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When I Met You - Epilogue!!!

Mature Content...you have been warned! :p

A sunny morning on the 12th of September 2014

"Bhabhi!!! What do I do with this?" Anjali asked as she held a soiled diaper in her hands, she frowned as khushi came towards her "Anji! What do you do with a dirty diaper? You throw it in the bin!" khushi laughed as she took the diaper from her and plonked it into the nearby dustbin. She turned back to see Anjali and Raghav struggling with cleaning up a now red faced amal who was bawling away to glory.

Khushi smiled as she walked towards them and kneeled down towards her son, with his dark brown hair and molten brown eyes, he looked just like his dad "Aww…my darling…why are you crying my baby? Mamma's here!" she cooed as amal looked at her and stopped crying, at the same time, anjali and raghav were successful in getting his new diaper on, they sighed with relief as amal now smiled his cute toothless smile and raised his hands for khushi to pick him up.

"Seriously khushi bhabhi…me and anji are not planning for a kid for at least another 10 years! And if we do have one before that time, I'm leaving it with you!" Raghav said as he wiped his perspiring forehead, he winced as anjali pinched him and went to take amal from khushi "Shut up! I wanna have one as soon as we get married! I can't wait to have my very own amal" she said as she tickled amal's tummy making him gurgle in pleasure.

"Gosh! You both started again! Who will say that both of you are getting married in three days!" khushi shook her head as she went to pick out some clothes for amal from the huge suitcase. She took a baby blue bunny suit and handed it over to Raghav "Now you need to powder him and dress him up…that's it! Your training is complete!" she said as raghav groaned "Aww…bhabhi! I don't know why we insisted on learning about babies! It's too much work" he said as khushi patted his cheeks and kissed amal on his forehead before leaving them to it

"Be prepared! Next is learning how to feed him!" she laughed as she gave some instructions to the nanny, leaving her son in the care of his bui and his future fufa for now. She started walking across the huge foyer towards the massive gardens, a small smile on her lips as she remembered the many memories they had made here, in fact she was pretty sure that they had created their amal right here…at Neemrana.


He had his back to her as she admired his strong lithe body, even after all this time of being with him she still felt butterflies in her lower tummy whenever she saw her husband. She smiled fondly as he guided the decorators and the wedding planner about how the venue should be done up for his beloved sister's big fat Indian wedding. She waited till he finished talking to them before moving behind him and wrapping her arms across his torso, she rested her head against his back and sighed as he leaned back into her and placed his large hands over her smaller ones.

"Hey babe…I missed you" he said as he turned around and held her lightly by her waist, he looked down appreciating her pale pink sundress, her shoulders bare, only tiny straps holding the cotton dress to her frame...her hair flying about in the breeze, he trailed his finger over her plump lips as he bent down to claim them, she sighed in satisfaction as his lips took hers in a gentle kiss.

"Umm…why didn't you wake me up?" she said as she broke the kiss and smiled up at him "You were sleeping soo deeply and amal had kept you up all night…so I let you sleep in…though I really wanted to wake you up in our special way" he said as he nuzzled her neck "Arnav! Stop…everyone is watching us…and by the way he kept both of us up all night…" she said holding his hand as his eyes wandered about "Speaking of which, where is he? I thought you'll bring him with you" he said as he tried to spot a baby stroller with the nanny.

"No, it's not a very favourable weather for him and plus anji and raghav are going to look after him today…right from changing his diapers to feeding him, they said they wanted training to.." she said as he jerked up and looked at her with a horrid expression "WHAT! You left my child in the care of brat and blob?" he said as khushi hit him lightly on his arm "Stop calling them that! If raghav ever comes to know what you call him…" she narrowed her eyes as arnav smirked "Well, his nose is a little like a blob..i mean how do girls find him attractive I wonder!" he said as khushi frowned at him

"Well! He's very well read and a fine gentleman..aand…" she said as arnav placed his hand over her mouth "Ok stop! I don't want to hear his praises from your mouth…even though he is marrying my sister…I still find it very disturbing that he once pursued you!" he said twisting his mouth annoyingly "Arnav! He did not pursue me! We just spoke!" she said pinching his arm as he winced in fake pain "Now show me what all arrangements you have done so far!" she huffed as he followed his wife smiling behind her "Aye aye capt'n!"

"Hai re Nandkishore!!!!" buaji said as khushi and arnav strolled in to the presidential suit after their recce of the garden area, they had decided to have the actual wedding on the vast terrace overlooking the hills while the reception would be held in the gardens. "What happened buaji? Why do you look so worried?" khushi asked her as she came and stood in front of her "Khusi! Why did you leave lalla with anjali bitiya and raghav bitwa? They are having a huge fight over what to play with him! God only knows if both of them will be present for their own sangeet tonight!" she slapped her forehead as khushi smiled at her.

"Buaji! They need to do this together...they wanted to take care of amal...and don't worry, how much ever they fight they love each other much more!" she giggled as dadiji and maya came to the room as well "Arre madhu...don't worry, they'll be fine...right now they have taken lalla for a stroll" dadiji said as she came and calmed down buaji, khushi looked on at the besties, yep dadiji and buaji were inseparable! In fact her family had insisted that buaji should stay with them only instead of any other house...everyone loved her eccentric ways and adored her love and care for anji.

"Khushi beta, i'm so glad you suggested this place for the wedding...it's simply breathtakingly beautiful! No wonder you and arnav come here so often!" maya said as she hugged khushi from the side "I know mumma, isn't it wonderful! Just you wait till all the dcor is done...it's going to look fabulous! And Ashaji is also coming for the wedding...who knows...all our prayers might be answered here" she gushed as she smiled remembering what mamaji had told her about his love life.

Apparently his girl-friend from college, Asha had left for US after they completed graduation...thus breaking his heart...he had never married since he had given his heart to her...and recently they came to know that she too had remained unmarried and was back in India, Khushi had joyously taken up the responsibility to play their personal cupid, much to the annoyance of arnav and delight of the rest of the family.

Watching the ladies gush about his poor mama's love life, arnav came striding towards her "Ok ok, everyone! All the guests have checked-in and Raghav's family is also here...I have arranged lunch for all of us in the queen's garden...so please be there in an hour's time" arnav informed everyone as they continued their chit-chat while walking towards the door.

