated puting on make-up, but then changed her mind and opted for a light lip-gloss only...smiling at herself in the mirror she gathered her thoughts before making her way back into the living room

At the same time arnav sat in the small cozy balcony sipping on a glass of juice while munching on a few biscuits he had found in the cookie jar...he had not realized how hungry he was till he had walked into the kitchen...he hadn't eaten anything since lunch time and had completely forgotten about food as he had taken the rash decision to cancel the interviews and come here instead...seeking answers from Khushi...why didn't she come? where was she all day? And why was she in that state?

"Arnav?" khushi spoke hesitantly as his gaze shifted behind him to see her standing shyly near the balcony door...he nearly stopped breathing at the alluring sight she made as she stood there in her simple clothes and soft smile...her gorgeous face completely bare of any makeup and her long damp hair swaying in the late evening breeze...she was nothing short of a seductress out to make him her slave...he saw her blush under his intense stare and quickly got up to make his way to her

"Have you eaten Khushi?" he asked her as she shook her head...he offered her the other glass of juice he had kept ready for her and smiled as she took it from his hands...his own hands trembling as her fingers made contact with them...she quickly gulped down the juice, keeping her eyes lowered as Arnav started at her with a deep longing...when she finally kept the empty glass down, he could not take it anymore and pulled her closer to his body...his hands holding her tiny waist possessively as Khushi gasped at the sudden action

"Now will you tell me why you were crying?" he asked her in his husky voice as she took a deep breath to calm herself before placing her hands on his chest and looking up into his eyes "I know its you...and I...I read what you said in the note" she said as Arnav smiled and leaned more towards her "So you did come? Or did you watch it in the news?" he asked her as she shook her head "I came...I was there the whole time...but..." she said as he closed his eyes and let his head fall forward as his nose dove into her wet tresses to inhale her intoxicating perfume

"I knew it...I felt it, you know...why didn't you come ahead? Were you afraid?" he asked her as he dropped tiny kisses on her exposed shoulder and collar bone as khushi forgot to breath " was the washroom..." she said as he abruptly stopped and pulled back to look at her face...he saw her pouting sweetly as his mouth lifted in a smile before he burst out laughing "You were stuck in the washroom?" he laughed as she looked at him in annoyance and anger and pushed him away from her

"Go ahead and find it funny right? Do you know how broken I was that I was right there and I couldn't see you? Hear you but couldn't be with you?" she said as Arnav stopped laughing looking at the tiny tears that had formed in her eyes "Today was so horrible Arnav...everything went wrong from the time I left my house till the time I saw you outside it...only I know how I sat dejected in that Godforsaken place which separated you from me by a mere door...How I wanted to tell you that..." she said as Arnav held his breath...he came ahead and ran his thumb below her eyes to wipe the tears that were threatening to fall over and kissed her forehead as she held onto his shoulders

"Tell me what Khushi? What did you want to tell me?" he asked her as she sniffed and spoke in a soft voice "That I...that I too want to drink mint teas with you and..." she said breathlessly as he continued kissing her on her face...he kissed her cheeks...her nose...her chin...and finally dropped a kiss near her lips as they trembled for his "and what?" he whispered over them as she wound her arms around his neck again "and I love you too.." she said as he smiled and kissed her gently on her lips...the kiss was so tender and full of love that her insides churned with excited flutters

"I love you so much Arnav...and I'm so sorry that I didn't believe you...please forgive me" she said in between kisses as Arnav felt his heart overwhelm with her confession "There is nothing to forgive khushi...and I know khushi...I always knew...I knew that my love wasn't one are the only woman I have ever loved and will ever love...thank you for giving us a second chance...thank you for giving me a second chance" he said as Khushi shook her head "No Arnav...thank you for waiting for me...I was so stupid arnav" she said as he chuckled and kissed her on her neck

"We both were...I should have come for you a long time ago...but I wanted to prove my love for asked me for time Khushi and I did...but why did you take so long Khushi? These three months were unbearable without you in my life...the uncertainty...the need to see you and be with was too much...don't ever put me through all that again" he said as she nodded and hugged him tightly

"I won't arnav...never again...but I did call you, only for your phone to be picked up by your fiancee" she said as Arnav looked up at her, his eyes questioning her "I know it was a misunderstanding...but at that time I felt that you were fed up with waiting for me...that you had given up and gone and gotten engaged to that Lavanya" she said as his eyes suddenly registered that she was talking about that fateful day

"That was you? Oh God had called me that day?...I'm going to kill Lavanya for calling herself my fiancee...there was nothing like that Khushi..." he started to explain as Khushi shook her head and placed a finger over his lips "You don't need to explain anything...I trust you took time, but I'm finally there...I just want you to trust me too...will you?" she asked him apprehensively as he smiled and held her face "Always..." he said as she giggled and kissed him "Now stop making me wait and give me my punishment Mr Pike..." she said saucily, as he laughed and took her lips in a heated kiss

