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NEW FF: Strings of Illusion...

Hey Guys!!!

So I have started a new FF called 'Strings of Illusion'
It is a very different genre that i'm writing...with drama, suspense, thrill, romance...all bundled into one big budget dhamaka! :D
So if you are interested in reading below...I promise not to disappoint! :)


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

OS: Frisky Business ;)

Mature Content (18+ only) !

“What the f**k do you mean that I am under suspect?” Khushi asked loudly, outraged at the scrawny little man looking through her documents. “I'm sorry mam, but i'm not at liberty to answer your questions right now...if you'll please step inside the interrogation room with me...” he started saying when khushi screamed at him, her angry eyes blazing “I bloody well, will not! Do you think I don't know my rights? Just because i'm not a citizen of this country?” she asked him throwing her long mane of dark chestnut hair over one delicate shoulder.

“Please mam, try and senior officer will explain the situation to you...and Yes, i'm sure you know your rights very well...but right now you are on diplomatic grounds...still inside the airport...and outside jurisdiction does not work please, come with me...otherwise i'll have to get someone to escort you in” he said, clearly loosing patience at the gorgeous woman's stubbornness.

Khushi glared at him as she strapped her heels back on and followed him to the dimly lit but clean room at the far end of the corridor. She took a deep breath to calm down her nerves...What the hell was going on? Here she was..back in her country of origin after 5 years for her cousin's wedding...and instead of the warm welcome from her family that she expected..she was being subjected to such humiliation!

“Now mam, if you please don't mind..we have sent your bags for a further senior officer will be right along to answer all your questions and interrogate you further..” the man said as they heard footsteps approaching the room. Khushi turned around on her heels to see who the hell this senior officer was, when her eyes clashed with the most sensual chocolate brown eyes...belonging to probably, the most sexy man she had ever laid her eyes on.

“Aman..i'll take it from here...thanks” the senior officer said as khushi swallowed hard, she was shocked by the instant lust she felt for a stranger!..she looked on as aman whispered a few words to the adonis and closed the door behind him leaving khushi alone with him..she observed him as he looked over her files...her breathing became shallow as her eyes travelled the length and breadth of his uniform clad body...Ooh a man in a uniform..wasn't that one of her fantasies?

“Ms Gupta?” she heard the man's deep voice, as a shiver ran down her spine..she looked at him with  startled eyes as he stared right back at her “I'm Arnav Singh Raizada, senior custom officer at CSIA” 'Damn she was gorgeous! Arnav thought as the sexy siren stared right back at him...he had pretended to look over her files as his eyes stealthily took in her alluring beauty, lingering on her perfect plump red lips, her generous bosom, tiny waist and flaring hips and finally her creamy long toned legs...left bare from her short dress, her heels highlighting their endless length.

Khushi finally found her voice as her body temperature returned back to slightly normal, her earlier anger surfacing as the officer waited for her answer “Mr Raizada...what the hell am i doing here? Why am i being kept and treated like a criminal?!” she asked him, her eyes once again blazing green. Arnav brought himself back from the utterly gutter thoughts he was having about the delectable Ms Gupta!

“Ms Gupta..please understand that you are not being treated like a criminal...this is a standard procedure carried out for anyone who we suspect or our system identifies as under-suspect” he said matter of factly..his body suddenly having ideas as he watched her chew her lips...'Oh, how he would love to help out with that'

“But why am I a suspect? What did I do?” she asked in a confused but still angry tone. Arnav opened the file again and started reading from it “'Female, Indian-american, Early 20's, Dark brown hair, Petite and fair skinned..suspected of carrying xxx into the country from American shores' this is the description we got from Interpol, which matches your we are not saying you are the one, because as we talk, all the background checks are being made on you...and there are two other girls, of a similar profile who are also being interrogated right now as we speak” he said trying to get her to calm down instead of panic unnecessarily.

In fact, Arnav knew this girl was innocent..he was already pretty sure of one of the other girls, his colleague was interrogating, her profile matched the suspect completely with her background coming up pretty shady...Ms Gupta on the other hand was clean as a buttercup...but they still had to follow procedure and co-incidentally he was asked to interrogate her...not a wise decision he thought as this raging desire for her was not making things easier.

“ what did you get on me?” she asked him, bristling at the unfortunate situation she was put into...or not so unfortunate she thought as her heartbeats increased watching him run a hand through his perfectly set hair, mussing it a little bit. She wondered how those manly hands of his will feel on her... “Nothing yet....but let me ask you this Ms Gupta...are you hiding something?” arnav asked her as he noticed her giving him a look he was very very familiar with...well well well...

“Hiding? Me? Why would I hide anything? And have all my luggage with you'll know pretty soon that I don't have any of the things which were mentioned in that report of yours..” she said flippantly, an excited ripple ran through her body as she noticed him giving her a feral look...she licked her suddenly dry lips and watched as his eyes fixed on her mouth...her breathing became shallow as he locked the door and started taking small measured steps towards her.

“Hmm...agreed, we do have your luggage...but there are other places you can hide the thing I mentioned” he said huskily as khushi moved back a few steps..she stopped as her bottom hit the table in the middle of the room..she looked up at him as his eyes roamed over her body...the simple action making her sweat with anticipation..she cleared her throat as she spoke weakly “Oh”

Arnav saw her stop at the table as he approached her...she stood still as he came closer to her “There are some places..and i'm afraid, to give you a clean bill, I will have do i say it? Explore them?” he said as he saw her eyes darkening..mirroring his “ will need to frisk me?” she asked breathlessly as he nodded his head in the affirmative..khushi took a deep breath as she asked him breezily “So..if you don't find anything on me...will you let me go?”