"And now please go to your own suites as my wife needs some sleep...she's been up all night thanks to amal...so we'll see you in an hour" he said ushering everyone out "Oh really? I wonder how much sleep she'll get in an hour...and don't use my grandson name's for your..." maya's voice trailed away as the three ladies made their way out, arnav turned back to khushi and looked at her amused face "So..Where were we?" he asked wriggling his eyebrows

"Arnav Singh Raizada! Shame on you! I can't believe you just made them leave like that!" khushi said as she shook her head at him, arnav smirked as he walked slowly towards her "Well, excuse me if I want to spend some quality time with my wife...i mean I can't remember the last time we were alone! I mean I love our baby, but I think you're not being fair to your first baby! And now that La is coming tomorrow...I can just imagine how busy you both will get! Especially gossiping about her firang fiance!" he sighed as his arms went around khushi.

"Aw...my first baby!" khushi said as she whispered in his ears, arnav closed his eyes feeling her lips caress him, he held her more tightly as her arms went around his neck pulling him closer "I missed you too hun...but one hour is too little...and don't worry I'll make sure La and anji don't take all my time..Because all of it is only for you and amal..i promise!" she said as she kissed his jaw.

Arnav groaned as he slid her dress strap away from her shoulder, leaving feathery kisses along her bare skin, she moaned as he cupped her breasts while kissing her neck,  they were just about to kiss when the shrill bell rang in their room "What the!" arnav shouted as he looked at khushi's flushed skin.."Go and check who it is!" khushi pushed him away adjusting her clothes and hair.

Arnav strode angrily towards the door and opened it with a thunderous expression, but his face split into a huge smile when he saw anji holding his son in her arms, raghav and the nanny in tow "Bhai! We had such an amazing time with amal today...I think we are totally prepared for a child now!" anjali giggles as Raghav shook his head in complete No behind her, arnav smiled as he took his son from her, 'perfect couple' he thought shaking his head.

"Bhabhi!" anjali called out to khushi from the door "Anji..why are you standing there? Come on in you two.." she said as their nanny went in to get amal's things in order "No bhabhi...we need to go and start getting ready...i mean I need to! We'll see you later!" they both waved as anjali kissed her nephew and brother on their cheeks before once again getting into some silly argument with raghav.

"Made for each other I tell ya!" arnav grumbled as he carried his son to the huge couch by the window, he sat down resting amal's little body against his arms, cradling his head the way khushi had shown him. Khushi looked on at father and son as they both made silent communication as if they were engrossed in some political debate, well not that silent since arnav was cooing to him...She laughed as she thought what an impossible sight this would have been two years ago!

"So what did you say earlier? You wanted to spend some quality time with me huh? Why don't I call the nanny? She can look after amal you know..." khushi said pulling his leg, she knew that when arnav had amal with him, everything else was forgotten including her sometimes "N..no..I want to play with him..I mean I've not seen him since morning...so" arnav said already lost in amal's gurgles, khushi smiled as she left them alone, after all he needed some quality time with his son too.


"Did I tell you your perfume intoxicates me" arnav whispered against khushi's ears sliding his hands over his wife's bare midriff, her red sheer sari hardly covering it. She tilted her head up and smiled at him "Really? I never knew that..." she whispered back as arnav inhaled near her neck and sighed "Yep...it truly does...in fact did you know I was introduced to your perfume before you?" he said smirking at her, khushi turned around in his arms to look at him as if he had lost his mind "What? How?" she asked as he pulled her closer

"Let's leave that story for another day..right now all I want to do is rip off that red sari and take you right here" he said huskily as he pulled her away from the function towards the exit. "Arnav! Are you mad? The sangeet is still going on...and we need to take amal as well" she said pulling her hand from him, but arnav was quick for her as he pulled her back and led her away "No its not and no we don't!" arnav said smiling at her naughtily.

"What?" khushi asked as they walked across the scented corridors adorned with white lily's towards the private lift which would take them directly to the presidential suite of the hotel. "I mean...we have danced all we can..everyone is leaving now and mom is taking care of amal tonight...the nanny will be staying with them as well...she really wanted you to rest it out...said you looked pale and tired...but little does she know that I don't intend to let you sleep at all!" he rasped as they reached the elevator.

"But...let me at least say good night to my sweety..." she said turning back to go towards the function, but arnav held her hand "I've already kissed him from both of us..and now if you go there..they won't leave you...and I know how you get when amal's with you...you'll never come back and convince mom that you'll be fine and yadda yadda.." he said as the lift started moving upwards, she gave him an annoyed look but felt her insides heat up at his darkened eyes.

Khushi gasped as arnav picked her up as the elevator reached their floor and walked to their room, she wound her arms around him as he slid the door open and stepped inside before locking it and placing her down gently on the soft carpeted floor, he then pulled her towards him as he slammed his lips on hers, his mouth sucking her lips till she moaned with need, their tongues played the practiced game of dominance as pure hot desire took over both of them.

They had missed this, this mad passionate love making...it had been a while since they had gotten time for themselves...so there was no gentle foreplay...no words of romance...it was pure unadulterated heat which sweeped them off their feet as clothes were discarded with urgency, the need to feel each other's bare bodies taking over their senses, khushi moaned as arnav's hot mouth latched onto her straining peak, his tongue ravishing, his teeth biting...his hand busy moulding the other...the thought of having too little time for this making things more exciting.

Khushi's hands grabbed his proud arousal as he hissed in pleasure "Khushi...God...I've missed this so much!" he said, his voice hoarse with need..he shut his eyes as khushi stroked his length, her hands skilfully sliding themselves around his member. He pulled her hands up to warp them around his neck as he pushed her buttocks up to rub het wet core against him, her own body far too aroused to think anything.

Arnav fused his mouth to hers as he took her towards their bed, he gently lowered her on it as he kneeled besides her, his lips slowly tracing a path of hot kisses from the tips of her toes to her core, he smiled against her nub as his tongue pleasure her senseless, he could feel her body writing under his as she thrashed around, waiting for him to fill her up.

"Arnavvv...nn...now...pl..please..." khushi moaned as he bought her to the brink of insanity, but arnav did not still have his fill as he kissed her further up towards her abdomen, dipping his tongue in her navel, she cried out in frustration as she got up and pushed him down on the bed, she then straddled him as she sat over his abdomen, her eyes blazing with unfulfilled desire "I'm taking over" she said breathlessly as her slick hands once again found his engorged member, she positioned herself over him as her dripping core slid on him easily.