She sighed in contentment, as she opened her mouth to welcome his gentle probing...tingles ran up her body as he threaded his fingers through her hair and pulled her closer...he angled her face to get a better reach into her mouth as his tongue intimately explored it...they reveled in their mingled taste as their bodies went up in flames, desire ran rampant through their blood as the need to get closer and bridge all gaps became too potent for them to even realize when other's hands pulled away the unwanted barriers between their heated bodies

They both moved slowly inside the house as they continued kissing, their breaths coming in short bursts as their longing for each other took precedence over ever sane thought they possessed...there was no hurry...yet the feverish desire to be together in all possible sense drove their actions as they stumbled onto the soft bed in Khushi's bedroom...their eyes spoke volumes about their love and need as Arnav yanked off the last remaining bit of scraps from her body...his hands worshipping her soft perfect breasts, as his mouth followed the same path

He watched in satisfaction as khushi arched into him...her moans getting louder as the unfulfilled desire built into a crescendo within her...she rubbed her thighs together as she felt arnav's hand seek her down there...her eyes flew open as she gazed into his darkened eyes, full of love and waiting for her permission...she pulled him closer to her with one hand for a drugging kiss as her other hand went to caress his hardened form over his boxers...she felt him shudder at her touch, giving her a sense of boldness that she had never felt before...she opened her legs for him as he kept kissing her...his lips trailing downwards "Oh...Arnav..." she moaned as he nearly came undone with her whispered words and the feel of her hands on him

He quickly pulled his boxers off as he settled between her legs, making her gasp at the feel of him over her heated centre...he groaned as she ran her fingers over his length making him throw his head back at the intense pleasure that coursed through his body "I won't be able to survive if you do that sweetheart..." he said as she wound her legs around his his waist, the anticipation of finally being one with him in the most primitive way spiraling intense sensation down to her core...she rubbed herself over him as she squirmed against him...demanding he end this torture

"We again don't have any protection Khushi..." Arnav said as Khushi threw daggers at him with her desire laden eyes "I don't care Arnav...please make love to me...I can't take it anymore" she said as he smiled and kissed her again...she kissed him back with all her love as he quickly slid inside her slick warmth in one deep thrust, making her moan out his name in abandon...the welcome relief of finally having him inside her was so satisfying that she hardly felt the brief pain before he filled her up completely

He watched her face for any signs of discomfort but was marveled at the serenity he saw instead...he felt her legs keeping him imprisoned inside her as she adjusted to his girth and the glorious feeling of having him deep within her folds...but then the damn burst open as they kissed wildly and temptously while their eager tongues mimicked the action down below...their bodies danced to the age old rhythm as their suppressed passions screamed for release

Khushi held on tightly to his body as her nails pierced his strong back...their wet slick bodies ground against each other as with a final thrust, an immense pleasure beyond anything they had ever imagined, gushed and spread clear to each and every part of their bodies...they held each other tightly as they traversed through the passionate ride together, their hearts beating in tandem as the amazing sensations lingered away, till their bodies fell in a deeply sated state, as they remained joined in a glorious aftermath

"Arnav?" Khushi asked him a few minutes later as they lay snuggled together in her warm bed, with arnavs hands caressing the smooth skin of her tiny waist "Hmm?" he asked her as he looked sideways to find her searching his face with her inquisitive eyes... "How did you find my address?" she asked him as he smirked and turned over to pull her beneath himself, his body instantly reacting to the soft feel of her perfect curves under him

"I called Smitha...actually I've been in touch with her since I left Coorg..." he said as Khushi gasped "You were?" she asked him as her body started warming up under his gaze as he continued to caress her everywhere with his hands "Of else would I know about you? She was my little spy...apparently your mother speaks to her a lot about you...and I had to be sure that your parent's did not start looking for a boy for you or something.." he said as khushi smiled softly at him...her hands cupping his face as he leaned in closer towards her

"And why would that matter? If they looked for some boy for me? Didn't you once say that you are not the relationship type?" she asked him as he shook his head "I did...but that was I can't think of being even a second away from you sweetheart...I'm not looking for just any relationship with you Khushi...I only want the most sacred of them...and even though I never believed in them, I believe in us...and that's all there is to I'll do the whole romantic proposal one of these days...but for now, just so we are will marry me Ms Gupta...there is no other choice" he said as he bent down and took her open mouth in a searing kiss, sending shivers all the way down to her toes

"Hmm...yes sir...I will" she said as she giggled and hugged him tight "but how will we manage everything arnav? I am here and you are there..." she said with a frown as Arnav smiled against her neck while leaving tiny kisses along it "We will figure everything out sweetheart...but right now, there is only one thing I need to figure out" he said as she looked up at him breathlessly "What?" she asked as he grinned before trailing his lips down her body...finally reaching his destination as khushi gasped in pleasure "How loud can you scream my name" he said as once again the tiny bedroom was filled with sounds of of two people who finally found each other amidst the scrambled words