Arnav smirked as khushi looked at him saucily “Yes i'll let you the sooner we get this done with, the don't want others interrupting and asking unnecessary questions..” he said as his voice turned hoarse while his body tightened painfully at the anticipation of feeling her silky skin...was it really as soft and creamy as it looked? “Fine...since its a standard procedure..” khushi said gulping down her obvious desire “Stand with your legs slightly apart Ms Gupta and raise your arms” he said as khushi obeyed him

Arnav's frame hardened further as his hands first explored her bare arms, right from her long fingers to the satiny skin of her forearms to her toned shoulders...he could feel her breath catch as he roamed his rough palms over them, he then stepped closer to her and felt the sides of her upper body, his finger brushing against the roundness of her breasts. He gulped as khushi closed her eyes and bit her lips.

Khushi never knew she could feel such pleasure seeping through her by merely someone's touch. Yes she had her fair share of boyfriends...but never had any one of them affected her so much. She gasped as arnav ran his palms over the flat expanse of her stomach and then around her breasts, finally placing them right over her chest and squeezing her aching boobs, making a soft moan escape her lips. He then proceeded to wrap his arms across her back and run them over her back and her pert bottom, the badges on his uniform rubbing against her sensitized nipples.

Only he knew how he was controlling himself when he heard khushi moan, he steeled his body's responses as he ran his hands over her back , he kneeled down as he squeezed her hips and thighs all the way down her long never-ending legs to her ankles. When he was done he stood right up and watched in fascination as khushi opened her drugged eyes and bit her lips

“I'm not satisfied Ms Gupta...i need to check more throughly...who know if you may have hidden something under your...” he said, wondering how khushi would take it. But to his surprise she took his hands and laid them on the first button of her dress “Well then why don't you take a closer look?” she asked breathlessly as arnav nodded in agreement.

She held her breath as arnav opened her button one by one, his hot gaze trailing over the delicate line of her throat and generous swell of her breasts, now visible from the half open dress. He opened all the button till her waist and then slipped the straps of the dress away..leaving her upper body bare except for the black satin bra covering her breasts.

“I need to check more deeply” arnav rasped as he slid the straps of her bra down her shoulders; khushi closed her eyes once again as he undid her clasp and pulled the lacy garment from her body. Arnav looked on in wonder and uncontrolled desire as he feasted his eyes on her perfect boobs. He laid his hands on them and squeezed them, rolling her nipples between his thumb and forefinger as khushi moaned in un-suppressed pleasure.

He continued to squeeze her breasts as khushi finally opened her eyes and  slowly started opening the buttons of his uniform, she slipped her hands inside his waistband to pull his shirt out as arnav paused momentarily to help her with undressing him. She roamed her eyes, over his perfectly sculpted body and asked him innocently “Do you know what 'xxx tastes like?” arnav groaned as he felt her small hands on his body “Hmm...yes, i do...and maybe i should check by tasting you, in case you are indeed carrying any” he said as he took a straining dark peak in his mouth.

Khushi moaned loudly and threw her head back as arnav continued to suck her nipples..his tongue starting its own journey all across her body as he kneeled down again and dipped it in in her belly button, khushi arched further to give him more access to her body as arnav hand's now started riding up her legs..he made her sit on the table and slipped his hands inside her dress to caress the soft skin of her upper and inner thighs.

Khushi bit her lips as heat pooled between her legs, leaving her every thought scattered..she gasped and dug her fingers in arnav's hair as his fingers pulled her now wet panty aside and parted her slick folds...she started panting as she clenched her legs, trapping his fingers insider her core “Oooh...” she moaned as arnav slowly stroked her engorged nub while inserting one finger inside her, he continued stroking and pumping her with his fingers till she felt her orgasm building up..he finally tapped her nub a few more times before she came crashing down, eliciting a loud satisfied moan from her.

“Oh God...that was...” khushi said breathlessly as arnav shook his head... “Nope i need to dig in deeper” he whispered huskily as khushi slipped out of her dress completely...she then undid arnav's belt and pulled it out before unzipping his pants. He smirked at her as his throbbing need pulsated against her hands, making him swear at the built up need. She pushed his pants away from him before pulling his boxers down and holding his hardened member in her soft hands.

“Aaah..what do we have here? Looks like you have a special tool...may be this will help you dig in deeper?” she asked him provocatively while stroking his velvety skin..he held her waist and pulled her closer to him before taking her surprised mouth in a hard but passionate kiss as khushi's pulled his head closer with one hand while the other continued stroking him, her tongue fighting his for dominance.

She winced in painful pleasure as he bit her bottom lip while saying hoarsely against her lips “If you don't stop that now..i'm afraid it may take longer to finish this interrogation” he held her hand away from him and bent down to remove a foil packet from his pant lying half way down his legs, khushi smiled at him as he quickly donned protection while eyeing her with a predatory look.

She laughed seductively as she sat more comfortably on the table, before turning around and going on all fours, presenting her perfect bottom to arnav. She looked back at a surprised arnav who stared at her with hunger in his eyes “This way its more comfortable” she said huskily as arnav smirked at her “Whatever is more comfortable mam” he said before removing the last scrap from her body...he spread her legs a little more wider before holding her by her waist and hoisting her up a little bit.

Khushi moaned loudly as without further delay, arnav thrust his hard arousal into her wet throbbing center ..he held her tightly by her waist with one hand while his other held her breast possessively. He started pumping inside her tight sheath as she joined in matching him to every stroke. They both gasped at the intensity of their need as khushi bit her lips to stop her loud moans from escaping “Harder....go faster” she panted as arnav nearly came undone with her demands.

He increased his pace and thrust into her harder as their sweat slicked body mated to the age old rhythm “Come with me baby..” he said hoarsely as khushi held her other breast and turned around to kiss him...she took his lips in a hard kiss as tension built up in their bodies...arnav thrust into her a few more times before he finally let go as khushi felt her body shatter at the same time. They both held on for a few minutes more before arnav's body fell against her back, their breathing irregular after the earth shattering climax they both experienced.

“So, am I clean Officer?” khush asked a few minutes later as both put their clothes on...arnav looked at her as he tucked in his shirt into his pants, before khushi helped him zip up his pants “I think you are very clean Ms Gupta...but I do think that I may need to do a better background check on you” he said huskily as his eyes roamed her perfectly flushed body.