Arnav groaned in pleasure as he felt khushi sheath him, her muscles clenching against his arousal as she rode him in her wild passionate way..arnav loved this about her...her uninhabited nature when it came to their love making...he was purposely delaying her because he knew how wild she got when he kept her waiting...his breathing became heavy as he saw his magnificent wife above him, her hands resting on his chest, her hair bounding about her as her body connected with his in the most primal form.

When he knew she was at the brink, he pulled her down and under him and thrust into her, he too could feel his climax building up as she screamed into his shoulder "Harder...baby...please...harder..." arnav could not hold it any longer, with a final hard thrust both came together, joining in unbridled ecstasy as their bodies shuddered into peaceful oblivion, lulling them to a deep slumber.


The peaceful hours of sleep was disturbed with the ringing of their doorbell, khushi stretched and yawned as she pulled on her robe and went to open the door, she smiled as she saw maya with amal who was now wide awake "Khushi beta...I fed him his formula once but now I think he wants your milk...he's become very fidgety" maya said worriedly as she handed over amal to her

"Don't worry mamma...he's a fussy baby...he just doesn't like formula...no worries, i'll take him with me...thanks" she said as maya kissed them both and left for her room, khushi closed the door as she spoke in baby tongue with her son "Who's a naughty boy? Who's he..yes...you my baby.." she cooed as arnav came yawning behind her, "Hey! Look who's here! Could not stay away from ma and pa for long huh little guy? He said as his son caught his offered finger very tightly.

"Nope, he can't and neither can his parents" khushi said as she went and laid him on the bed next to her, she cleaned her breast before feeding her son who latched onto it hungrily making her gasp "Well, looks like he's just like his papa" arnav chuckled as khushi threw a pillow at him "Arnav! That's disgusting..." she giggled as amal fell asleep after his fill. She laid him straight in between her and arnav and placed pillows around him.

Arnav leaned over and kissed his son before pulling his wife for another lengthy kiss, he then kissed her once again softly on her forehead as he held her hand over amal "Thanks khushi..." he said as khushi looked at him with a confused look, "Thanks for giving me amal...you know i'm pretty sure we made this little angel right here..in this bed one and a half year ago...and I hope we made another one now...today...what do you think? You want one more amal?" he asked as khushi laughed with him.

"Hmm...maybe, but how about...a little princess? Someone with your eyes" she said huskily as arnav smiled at her, "No...I want her to be just like you in every sense...I love you khushi..." he said as his eyes conveyed the truth of his words, khushi smiled as her eyes shone with her love for him "I love you too arnav..." she said as both fell asleep gazing into each other's eyes...their dreams of tomorrow already taking effect...their life...perfect.


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When I Met You - Chapter Forty (Last Chapter)

Mature Content Ahead...You are warned!

"Khushi?" arnav was the first one to react seeing her standing nervously at the door "What are you doing here? I told you not to come here..." he said as he walked swiftly towards the door, he wanted her as far away as possible from Shyam and her being here at this time was worrying him to no end "Why did you come here Khushi? You shouldn't have come..." he said as he cupped her face and turned her away from shyam's gaze.

"No." Khushi said as she turned around and faced Shyam , she held tightly onto arnav's hand and looked him in the eyes "This man has been the cause of my nightmares...he is the reason why i could not trust anyone for a long time, he took away my faith, my belief everything...everything when he...he..." she stopped as her voice choked up, tears running freely from her hazel eyes "I need closure arnav...i need to see him being punished for everything that he has done to hurt us.." she said as arnav held her in a tight embrace,running his hands over her back.

"Its ok babe, its ok...he won't hurt us anymore...your nightmares are over now...its time for a new chapter in your life...shh..." he said consoling her, he kissed her softly on her forehead as he faced Shyam once again, holding khushi by her shoulders close to his body "I wish i could rip you limb to limb you B*****d for all the pain and terror you have put her through...i wish i could kill you with my bare hands for planning to plot against my sister, to even think that you'd blackmail khushi to come to you..." arnav said slowly, his voice icy cold..but eyes blazing hot.

"But i will not give you the satisfaction of feeling for even one second that you won...for thinking that beating you to a pulp will satisfy my hunger for your total ruination...no Shyam Jha...your punishment is knowing that I trapped you in your own game...it is knowing that Khushi will never be yours..it is knowing that you are alone and your pathetic life has no meaning...you will reflect
upon everything i say as you rot in jail for the rest of your miserable life...i'll make sure you do!" arnav said as he fisted his hands trying to control his anger.

Shyam felt the cold metal against his palm, his insides were twisting as he saw arnav and khushi together, his breathing shallowed out as he saw khushi look at him straight in his eyes, hatred and disgust clearly visible in her eyes, he slid the revolver slowly into his back pocket and looked up "I'm sorry Katya...i really am sorry for everything i did...i was too much in love with you...i could not see you with anyone else...i needed you...wanted you for my own..." he said as his voice broke.

His eyes misted as he saw Khushi step away from arnav "Sorry is not enough for what you did Shyam...i can never forgive you for all that you did and all that you have done now...I was never yours! Not then, not now...not ever! So don't expect me to even acknowledge your apology...you are a pathetic excuse of a man..." she said as she walked slowly towards him "I rue the day i met you in the park..and i pity you, you know why? Because arnav is right...you will always be alone..because you are not worthy of even an animal...let alone a human being. I pity you Shyam Jha..." khushi said as she faced a fallen and defeated shyam, kneeling in front of her.

"I understand Katya...i know you can never forgive me...but please believe me when is say that i truly loved you...i did this only.." shyam said his eyes streaming with tears, but stopped as she saw Khushi put her palm up "Stop! Don't insult love by naming this unhealthy obsession of yours with such a pure emotion...you don't know what love is...you will never know because you need to possess a heart to feel it...and you Shyam are heartless...even animals are better than...aaahhh" Khushi screamed as shyam pulled her down on him.

He was waiting for the perfect time when he could trap her and when Arnav and Lavanya were too busy watching her, he quickly pulled her leg and was prepared when she came crashing against him. He quickly got up and held her roughly by her waist, her back digging into his front as she frantically tried to free herself from him.

It took a second for arnav to realize what had happened, his anger knew no bounds as he leapt forward towards shyam but the shiny metallic object trained on her forehead made him stop, it made Lavanya halt in her tracks as she tried to get near them, and it made a struggling khushi gasp, the cold metal felt like ice against her warm skin "Nah..ah...don't even think about it ASR...if you so much as take a step towards her, i'll blow her brains up" Shyam said smiling menacingly at the duo.

"Don't be stupid Shyam...let her go...and I know you won't pull the trigger...you love her too don't you? Just...just lower the gun and let khushi go" arnav said, his voice trembling with barely concealed fear "Hahaha..." shyam laughed loudly as he moved backwards towards the stairs dragging khushi along with him "Yes arnav...i do love her...but i can't see her with anyone else...if I can't have her...no one can...i'll kill her...i'll live with her memories...but i refuse to see her with you or anyone else..you get that!" shyam shouted as khushi whimpered against his tightening hold...it was making it difficult for her to breath.

"No..no...listen...i won't say anything to the police...you can go scots free...we won't bother you...just let her go Shyam...i..please just let her go..." arnav said as his voice broke, he was too scared to think what a maniac like him would do "Listen...i'll back off from every deal that your company and mine are fighting for...i'll give you whatever you want! Just please..." arnav said as his eyes begged him to leave her.

Khushi closed her eyes as she saw the helplessness in arnav's eyes, one thing she could never bear was seeing defeat in his eyes...she could never see him begging...she heard Shyam's laughter as his clammy hands pressed into her, his nails digging into her soft flesh, while the other held steadily held onto the loaded revolver, she closed her eyes and prayed to God for strength as she mustered all the courage she could and jabbed him in his jaw with an upward cut of her elbow.

As Shyam got momentarily stunned with the sharp pain, his hands fell loose, his gun slipping onto the floor...skittering to a spot right between arnav and shyam, both men looked at the fallen gun leaping onto the floor to claim it, khushi tried to hold Shyam back but he was too big for her as he shoved her aside, making her fall down and hit her head onto the couch. Lavanya came running towards her to help her up as both girls saw the two men struggle for the gun.

Khushi screamed as she saw shyam push arnav to reach the gun, but arnav was very quick for him as he held shyam's legs in a tight grip making him lose his balance and fall, he then punched him in his side as he leaned over him to grab the gun, but shyam tried to hit arnav with his fist which arnav stopped by holding him off with one hand while he pinned him down on the floor with the other "Don't even think about it SJ" arnav said as he elbowed him in his solar plexus making him curl up and hold his stomach.

"Leave right now.." arnav rasped to both Lavanya and Khushi who seemed to have frozen with fear, "Arnav...take the gun..." khushi said she rose out of her stupor and ran forward to push the gun towards him, arnav picked it up and turned towards Shyam who by now had risen once again, he screamed as he lurched once again towards arnav while khushi threw herself on him "Khushi...NO!!!" arnav screamed as the gun went off, a scream followed...as a crimson lake made its way beneath the three bodies lying on the floor.
"That will be all Mr Raizada...thanks for all you help" ACP Khurana said as he shook hands with arnav who nodded in thanks. Arnav looked out to see the two police jeeps and an ambulance that was parked outside. He stepped out to watch the three vehicles leave the vicinity. It had been an hour since the time the police and ambulance had come. It all seemed so surreal, arnav thought as he sat down on the bench outside in the garden and held his head in his hands sighing deeply.

"Arnav...i think we should go now...its pretty late.." Lavanya said as she placed a reassuring hand on his shoulders, he looked up and smiled at her "Thanks Lavanya...without your help all this would not have been possible..." he said as he placed his hand over hers "What thanks arnav..! don't be all formal now...get up now!...i'm going ahead in the car which khushi got here" she said as she gave him a dimpled smile and walked away.

Arnav walked slowly to his SUV that was parked a little bit away from the main gate of the house, he walked towards the passenger door instead of the drivers and opened the door to hear a quick gasp from her, he pulled her out as he banged the door shut and pinned her against the car door, "Don't ever do that again Khushi! I can't live without you...i was so close to loosing you today..." he said as he rested his forehead against, his hands going around her slim waist, holding her tightly against him.

"And I can't live without you arnav...so i'm not sorry for what i did in there" she said she held his face in her soft palms, her heart constricted as she saw tears running down his cheeks, she kissed them away as he spoke hoarsely "you should not have come between us Khushi...what if the gun would have fired on you instead of his leg? What then? How..h.." he stopped as khushi placed her finger against his lips "But it didn't...he got what he deserved...the bullet went through his leg...not you, not me...i'm too stubborn and even God can't make me go away from you or take you from me..." she said as she moved her finger and kissed him slowly on his lips.

Arnav sighed as he felt her soft lips over his, their tears intermingled..the salty taste lingering on their lips...she parted her mouth to take him in slowly, both savoring the feel and taste of each other as if they were exploring for the first time..the kiss went on for a few moments more as khushi suddenly pushed him away as realization dawned on her "Arnav! What's the time?" she said loudly as panic set in

"Relax khushi...its only 6:30...whaa?" arnav said as khushi pushed him towards the drivers side "Drive!" she screamed as she sat on the passenger side and belted herself up, she looked at arnav who was staring at her as if she had grown two horns "What? Arnav! Drive...its our wedding in 4 hours! The Jaimala is at 10:30 tonight...and i need to go home and get ready! Move!" she screamed as arnav jumped up scared at his fiancee's this avatar "Ok..ok...i'm driving!" he said as he shook his head a muttered 'Unbelievable!' under his breath!

"What? You think 4 hours is enough to get ready? Do you know that the hair dresser and the make-up lady are already there? They wanted to try out some stuff on me earlier...but i refused saying i needed my sleep...so apparently I'm still sleeping in my room!" she huffed as she took deep breaths, she had not wanted anyone in the house to know that she had left the house...so she had dressed up in an old pair of jeans and kurta, taken a shawl over her head and stepped out

"Oh...so that's the reason you gave for coming here...but if anyone goes into the room to check then? Won't they find the bed empty?" arnav asked concern lacing his voice, "Oh no...that's what i have anji for...poor thing must be sleeping since the past three hours now!" khushi chucked as arnav joined in the laughter, their stress and worries easing out with their laughs as the events of the day faded away with the promise of an unforgettable night.
His eyes were glued to the ethereal beauty in front of him as she floated towards him in her designer blue peacock style dress which he had designed himself for her. The stone studded bodice moulding her gorgeous curves while her slim waist was left bare, only to me marred by a gold waist chain. He hair was done up in masses of curls with an emerald jadau maang tika resting in its folds with matching necklace and earrings adorning her neck and ears. Lots of tinkling green and blue bangles were interspersed with kundan jadua kangans.