Khushi smiled as she tugged on her dress and started buttoning it up “Is that so?..hmm..well...what do you suggest we do about that?” she asked him to which he raised one eyebrow before coming closer to her...he held her by her waist before taking her lips in a slow leisurely kiss, making her toes curl up “I am a pretty busy man...but then i guess i can make some time...tell you what..i have to eat dinner at some point tonight...and i suppose you do should be an appropriate time for me to interrogate you further” he said as she licked her lips.

“Yeah..i guess so...i'm sure I can make time for some dinner...just hope my mad family lets me slip away for a while” she said winking at him “Oh they better do that...i'm sure they don't want to mess up with an officer.” he said running a hand through his disheveled hair. Khushi nodded as she pulled her hair to one side of her shoulder “Hmm...yeah, that will be a good enough reason” she said as arnav tore a piece of paper from the file and wrote down something.

“Always better to have a custom officer's number handy..just in case” he said as he handed over the paper to her, she smiled at him before folding it and slipping it inside her bra “Oh yes..always handy” she said as arnav walked in front of her and opened the door for her before steeping out with her “You will find your luggage waiting for you at the green channel customs room...i'm sure its cleared by now...just like you are” he said as he mock saluted her

“Thank you officer raizada...hope you have a good day” she said smartly as they approached a crowded section of the customs office...she smiled at him before walking towards the green channel, she turned around one last time to see him gesturing her with a 'call me'. She smiled broadly and nodded before walking past the door towards her waiting and most anxious family. She wondered what version of her interrogation she would tell them...

 PS: Drugs are bad! I did not want to name any specific its called 'xxx' here :P

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The Learning Curve - EPILOGUE!

And so it is...:)'

3 Months Later...

"Please call the groom's sister to tie the knot" panditji said to the elder's gathered around the mandap, gesturing towards the bride and groom...everyone looked around till the groom spoke "Uh...I don't have a sister...can someone else do it?" he asked pointing towards the assembled guests, he looked at his bride who was smiling widely, quite unusual for a new bride..who instead of being shy and reserved was happy and very much involved in her own wedding.

"No wait..." the bride said before the panditji could day anything else... "i want our daughter to tie the knot for us" she said looking fondly at the cherubic little girl sitting next to her in a pink lehenga, she quickly jumped up in joy as her new mother pulled her cheek "Yay! Can i do it? Wow!" she said hopping around the people sitting around the magnificent mandap, she was helped by the brides aunt who could not hep but laugh at the child's excitement.

"Arre junior titaliya...come here, I'll show you how to tie it" buaji said as anaya went ahead to tie the sacred knot between her father and khushi. Arnav smiled indulgently at both his favorite women as he winked at his daughter before leaning towards his to-be-wife "Good choice...!" he said placing his free hand over khushi's.

Khushi squeezed his hand as she whispered in his ears "She is the only one who has the right to tie the knot that will makes us one ...after all, we met because of her...she completes us.." khushi said as arnav's eyes misted up...he nodded his head as his voice suddenly felt choked with emotions at the perfection that was his family...he could not be more thankful for anything else in his life..he looked back into the holy fire as the panditji asked them to get up for the seven phera's...the seven promises that will bind them forever.
9 Months Later...

"Khushi...just relax ok? Breath..." Arnav said in a sleepy but anxious voice as Khushi tried to lift herself off from the bed, she gave him an annoyed look while blowing at the hair resting on her forehead "Arnav Raizada! I am not delivering the baby right now...its just a minor cramp...these things stop panicking for such small things!!" she huffed finally getting up and tying up her hair.

"Ok...i'm sorry...I just get worried wherever you scrunch up your face like that" he said as khushi turned back to look at his tensed face "Baby..i'm fine...please don't worry...i'm only in my 7thmonth right now...God only know's what you'll do when i reach my ninth!" she said as she smiled at him sweetly and kissed him on his nose making him grin.

"Hmm...I guess we'll have to wait and see...and you'll be surprised to see how calm and collected I will be...I mean I haven't been reading those books on pregnancy for nothing!" he said as khushi raised one eyebrow and took her towel to go for her bath...she was just about to open the door to the bathroom when arnav stopped her "Wait...where are you going? You should eat something first...why the hurry?" he said as khushi shook her head

"Really! Who would think that you run such a big business! I mean, your memory seriously deserves a medal!" she said as she went to his work desk and picked up a card "See this? Its our daughter's Sport's day today!...and in case you have forgotten we need to be at the school at 8am sharp! chop chop..get ready...anu must be up by now...I have to make her ready and give her a pep-talk" she said as she pushed open the door

"Shit! I totally forgot about it...Khushi you should not come there...its in open air and you might catch a cold...I'll go...anu will understand" he said as khushi pursed her lips and looked at him in the eye "There is no way i'm missing out on anu's sports day...she's been practicing really hard for her running, there are certain perks to being an ex-teacher...and the principal's pet..." she said wriggling her eyebrows at a confused Arnav.

"Don't worry baby...we'll be siting in the principal's its'll be very please let me get ready.." she said pushing him away when he stepped in along with her "Whaaa?" khushi said as arnav kissed her soundly on her lips "You are the best thing that happened to me, you know that!...and since we are pushed for time...lets do some shower sharing,..." he said as he locked the door amongst khushi's giggles and punches.
2 Months later...

"Mr Raizada? Mr Raizada?...shit...he's fainted...nurse get someone in here..." the doctor said frantically as she heard khushi's dry but painful voice "Oh don't worry doc...just make him sit on the chair there..." she said gesturing towards a lone chair "He'll come around soon...I don't want him to think that he was not here during our baby's his presence makes me feel relaxed" she said as the doctor smiled at her.

Few minutes later...

Arnav felt someone slap him on his face as he heard a distinct sound of wailing...he opened his eyes groggily to see the doctor in front of him...he suddenly saw where he was and got up in an instant but nearly lost his footing as he tried to balance his body.. "Oh be careful now..." the doctor said as she moved aside to let arnav look at the most beautiful sight he had ever seen.