His breath caught at the sheer perfection in front of him, his khushi. She smiled shyly as she stepped forward to place the garland around his neck, he could hear his friends egging him on to raise his head, some even tried to pick him up, but Arnav Singh Raizada, with all the love and respect which he had for her, bowed down his head in complete surrender and humility. The family and friends marveled at the change this one girl had bought about in him and blessed the couple for a happy married life...for many life's to come.
Khushi yawned as she was led into their room at 5am in the morning. The bidaai had just taken place and the grah pravesh was also done. Khushi smiled as she remembered the way maya, dadiji, mamaji and anji had welcomed her back into their house, her house now...it felt like it was only yesterday that she had stepped in from the same threshold for the first time, nervous as hell..pretending to be arnav's fiancee...and today she was his wife...she kissed anji and lavanya on their cheeks as they teased her for a few minutes before leaving her alone in the gorgeously decorated room.

Khushi went and stood by the french windows as she heard the door open and shut, she heard the quick snap of the lock and the loud boisterous voices from outside shouting encouragements and teases at him...as if he needed it she thought smiling widely. She closed her eyes and waited as he stepped closer to her, his hands going around her waist, his head resting on her shoulder as he whispered into her ears "Good morning Mrs Raizada..."

Khushi shivered as his hands traced a lazy path along her flat stomach, she sucked her tummy in as she felt goosebumps along her skin while arnav rained light kisses across her neck..he turned her around to gaze into her eyes "You look so beautiful tonight khushi...i can't believe your mine.." he said as slowly removed her maang tika, kissing her gently on her forehead. He then kissed her on her eyes and cheeks before divesting off her earrings and necklace, dropping kisses on parts they left bare.

"Arrnaavv..." khushi moaned as he slowly took off all her bangles out and let them fall to the floor "We'll clean up tomorrow babe" he said as he unpinned her dupatta and let it float down as well "You forgot my waist chain.." khushi said softly as arnav's hands went to her back "Nope...i left it on, on purpose" he said hoarsely as khushi crept her hands under his sherwani...it was easy to undo the buttons..she pulled it off him before kissing him on his hard chest..her teeth nipping the taut skin as arnav groaned.

He undid the three strings holding back her heavy choli and khushi breathed a sigh of relief as it fell away "I feel so much lighter now" she said breezily as arnav feasted his eyes on her magnificent breasts, he latched his mouth onto them as her straining nipples stood proud before him "Hmm...khushi...i missed this so much...God I love you..." he said as his mouth now traveled to hers, taking her lips in a savage hungry kiss, the slow tempo they started with vanished as need and desire took over their senses.

Arnav's hands deftly undid her lehenga and picked up her left leg as the gorgeous fabric slid down, he wrapped her leg around his waist as he kissed her senseless, his tongue probing her soft mouth, plundering it as she gave in kind. Khushi groaned as she lifted herself up and wrapped her other leg around him as well as he supported her frame along his strong body, he walked them to the bed and dropped her on it as he joined her, his body pressing her slender form down on the soft mattress, his lips kissing her belly button over the gold chain.

Khushi writhed restlessly under him waiting for him to take her, she pulled him up for a passionate kiss as he took off the remainder of their clothes before getting himself settled between her, he looked into her eyes which shone with love and thrust into her as she cried out in pleasure, their bodies joined in an ancient rhythm known to man and woman, as they both reached their crescendo together, their love soaring as high as they slept peacefully as man and wife leaving the bleak past behind, dreaming about the bright future.
"Arnav...not again...i'm too tired!" khushi groaned as arnav snaked an arm around her waist bringing her flush against his naked body "No chance...you just lie down...let me pleasure you..." he said naughtily as his hands started traveling along her thighs.. "Umm...Mr Raizada...where are you planning on taking me for our honeymoon?" she gasped as he found her core, she closed her eyes as he continued his assault.

"Where ever you want o go sweetheart..." he said as her body heated up once again from the pleasure her husband was giving her "Re...ally?" she asked as her body got ready to reach its climax.. "A..aar..arnav..." she moaned as arnav increased his tempo, his experienced fingers creating havoc "H..how...abb..about we..gg..go again to Neemmrana.a.." she screamed out the last part as her body crashed down form an amazing climax.

Arnav looked at her flushed face "I'll book it tomorrow.." he smiled down and kissed her soundly as she returned it with equal fervor "Thank you my love,..." she said as she wrapped her arms around him, resting her head against his warm chest "Can i ask you something?" she said as she ran her fingers over him , "Hmm..." arnav said as khushi looked up "When did you know it was love? When did you know that I was the one for you?" she asked as arnav caressed her head and kissed her gently on her forehead "I think it was when you walked into that restaurant..with your little black dress...the first time...When I Met You"

Might post an Epilogue soon! 

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When I Met You! - Chapter 39

"Wha..y..you? h...how...?..." Shyam stammered as Lavanya walked inside the house with a flourish, making sure she had kept the door slightly ajar. She smiled at his bewildered face and replied "Yes, its me...if you still remember me...La.Van.Ya!" she said making sure she pronounced her name very slowly.

"I know who you are! My question is...what are you doing here! And where is katya?" shyam said menacingly getting his bearings, he was shocked to find Katya's friend here but he knew she must have confided in her or something...'Stupid girl!' he thought tightening his fists in anger, Lavanya seemed least bothered as she sauntered into his house "Nice place...love what you've done with it!" she said smiling at him again.

Shyam looked at her as if she'd lost her mind "What the hell do you think your'e doing here! Don't you know what i'm capable of! If Katya has sent you here...she'll be surprised to find your and anjali's broken bodies sent back!" he said coming closer to Lavanya who looked him straight in his eyes and shook her forefinger "Na...nah...don't even think of coming near me!...who knows...maybe I have the police with me?" she said smirking at the sudden fear his face showed.

"You wouldn't dare! Katya knows that if she contacted the police or that ASR, anjali would be dead by now! The fact that she told you will also result in lots of harm towards anjali...so be careful where you thread La.Van.Ya!" he said smiling evilly, trying to intimidate lavanya who seemed to be non-plussed with his entire dialogue..in fact she seemed to have gotten bolder as she now walked towards him.

"Ok...so you say you'll harm anjali huh? What like you harmed her like this?" she said showing the same video which was sent to Khushi earlier, Shyam looked at the video, his face twisting in a grotesque smile "Yes! But worse...this was just a trailer...but now that your friend did not heed to my demands...its time to start the movie..what say?" he said as he dialed a number on his phone.