Khushi was propped up in the bed with a nurse holding onto their crying baby..he slowly walked towards them, as if in a daze and looked on in wonder at the mother and child "Hi baby..." khushi said as arnav was speechless for a few second.. "is it.." he asked as she nodded her head "yes, its out son arnav...i wanted you to cut the cord.." she said breathlessly as arnav nodded his head as if in a trance...he looked towards the doctor who showed him how to go about it.

"C..can i hold him?" arnav asked the doctor who slowly picked up the wailing baby and smiled "Yes, just give me a few minutes to clean him up good for his papa ok?" she said as arnav felt tears prick his eyes...he nodded silently as the pediatrician took his son to get him all cleaned up, arnav then looked towards his wife who was smiling at him serenely "Khushi..." he said in a broken voice as he sat down next to her and embraced her in a tight hug.

"Hey...its ok arnav...its all over...our son is finally here..." she said a she stroked his hair, he moved back a little bit and held her face in his palms "I'm so sorry baby...i can't believe i was not there for his birth..." he said as khushi turned her head and kissed his palm "You were there arnav...i could go through this so easily because i kept looking at gave me the strength..." she said as arnav shook his head "Don't be so good...i don't deserve it...i was supposed to hold your hand...and shout out encouragements while you went through such a painful phase...and...and all i did was faint.." he said and sulked like a little boy.

Khushi laughed looking at his face "It was hardly painful fact our boy did not want to see his mummy in he came out pretty quickly" she said as arnav smiled at her, he felt a tear slide down his cheeks as khushi kissed it away "I can't tell you how happy i am khushi...our family is complete...i never thought i'll feel this fulfillment...this utter bliss have given me everything gave me back our have given me unconditional love and now, our son...I love you soo much" he said as khushi hugged him "I love you too papa" she said as they both held on to each other.

They broke their hug when they heard the doctor come towards them with the squirming baby "Here you go Mr & Mrs Raizada...your son" she said as she placed the little bundle all wrapped up in baby blue soft cotton cloth "You will need to nurse him right away...i'll show you how" the doctor said as she helped khushi hold the baby in the right position...they waited till he found his mothers nipple and clamped on it hungrily, khushi squeezed arnav's hand as their son latched onto her "he is beautiful khushi...I can't wait to take him in my arms" arnav said as he stroked his soft hair... "What should we name him?"
1 year later

"Kairav..." she crooned as he smiled his baby toothless smile at her...she bent down and kissed her brother who was trying to pull at her hair "Ma...see na...kairav is smiling at me" anaya said giggling as her brother joined in...Khushi smiled fondly at the two of them as she got ready...she pulled on the pallu of her saree and fixed her bindi before going towards the bed "he loves you sweetheart...thats why he always smiles when you are around" she said as she sat down next to anaya.

"I can't believe he's one already ma! We will have soo much fun at today's party!" anaya said excitedly as khushi laughed "You bet! But why is my princess not dressed yet?" khushi said as she went to bring out anaya's party dress.. she made her wear it, when Kairanv started crying...anaya frowned and turned around towards her brother "Ma...i think he is hungry..." she said as khushi came and picked him up... "Yes..i'll quickly feed him...go and get your pink hair-clips...i'll do your hair once i'm done with feeding kairu" she said as she slowly took her pallu off

"No feed him and get him ready...I'll do my hair...i'm a big girl now" she said proudly as khushi smiled at her "I know baby...but for me you'll always be my little girl" she said as anaya kissed her cheek noisily "I know ma...ok i'm going now...aashka and varun are coming early to hep me gift wrap kairu's presents.." she said as she ran out of the room before her mother could protest...khushi was very happy to see anaya making new friends...she had become very close to aashka and varun who lived in their neighborhood and went to the same school as her.

Khsuhi thought back to her life two years things have changed; She smiled fondly looking at the family picture adorning their bedroom was taken on the day of kairav's birth...she was on the hospital bed with kairav in her arms, arnav was propped up next to her with anaya on his lap...'My perfect family' she thought as the sudden opening of the door made her look up and cover herself.

"Baby...Shilpa and Navin are here with Maisha..." arnav said as he walked in...he suddenly quited down looking at khushi feeding kairav...he knew his son would sleep after having his fill..he closed the door slowly and walked towards the bed and sat down next to them...khushi slowly pulled a sleeping kairav away from her as arnav took him in his arms...he gently laid him down on his baby cot and placed a blanket over him while khushi straightened her clothes.

"Good shilpa di came early...i need help with the..." khushi started saying as arnav came and placed his finger on her lips "Shh...they are downstairs and shilpa is currently helping maggie with relax..." he said as he slowly swiped his thumb over her glossy lips... "Arnav...stop it...stay here till i go down and help out.." she said moving away when arnav pulled her closer to him..his arms going around her waist as she placed her hands on his chest

"What are you..?" she started saying as he suddenly captured her lips with his...he sucked on her plump bottom lip while khushi moaned in thing she could never resist were her husband's mind-drugging kisses...she let her hands circle his neck as he pushed her body more into him...he let his tongue enter her sweet mouth as she opened up for him...arnav groaned at her delicious taste...he could never get enough of her...they moved away reluctantly after a few minutes as they came up for breath.

" always do know how hormonal i am right now.." she said hoarsely as he chuckled "'ve been hormonal for the past one and a half you remember when i felt like a sex slave? All thanks to your impromptu demands ..." he said wriggling his eyebrows...she hit him on his arm and moved out, giving him a saucy smile "Admit loved it!" she said as he laughed with her.

"Yes i did Mrs...but now we hardly get any time...but tonight...once the party is over and kairu are all please don't exhaust yourself!" he said as khushi smiled at his pleading eyes "I've always been yours arnav...and you have always been freddy..." she said as she quickly ran past him and out the door...he shook his head and smiled as he sat near his son's cot... "Did you know your mother really is Sabrina?" he said as his son smiled in his dreams...'Happy Birthday little one...'