Lavanya stared at him as shyam waited for the other side to pick up, she saw him cursing under his breath as he tried calling the person again, after a few more tries he seemed really disgruntled "What happened? Phone problems? I thought you were going to start your movie or something.." Lavanya said innocently as shyam gave her a disgusted look.

"Don't look too happy...the phone is out of network...doesn't matter...its not like he's the only one! And keep that mouth of your shut tight...otherwise you'll be starring in that movie as well" he said as he tried another number, his tensed face turned normal as the other person picked up, she looked on as shyam asked him to tell the status of the 'girl' and smiled to herself as she saw the sweat break out on his forehead.

"What the hell do you mean? Why would he say that? You were the one who tortured her you fool! Have you hit your head and lost your damn memory!" shyam barked as he kept the phone and tried another number, only to be told the same thing. He looked up with eyes full of fury towards Lavanya who stood serenely looking at the scene unfold.

"What the hell is this bitch? What game are you playing huh? Where is Katya? Call her right now and tell her to come here at once! Otherwise she'll never see both of you ever again! I have had enough of this shit!" he said as he lunged towards Lavanya who had anticipated his move, she quickly jumped sideways as he came hurtling towards her only to hit his foot hard on the centre table and crash on the floor.

"Not so soon Mr Jha! Don't you want to see the 'behind the scenes' act? I think you will absolutely love it!" Lavanya said as she held out her phone once again to Shyam who was still lying on the floor, what he saw made his eyes turn dark with anger and frustration, he grabbed her phone and hurled it towards the other side of the room.

The movie showed Anjali and Lavanya setting up the room with a single dirty chair in the centre, they were giggling as anjali sat down while lavanya carefully tied the rope around her, then she proceeded to get some red paint and smear it around her nose and lips..someone then handed lavanya a scissor with which she proceeded to cut the sleeve off anjali's top and ripped it before messing her hair with some mouse, when she was done...they both practiced anjali's little act of pleading...

"Oh..please be careful! That was my new iPhone 4S! Best picture quality you know! I mean Mishru seemed to think that while we filmed this...oh sorry...you know him as Mishra right? Do you even know his first name?" She asked as Shyam's eyes twitched in uncontrolled anger, "Didn't think so..anyways..we had a blast filming this and laying out our plans...God its been ages since i've been soo excited about something! I mean...you know.." she went on to be cut by shyam's angry growl

"Shut up. SHUT UP!" he screamed as he got up and caught an unaware Lavanya by her waist, he twisted her hands around her back as he held her in a death grip, "What? Not so confident now are we?" he whispered into her ears as she struggled to get out of his hold. "Ooh...so i must say that that Dog Mishra and you are together in this...looks like lil anjali is part of your play too...but who will help you now? Huh? From what i remember of you La...you were not too bright then..and you are not too bright now!" he rasped as he further tightened his grip making her whimper

"Oh..i think she's mighty smart Shyam...why would i involve her in my plan otherwise?" a deep smooth voice drawled from the doorway, Shyam's hold on Lavanya slackened enough to let her free herself from him as they both turned towards the door to find a perfectly well groomed Arnav singh Raizada leaning lazily against the door.

"Oh, don't look so shocked SJ...it was my plan all throughout...and lets just say you played right into it!" Arnav said flexing his arms as he came and stood right in front of Shyam, he gestured Lavanya to move away towards the door as Arnav and Shyam stood face to face, the former giving a death stare.

"Wh..what? ASR...you here? What the hell...how.." Shaym stammered as he ran a shaky hand through his hair as Arnav went and quietly sat down on the later couch "Don't exercise those minuscule brain muscles that you have...let me make this easy for you...i mean let me jog your memory and bit...do you remember that day when i spotted anjali's car in the cafe across my office?" arnav asked casually leaning back.

The day Arnav spotted Anjali in the cafe...

"ASR? Did you call me? uh...i mean can i come in now? Or are you still busy?" Aman asked on the phone "Khushi just left Aman, yes you can come in..." Arnav said as he kept the phone sighing in satisfaction, this was probably one of the best days ever!he heard a faint knock on his door and shouted a 'Come in'; he waited till aman came and sat in front of him.

"So, any progress on the man? Did you finally get his name from the university?" Aranv asked, as the familiar feeling of wringing that man's neck started coursing through his veins "Uh..not yet ASR, but surely in some time we will...in fact i have bribed the admin person there, who will shortly let me know his name...i'll inform you about it as soon as i can" Aman said confidently as ASR nodded.

"Fine, make it fast...I can't wait to get that A*****le's name, so that i can rip him apart with my bare hands!" Arnav said his eyes showing pure anger at the thought "Also, I saw Anjali at Noni's today...but something was not right...I know my sister very well and I can make out when she lies..go and check who she was with...i need to know what she's hiding" he said as he got up and glanced back at the cafe.

One hour later...same day.

"Sally, i'm leaving...if there's anything please call me.." Arnav said to his secretary as Aman came running towards him with a printout "ASR, wait...i need to talk to you..its urgent!" Aman said as Arnav looked at his tense face, he nodded as both of them proceeded towards arnav's room "What is it? Did you know who she was with?" arnav asked as aman looked at him confused

"Whaa? oh..you mean anjali maam..yes she was with a man...that's what i came to know...I have asked their manager to send me a screen shot of the person she was with...he'll be mailing me the same...but that's not why i stopped you..." Aman said uneasily. He came and stood next to arnav and lowered the paper which he had in his hands "This is the person who...Khushiji...uh...the man from London...you'll be surprised to see the name" he said tapping the printed name on the sheet.

Shyam Jha
Director – Jha Textiles
Teaching Term : April 2008 – July 2008
Subject : Advanced designing techniques
-Suspended and Job terminated due to disturbing behavior towards student and harassment

Aman saw as arnav's eyes went red with suppressed anger, he touched his shoulder to bring him out of his thoughts, "ASR, are you ok?" aman asked as Arnav turned towards him, "No..I am not ok dammit!" he said getting up quickly from his seat and snatching the paper off the table "How should i react? I don't understand how this scumbag...how the hell did this ba****d...Aman! Are you sure this is the correct name? There can't be any other Shyam jha?" arnav said still trying to make sense of the situation.