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Learning Curve - Chapter 27 (LAST)

Sugar and Spice...and EVERYTHING Nice!


“So, how does a December wedding sound to you?” Shilpa said excitedly as they waited for khushi to get dressed while sitting outside in the patient’s lounge…She had walked in a few minutes ago to find khushi and arnav in an extremely passionate moment, which had left her red cheeked..Only when they had both sprung apart and khushi had announced in a loud voice that they were getting married, had shilpa forced herself to forget about the scene in front of her and jump in joy…Young love!

“Uh…Shilpa…December is too far away…I was thinking more like…next week maybe?” Arnav said trying to hold back the grin which was dying to pop out on his lips…he pursed his lips together as he controlled himself looking at shilpa’s shocked expression.

“Arnav! Are you mad?! can you get married next week? There are so many preparations to do…Do you even know what goes into a wedding!?” Shilpa said getting agitated…she was just about to start another lengthy explanation of 100 things to do before planning a wedding when khushi walked out from the room in her kurti and jeans…she smiled at her and gave arnav a stern look.

“Di…he’s just joking…we will get married in December only…it’s the best time of the year..” she said as both shilpa and arnav got up, Shilpa pinched arnav on his arms as khushi laughed looking at the easy camaraderie her best friend shared with her love…she smiled as shilpa di came towards her while arnav went to finish all the other formalities “Khushi..are you sure your’e ok?” shilpa asked her as khushi nodded.

“Yes di..i’m absolutely fine…whatever weakness I had is gone now…I’m fit as fiddle!” she said as arnav came back to their little group “Ok ladies…all done…Shilpa, we’ll leave you home first…then I’m taking Khushi with me…I can’t leave her alone in this state” he said seriously as shilpa smirked at them “Uh…Arnav…Navin is not here…so I can stay the night with Khushi…you don’t need to worry” shilpa said cheekily as arnav looked on, making khushi blush

“Uh…Oh…ok…then….” He started saying when shilpa burst out laughing “I’m just kidding baba…I know how much you both want to spend time together…I just saw a teaser, remember?!” she said smiling widely making arnav look away in embarrassment…Shilpa winked at khushi before whispering in her ear “I hope you are not planning on giving me another good news so soon? are being careful right?” shilpa said making khushi redden “Enough di…lets go” Khushi said smiling shyly while pushing shilpa towards the hospital exit…


“Khushi I guess everyone is sleeping…I told maggie earlier that you'll be staying over tonight…she must have prepared the room for you…come” he said as he held her wrist gently while walking with her towards her room…khushi noticed that this room was right next to arnav's room...she smiled as they entered a sunny room painted in yellow, with a beautiful canopy bed.

“Hey…this is not the room I stayed last time..” she said remembering that the room that day was much muted and simple…not this grand..Arnav took her hands in his and kissed her lightly on her forehead “I know sweetheart…this room is for family…not guests…” he said warmly..khushi felt extremely overwhelmed by this simple gesture…he wanted to convey to her that she now has her own family…someone who never had anyone to call her own was now bestowed upon with an entire family to call her own.

“Thank you arnav..” she said as she hugged him fiercely, letting him know how much all this means to her, she held on tightly as he stroked her back “you should sleep now sweetheart…its past mid-night…and I want you fresh for tomorrow when we tell everyone the big news…do you know how I kept myself from declaring it to Maggie earlier!” he said with mock seriousness as khushi laughed while giving him a quick kiss on the cheek before saying goodnight…she was exhausted!


Arnav could not sleep…not only was he restless because of what had transpired today…but the fact that khushi was sleeping just a door away was keeping him awake…even though he knew he was tired..he closed his eyes as flashes of his desperation to find her kept playing in his mind…he realized today how much she had come to mean to him in such a short time…he loved her. Period. And he would make sure that she gets all the happiness which she deserves...happiness which has evaded her till now.

He suddenly sat up and checked his bedside clock to see it was 2am in the morning..he knew he was not going to get any sleep now..he got up from the bed throwing his duvet aside before stepping in to the bathroom for a hot shower…maybe the hot water would calm him down and help him sleep..


Khushi could not sleep…yes she was tired…but the long sleep and huge doze of glucose she was given kept her awake…or was it the fact that all her dreams were coming true…she was scared, worried that maybe this was a dream in itself...she twisted in the bed till she could not take it anymore…she slowly sat up and saw the time 2:10 am…she looked at her door wondering if she should wake up arnav…she got up and wore the robe over the black satin nighty which Maggie had left out for her.


Arnav let out a satisfied sigh as he stood in the shower, he let his head hang down as jets of hot water cascaded down his lithe body making him close his eyes at the soothing effect it had on him...he had his hands braced against the opposite wall of the large cubicle as the steam from the water swirled around him...he was running his hands through his hair and down his strong neck when a sudden sound made him turn around and stare at the open bathroom door.

Khushi had knocked twice and was waiting patiently for him to open the door...she knew that he would never lock his door when he had precisely told her to either call him or come to him if she needed anything...and all she really needed right now were arnav's strong arms...she tutted impatiently before slowly turning the knob and walking into the dimly lit room...she let her eyes focus towards the empty bed before they strayed to the slightly open door of the bathroom..she crept towards it slowly wondering if she should just wait for him or maybe...the maybe won.


Arnav turned the shower off to make sure she was actually standing at the door...he thought the hazy steam was making him see things...”Khushi?” he called out slowly when she walked right inside the bathroom before slowly closing the door and locking it...the naughty gleam in her eyes did not go unnoticed by him as his heart started to beat erratically...even after being with her soo many times, he just could not get enough of her...she matched him equally in both ardor and passion...and right now all he wanted was her...that's why he could not sleep.

He waited patiently as she quietly walked towards the cubicle...she pushed the door open and gazed at his naked body making her intent very clear...arnav hardened at the way her bold gaze swept over him...he saw her bite her lips as she walked inside pulling off her robe in the process...his throat ran dry as she came closer to him...her intoxicating scent making him go crazy...he could just take her then and there..but today he wanted her to he waited.

Khushi felt her breath catch at the magnificence that was hers...his hard muscled body, slick with water droplets made her wet just by looking at him....she slowly turned the knob back on full before walking directly into the stream..she gasped as the hot water drenched her thin satin nighty...she saw arnav's gaze flicker but he did not move from his place..'so that's how you wanna play Mr Raizada' she thought as she swept her wet hair on one side of her neck.

He watched with controlled desire as she squeezed out some of his shower gel and rubbed it between her palms, her eyes never once leaving him...he waited in anticipation as she placed her cool hand against his chest; she started rubbing the lather over his upper body, sliding her hands slowly from his shoulders to his navel...arnav felt his breath catch as she rubbed his nipple in a circular motion...only he knew how he was controlling himself with her standing in front of him..wet, her nightly sticking provocatively to her curves...

Khushi smiled inwardly at the effect she was having on him...she knew that his control would break any second now..but she wanted to know how much of this he could take...she slowly placed her hands on his shoulder before going on her tip toes to kiss him..she pulled his lower lip into hers and sucked on it till a groan escaped from his mouth...she let her tongue play a slow assault on his upper lip as she asked for entrance...when he resisted, she slid her hands down to grasp his throbbing manhood...but before she could do anything else, she was pulled off her feet by arnav as he backed her into the cool wall.

Arnav could not take it anymore...he tested himself for a long time...but when he felt her slippery hands on his arousal, he lost control...he knew that if she had held him for another few seconds, he would have climaxed then and there..he held onto her waist tightly as he slammed his lips on hers...his entire body was pressed into hers as their tongues fought for dominance...she felt arnav pulling off the straps of her nightly till the entire thing lay pooled by her feet...

She whimpered as his lips left her mouth to suck on mercilessly on her hardened peaks...she let her fingers clutch his hair tightly as he shifted his attention between her breasts, making sure both of them were equally pleased..she threw her head back against the onslaught of this intense passion which arnav was wrecking on her..she needed him this moment...”Arrrnav..” she moaned as he continued kissing her over her flat stomach..he kneeled down in front of her as his tongue dipped into her navel...she let out another throaty moan as his lips trailed a hot path towards her hips, eventually moving towards her inner thighs.

God arrnav...I..I can't take it anymore...” she said throatily as her breathing became erratic...arnav smiled wickedly as he quickly pulled down her panties before letting his fingers rub slowly over her swollen nub..he placed one of her trembling legs over his shoulder, giving himself better access to her wetness...he felt khushi shudder in need as his tongue replaced his fingers...he kept sucking onto her core while slowly inserting one finger inside her...he felt her body convulse as he continued lapping her up while his fingers thrust inside her in a continues motion..

Arr...arrnavv...I....Oh God...” Khushi moaned in ecstasy as she felt her body drown into a powerful orgasm...she dug her nails into arnav's shoulders as he slowly pulled his finger out and placed her leg down...he stood up to take her mouth in a mind numbing kiss, made more erotic for khushi as she tasted herself in his mouth...she held onto him as he picked her up and walked out of the bathroom...the sudden coolness of the room made khushi shiver..but she was warmed right away as arnav placed her on the bed before covering her with his body.

Now Ms Gupta...its my turn..” he said hoarsely as he quickly donned protection before placing himself over her...khushi wound her legs around his waist as she ran a hand seductively over his muscled chest...arnav swooped down to capture her lips once again as he thrust into her welcoming warmth...he groaned at the exquisite feeling of being inside her...her tight sheath milking his arousal as he readied himself to let go...he once again started rubbing his thumb over her nub as he increased his thrusts...he felt khushi tightening her legs around him, making him aware that she too was nearing her climax..

He looked into her desire laden eyes as he let himself go completely....he felt her body too shatter beneath his as they both slumped down in satisfaction...their body still fused together...”That....was....” khushi started saying as arnav looked up at her flushed face...he moved the damp hair off her forehead before kissing her softly on her parted lips “Amazing...” he completed her sentence for her as khushi snuggled into his body...

He pulled the duvet over them before switching off the table lamp....he held her close to himself as their heartbeats regulated into a stead rhythm..”I love you arnav...” khushi said sleepily as arnav smiled before saying in a drowsy voice...sleep finally lulling the lovers into its depth “I love you too...”

Arnav woke up with the early morning sun rays as khushi stirred in his arms...he watched as she lazily opened her eyes and smiled at him before slowly propping herself on her elbows.. “Good morning...” she said in a sleepy voice which had arnav smiling “Now, it's a good morning...” he said as he drew her against himself before kissing her throughly “Arnav!” she hit him lightly on his arms “Let me brush at least” she said as he chuckled at her cute pout “Do you realize this is the first time we got up the morning?” he said as she slowly nodded her head.

Arnav used to usually leave early in the morning before she got up so that he could be home before anaya woke up...this really was the first time they had spent the entire night together, waking up in each other's arms.....“Yes...i know...isn't it wonderful...I can't wait to get up with you like this...” she said as she let her hands roam his naked chest...

Ummm...khushi if you don't stop that now...I can guarantee you won't be leaving this room for at least another hour..” he said naughtily making khushi laugh...arnav gazed at her as she raised her eyebrows at him “What?” she asked him as he shook his head “Always keep laughing darling...its so taught me how to laugh to live again...I don't know what I'd do if i had not found you..” he said as khushi giggled against his chest.

Well, thank God you were a rude SOB, otherwise...i don't think we would have met...our first meeting was pretty interesting...” she said as arnav threw his head back and laughed...“I was....I could not keep my eyes off did some kind of magic on me...did you know i had nick-named you as Sabrina..” he said as khushi's mouth turned into a big 'O' “You mean like the teenage witch?” she asked cutely to which he nodded...but burst out laughing a few seconds later

What? Whats so funny? I think it suited you did do some kind of magic on none of the witches in harry potter were cute...and that curly haired girl was too young for me to relate her to you...” he said as she giggled more “You mean Hermione? Aww....she's cute...but did you know what I called you?” she asked him wriggling her eyebrows.