"Yes ASR, this is your guy...she confirmed that the name of the student who accused him was Katya Gupta, registered as Khushi Gupta, her actual name and there cannot be another Shyam Jha of Jha textiles...it is SJ!" aman said pouring a glass of water for arnav who gladly took it and gulped it down in one go "I will kill the bas***d! I swear to God..today is the last day he sees...give me his address right away!" he asked aman who tried to make him see sense.

"ASR, you can't just go there wielding a gun and shoot the guy...you have to think about this more rationally!" Aman said as he opened his phone to check his mails, Arnav ran an irritated hand through his hair and looked at aman angrily "Rationally? You want me to think of this rationally? Are you retarded! This man...who did those awful things to my khushi...who made her go through hell...because of whom she's still afraid of certain things...the guy who harmed her innocence! The as****e who had the nerve to harm her...you want me to think rationally about him.." he said as he came and stood in front of aman.

"Sorry aman, i am not a saint...and at this point even if God comes here himself to stop me, I'll still go and shoot the b****d's brains out! So don't you dare tell me to think about this rationally!" he all but shouted at aman who's eyes seemed to have frozen on his iPhone screen "Are you even listening to what i'm saying aman! What the hell is so interesting in that phone dammit!" ASR said snatching the phone from aman's hand.


"Yes SJ...what i saw chilled me to the bone...you were the guy with my sister that day! You son of a bitch...didn't you get enough playing around with Khushi that you had to target my sister too!" arnav got up and strode towards Shyam who by now was too shocked to say anything..he moved back as Arnav came towards him ready to hit him only to be stopped by Lavanya "Arnav, please calm down...please" she said as Arnav backed away stood facing away from Shyam.

"I swear Shyam...i wanted to chop your head off at that moment itself...but i waited so that i could make my next move correctly...i was worried if anjali was deeply involved with you or not...but when i saw the cctv tape which aman acquired from the cafe owner...it looked like anjali was least interested in you, but then i thought why were you pursuing her still...thats when it hit me...that maybe it wasn't anjali who you were pursuing now...maybe it was khushi" he said as shyam held on to the banister and looked around nervously.

"I even kept bodyguards to follow khushi and Anjali everywhere...I actually thought that you may pull a stunt when they both went to the night club..in fact Aman was there along with my two best bodyguards keeping an eagle eye on the girls..but you did not do anything at that point..." he said as Shaym looked up surprised "Oh don't be so shocked...i even had a man follow you the entire time...in fact that's how i came to know about your man..Mishra." arnav said as shyam's face contorted in anger

"That filthy dog! I should have known he will betray me..." shyam said as he hit the wall behind him with a force, he could not believe that he was the one being played this entire time "Oh, that's not very nice...he was very loyal to you..in fact he did not tell me anything..but i knew that somewhere your focus had shifted from anjali to khushi when Mishra said that you had nothing to do with my fiancee instead of saying my sister...that gave me an idea of how you may be using anjali to get to khushi..." he said in a clipped voice

"I tried my best to understand what your plan was but couldn't figure out what you actually intended to do...that was when Mishra approached me...i guess you were very mean to him...the poor guy was distraught and could not make up his mind about the task you had given him...so i went to meet him last night..." arnav said as shyam's nostrils flared.

"Oh don't get angry now...what do you expect huh? Even Loyalty has a price...its called respect!" arnav said walking slowly around the room, his eyes focused on shyam "He told me everything you were planning...i spent two hours with him last night trying to work out a plan to mislead you..but then that meant involving khushi in it as well...when i wanted to keep her far away from all this, so early next morning I involved lavanya and anjali in my plan...yes it was a shocker to both of them...especially anjali...but without their help all this would not have been possible...then something unexpected happened...i met khushi" he sighed as he narrated their meeting earlier in the day.

Same day...afternoon...before Khushi's haldi

"Khushi...are you ok darling? Anjali said you wanted to talk to me about something..." Arnav said as he entered khushi's room, he was worried to see her this nervous and lost, Khushi turned around and ran towards arnav, she hugged him fiercely before muttering "nothing it right arnav..oh God! I have so much to tell you..." she said as arnav hugged her back "What is it sweetheart?" he asked tilting her chin up.

She looked at him and said in a scared voice "The man from my past, the one who...wh.." she sniffed as arnav stroked her hair "...what about him babe?" arnav asked her gently, he gazed down at her watery eyes running his thumb over the unshed tears as she stammered "H..he...is the s..sa..same...h..he is anjali's ex boyfriend...Shyam Jha!" she cried as she buried her head in his chest.

"I know you may be thinking i'm mad..and you don't know about her boyfriend..i mean her ex..but arnav i recognized his voice...he...he is the same person...arnav you have to protect her...he is an animal...arnav please...do you understand...we have to go and speak to her...Lavanya thinks i'm crazy...but i know its him...it is him!" she sobbed as arnav hugged her again "Shh...sh...stop crying darling...i know...i know everything...even anjali does" he said as she looked up with shocked confused eyes towards him as he narrated the entire story to her.


"So Mr Jha...when you thought that you are playing my my fiancee's mind...and torturing my sister..they were well aware of your plan...they knew exactly what you were going to do...in fact lets just say that we helped you along! Or did you really think that anjali was dumb enough to come running to the place you asked to meet her just because you told her some sob story of how you were leaving this country! Or khushi was stupid enough to come here on her own on her wedding day without involving me...no SJ...you were terribly mistaken!" arnav said as shyam held his head with both this hands and went to stand by the side table in the living room.

He could not believe that all his plans had gone down the drain...he felt his head would burst with all that he had heard today, but he'll be damned if Arnav Singh Raizada walks out of his house alive! he slowly crept his hand to the second drawer in front of him and opened it slightly, making sure that arnav could not see him..he nudged his hand inside the drawer and felt the revolver resting there..he slid his fingers over it and pulled it out before turning around to face him but a small voice from the other side made him whip his head towards her...'Arnav' she said softly as all three people turned to see khushi standing in a plain kurta and jeans watching the scene unfold in front of her eyes.

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When I Met You! - Chapter Thirty Eight

"Its done sir" Mishra said silently into the phone, he winced as he heard the evil laugh of Shyam Jha from the other end "Well done my man! Well done..now be a good doggy and get the work completely finished" Shyam said menacingly as a familiar current of victory not too far away lit his body. He opened the door to his bedroom and sat on his bed staring at the beauty in front of him.