What? Wait...don't tell me...Harry Potter? Cause I too did some kid of magic on you?” he asked her with a charming smile to which she came forward and whispered against his ears “Freddy....” she said as he looked on in confusion... “Who?” he asked her as she smiled impishly “Freddy Krueger silly...” she said as arnav smile widened “Oh...was he like a cute wizard too?” he asked her to which she pursed her lips and nodded “Hmm...something like get up...we need to go down and break the news to everyone...” she said as arnav looked on

No tell me first...what was he in? He is a fictional character right? Not some psycho ex-boyfriend?” he asked as khushi quickly donned her robe and tied it securely over her....she nodded as arnav flicked his phone open “Oh he is definitely of my dreams actually...” she said as arnav furiously typed on his phone....”Wait...i'm gonna look up on this right now...why is my 3G connection taking so long!” he muttered as khushi came to him and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek “Check the image section love...i'm sure you'll be floored by how handsome he is...” she said before walking towards his door... “Oh n see you down....come soon!” she said before closing the door slowly behind him,

She had just opened the door to her room when she heard arnav's voice bellow out of his room “Khushi!!!!!” she placed her hands over her ears before laughing out loudly. She quickly stepped into her room and locked the door behind her...'guess the 3G connection is finally working..' she thought before happily getting ready...'Could life be more perfect?'!!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Learning Curve - Chapter 26

'The Day we found...It!'

"Welcome to Arogyanidhi Hospital, if you know the extension, please press now...otherwise please dial 1 for accidents and emergencies, 5 for ambulance service and 9 for reception...

Arnav sat still in his car for a few seconds as the phone beeped and the call ended after repeated prompts from the automated voice...he threw his phone on the seat as he leapt form the car and ran towards khushi's bulding watchman...the full realization of the call from the hospital hitting him as he banged on the security cabin door.

"Arre...kaun hai!?" [Who's there?] came a bored voice from the cabin as the occupant got out to see a harassed and angry man standing in front of his door "Where is Khushi?...Khushi Gupta.." arnav said in an urgent barely controlled voice to the confused watchman...he ran a frustrated hand through his matted hair as he repeated his question "Tell me dammit!...where is she?" he said loudly as the watchman took a step back..

"Saab..woh...Khushi madam toh" [Sir..that...khushi mam..] the watchman started saying, slightly afraid at the mad look in the well dressed man's eyes...he had seen this man coming with madam before, and the late night watchman had told him that he was Khushi madam's boyfriend...he quickly straightened up and did a quick salute to him "Salam saab...woh khushi madam ko shilpa didiji aspatal leke gayi hai...aapko nahin malum ki...?" [Sir, shilpa di has taken khushi mam to the hospital...did you not know that...?"] he started saying as arnav swiftly turned away from him and ran to his car.

That's it...he could not hear the rest...he knew that khushi was in trouble...Oh why did he wait that long! Dammit! He started his car and slipped on his bluetooth before reversing his car to go back the way he came...Arogyanidhi hospital was only a few block away from khushi's building and arnav could not wait to get there faster...he called the hospital again and picked up his phone to dial for reception when it prompted.

"Arogranidhi hospital, how can we help you?" said a tired voice...arnav took a deep breath but he found it hard to say anything, his emotions choking his voice. .. "Hello! Are you there? Hello?" asked the woman on the line who now seemed irritated... "God! Why do you call if your'e not going to talk! ..."...she said before she hung up the phone..arnav controlled it, but finally a steady stream of tears started running across his cheeks...'Khushi..." he said in a broken voice as he drove like a madman to reach the hospital on record time.

Arnav left the car on the curb before running out, towards the main entrance...he heard the faint voice of the guard calling out for him to park the car correctly...but at this point he did not give a damn...he wiped the tears on his face with both his palms as he came to the reception... "Khushi Gupta...she is here...where is she?" he demanded at the startled woman at the front desk.

"Sir, are you ok? need to calm down..." she said as she motioned over to one of the boys to come over...arnav just looked at her in anger as he started shouting again "Don't tell me to bloody calm down...where is Khushi? Where is she? Which room? Tell me now!" he screamed as the moderately busy lobby area with various ailing patients and their families turned towards the commotion.

"Please...calm down...and lower your voice sir, otherwise we'll have to remove you off the premises..this is a hospital!" the woman said in an agitated tone as arnav did not seem to hear a word of what she said... "I don't care! Tell me now...where is Khsuhi? You don't know who I am...I can bloody close down this hospital if you don't tell me where she is right now.." he shouted at the frightened woman as the peon placed his hand on his shoulder "Sir, please being your voice down.." he said as arnav turned around to hold him by the collar "Shut the hell up! Tell me where my..." he started saying when a soft voice stopped him

"Arnav?" he heard a familiar voice speak...he turned towards the voice to see a distressed Shilpa walking towards him from the elevator that had just landed on the ground floor..arnav let the man go as he ran towards shilpa "Where is she Shilpa? Where is Khushi? What happened to her...why didn't you.." he started rambling off to a confused Shilpa "Arnav...arnav...wait..khushi is fine...she just fainted due to stress and weakness...she's upstairs..I tried to call you but..." Shilpa said in a worried voice looking at arnav's state.

To say shilpa was shocked was an understatement...she didn't know what to make of this man standing in front of her...when she walked out of the elevator after paying the bills upstairs, she was scared to see someone holding the poor peon by his lapels..but when his voice reached her ears, she knew it was arnav...but what had happened to him? She wondered as arnav held her hands and looked into her confused eyes.

"Shilpa...your'e not joking right? Khushi is all right? Where is she? I need to see her...please...take me to her now" he pleaded as shilpa nodded her head...she held his cold trembling hand and led him towards the ER section of the hospital on the left side...she murmured assurances to him as he breathed heavily...when they finally reached the room khushi was resting in, shilpa told him to go in...she knew she probably should give them some time alone.

Arnav's hand shook as he opened the door...he remembered the last time he was in a was the day when Yashwardhan Mallik had was the day when his entire life had fallen apart...he closed his eyes in fear as he stepped in hoping that Khushi was indeed all right.

He opened his eyes as his ears heard the faint 'drip..drip' from the IV bottle...his heart started beating fast as he took in the pale form lying on the bed with her eyes closed; she was dressed in a hospital gown with the IV tube fitted into her tiny wrist...the red matted blood on it stark against the white skin...he inched towards her slowly as he saw her eyes flicker open...the sight making him sigh in relief..

"Khushi..' he said softly as khushi turned her head towards him...her drawn face lit up in a beautiful smile as she tired to get up to greet him.."'ll help you...wait..." he said as he pressed the button on the hospital bed to rise it up a little bit..he helped her sit on the bed with a pillow resting behind her back.

" came...Thank God...I had asked Shilpa di to call you.." she said in a weak voice as arnav nodded...he sat by her on the bed and grasped her other hand tightly in his..."Yes...I...I came...Khushi...I..." started saying as his eyes teared up...he had thought not to bother her with the turmoil he went through...but seeing her in front of him, the three hour long torture seemed to vanish...he saw khushi's eyes widen at his face, but before she could say anything to him, he leapt forward and held her in his embrace, his arms holding her tightly but not painfully against him

"Oh God Khushi...I...I did not know what to think...When you didn't take your calls and I could not get through to Shilpa...God...I thought of the worst Khushi...and...I missed Shilpa's call from the hospital...and your stupid watchman told me shilpa had taken you here...and then...I...Khushi I..." he said as khushi sighed against his chest, she let her good hand stroke his hair softly as she buried her head in his neck.

"Baby...i'm ok...I'm sorry I left my phone in my house...In fact, I had gone back to get it when I felt dizzy suddenly and fell...I could luckily ring di's bell right before i fainted..." khushi said as arnav pulled back to see her face "I don't remember much after that, but she got me to the hospital and admitted me...I just came around an hour ago and the first thing I told her to do was to call you...unfortunately in the hurry to bring me here, she forgot her phone she must have called you from the hospital phone.." khushi said with a small smile

She brought her hand forward to cup his cheek "Arnav...nothing was just some weakness and iron deficiency...pretty normal...please..don't worry so much...and don't think anything else ok.." she said sweetly to which arnav nodded his head..he laid his forehead against hers before asking her in a small voice.. "Khushi...what if something big had happened...I'm cursed Khushi...i told you...why is it that when everything is going well...something like this..." he started saying when khushi placed her palm on his mouth.

Armav looked up to see pain and hurt reflected in her beautiful hazel eyes, he tried to speak when she pressed her palm further and shook her head "No Arnav...don't go there darling..please..." she begged him...he sighed and looked down as she took a deep breath, a lone tear making its way down her milky cheek...arnav quickly wiped the tear on her face as he held her face in her hands "I'm sorry Khushi...I just can't lose you...I just can't" he said as khushi placed her hand over his.

"Arnav...don't do took you a long time to come out of all cannot blame yourself for everything that happens to the people you love...and who love you back...I love you Arnav Raizada...I love you more than life itself...and if i ever lose you to this...this absurd thought you have created...I would cease to exist...let me live Arnav...let me live.." she said in a broken voice as arnav gathered her sobbing body to his, he buried his head in her fragrant hair as he ran a soothing hand down her back

"Im sorry baby...i'm so sorry...I love you Khushi...and we'll live...we'll live through all of this...Please forgive me and anaya mean the world to me...I am incomplete without the two of you...and I promise that I will never let my past haunt our future..." he said as she nodded against his chest.

Khushi pulled back and gave him a watery smile as she wiped her tears...she looked up to see him smiling at her with so much love that it made her want to kiss him senseless "What are you smiling at? Is my nose red?" she asked him rubbing her nose, when he leaned towards her and kissed her softly on her lips, a kiss so filled with tenderness that it made her toes curl...literally.

"You said the three words.." he said cheekily as khushi blushed...she smiled at him shyly as she brushed the stray hair on his forehead away "I guess i did...though i still stand by the fact that three words are too less to express what i feel for you" she said as arnav chuckled at her innocence "I know sweetheart...and I can't wait to get you out of here to express what i feel for ways which I'm sure will leave you very very satisfied.." he said as he winked at her.

Khushi stifled a laugh as she hit him lightly on his arm "You are so horrible! Here I am with tubes poking out of my body and all you can think about is that!..Oh and speaking of which...if my mere fainting can make you this scared, what will happen when I give birth? I'm sure you will faint ten times before i even deliver!" she said chuckling at him but suddenly stopped when she saw his serious face.

"Arnav? What happened? I...I was just joking you know...I mean, it not like i'm pregnant or something..." she said trying to lighten the situation; he probably felt really awkward when she spoke of their baby...she was just about to change the topic when his husky voice made her stop in the midst of her thoughts "What if i want it to be true...and not a joke? Khushi...I...I was going to ask you this after i met your buaji..." he said carefully as Khushi looked on with a slight tinge on her cheeks.

"I know we discussed this...and that thing about exploring and taking things slow...but Khushi...I know this is right, we are meant to be...and I..I can't wait to have you beside me, as my better fact, my best a mother of my children...our my soulmate, my love, my friend, my partner and above taught me to live again khushi...but that's all i'm! Without you, thats all i'll ever do...but i want to experience life are my life...will you marry me?" he asked her, his eyes shining with love

Khushi just stared at him...her own eyes filling up again...her heart was banging against her chest...the slight pain in her wrist from the pinching needle was gone, her weakness from the fainting episode was, her pale cheeks turned rosy as she gazed at her love and said in a voice full of wonder as she felt only pure unadulterated love flow through her veins for his man "Yes"