"I want you to send me that video as soon as possible...and make sure its small enough to send over the phone.." Shyam demanded as he lay on his bed with one arm resting beneath his head. He looked up to see the golden starts twinkling on the ceiling, he ended the call and sighed deeply "Soon...soon you'll be with me Katya...and then we'll gaze at these stars together...just you and me" he said as he closed his eyes and smiled.
"Khusi! Arre Khusi!" buaji shouted as she knocked on the bathroom door, "You haven't fainted again have you?" buaji asked as the door opened and buaji nearly toppled over khushi as she walked out "No buaji...i'm fine...and what's the meaning of asking such a question? Cause if i had actually fainted...i would not have been able to answer you anyways" khushi said giving her buaji an incredulous look as she toweled her wet hair.

"Arre titaliya...i was only worried for you...both you and arnav bitwa seem so tensed! When today you both need to be enjoying the day!" buaji said as she made khushi sit on the bed and took the towel from her to dry her hair, khushi turned around suddenly as she heard buaji's words "Why? Did arnav say something? Is he ok?" khushi asked with a worried expression, she really wanted to speak to him but buaji had confiscated her phone from her stating that she was not allowed to even speak to him let alone meet him.

"No no..he is fine. In fact his friends have come over...all teasing and all you know..but instead of blushing like a bridegroom he seemed broody" buaji said clucking her tongue, khushi smiled as an image of a blushing arnav filled her mind "Oh God buaji...he's not a bride to blush..besides when i don't blush when teased, why should he!" she said giving her buaji a cheeky grin.

"Kids these days...i really don't get your generation!" buaji muttered as she finished drying her hair "By the way the parlor lady is here...they wanted to try out some styles on you before doing the final one later...should i call them now? Or do you want to take some rest?" buaji asked holding khushi's chin gently.

Khushi smiled at her as she hugged her buaji from her waist "Yes, thanks buaji...i just want to rest for some time...can we do the hairdo's later? There's still lots of time na?" khushi said as buaji stroked her damp hair "Ok darling, you get some sleep..i'll come and wake you up later" buaji said as she kissed her gently on her head before leaving the room to give khushi some privacy.

Khushi leaned against the headboard as thoughts ran through her troubled mind...did anjali get back? Where was La? She was supposed to come to her room ages ago...what is arnav thinking? She just wished she could speak to him once. She sighed as she closed her eyes and made herself comfortable on the bed,the exhaustion finally taking its toll, lulling her body into a deep slumber.
"Who is this?" said a brisk no-nonsense voice from the other end of the phone, Shyam was finding it very difficult to not get irritated by this glitch in his plan, he had been trying to get through to Katya since the past 15 minutes, but the first 3 times no one picked up and now that the call was answered up some old hag was screeching on it.

"Uh...I need to speak to Ka...i mean khushiji please" shyam said keeping the irritation out of his voice "What is this regarding? Its her wedding today...please call after 2 days" buaji said wondering who was calling her titaliya so urgently "No...please its very urgent...she had ordered a ring for her fiance with us...but there's been some problem...i had to deliver it today but.." shyam said trying to work out some reason..any reason through which he may be able to speak to her.

"Oh Ok, hold on...let me check" buaji said as she walked towards khushi's room wondering what today's generation is about! She opened the door to see that khuhi was not in the room, she pushed the bathroom door as well but she was not to be seen. She sighed as she answered the call again "She's not here now...please call after some time" she said as she cut the call and left the phone on khushi's dressing table.
"Arre Lavanya..have you seen Khushi? God only knows where she has gone now!" buaji exclaimed as she stopped Lavanya near the stairs "No buaji...in fact i was going to her room only...she's not there?" lavanya asked with a quizzical expression "No..she is not..i wonder where she has gone!" buaji said slapping her forehead "Don't worry buaji...you go downstairs,I think your relatives have come...i'll look for khushi" lavanya said ushering buaji towards the living room.

She quickly turned and walked purposefully up the stairs..she had to go and find khushi. As she was walking towards khushi's room she saw dadiji walking with khushi towards her "Lavanya...you should take care of your friend...it's her wedding today" dadiji said sternly to lavanya before walking khushi to her room "Uh...what happened dadiji? Katya u ok?" lavanya asked as she looked at her friend with a concerned face.

"yes, i am fine...i was just craving a cup of ginger tea when dadiji found me...seriously dadiji i feel like an invalid cooped up in this room...can i please go down for sometime?" khushi begged her as dadiji cupped her face "No bitiya...your the bride and nearly all the guests are coming in now...they should not see you before the wedding...just rest here...you'll be getting ready soon anyways" dadiji said as she patted her cheek and left them.
"La! Is anjali back? Did she take her call?" Khushi asked her as she paced her room "Chill katya...i'm sure she is fine...don't worry so much. You just concentrate on your wedding ok? I'll take care of everything" she said as she made khushi sit and handed over a glass of chilled water to her "Uh..i had actually gone out to see arnav...i really need to see him La.." khushi said sighing deeply, sipping her water as lavanya came and sat beside her.

"I know babe...but don't worry everything will be ok...just trust me ok! I'll go and check where anjali got held up ok? Just calm down" Lavanya said as she got up and laid down khushi's dress for the wedding. The rich hues of purple and blue would look gorgeous on her. She also took out a red lehenga which was hanging on the rack.

"I think you should wear the red one...it definitely goes better with your complexion...and you will look hot!" lavanya said as khushi burst out laughing "Oh yes! I'll definitely feel hot in that lehenga with the layers of silk and that heavy dupatta over my head" khushi said rolling her eyes, she then looked at Lavanya with serious eyes "Everything will be ok right La?" she asked as Lavanya assured her with a nod and left the room to look for anjali.
"Damn it!" Shyam said as he tried her phone again only to find it switched off, "What the hell do i do now?"!! he exclaimed as he dialed Mishra's number next, he waited till he picked up before thundering on the phone "Why is it taking you so long to send me the video you as****e!" shyam shouted as mishra visibly shook from his voice.

"I'm just uploading it sir...its just that she was being very difficult...and well...it took us time to do what you asked us to" Mishra said his voice trembling with contempt, how he wished he could strangle his employer from the phone "Good, now that the video has been taken...tell the boys they have free reign over her body if things don't go my way...let them teach that frigid b***h some manners" he said as Mishra uttered a soft 'Ok' before ending the call. He finished uploading the video as his thoughts went to the girl in the adjacent room.
Khushi went to her dressing table to get her hair brush when her eyes fell on her phone, she jumped in joy as she picked it up eagerly trying to call arnav, but the phone seemed to be switched off due to low battery. She quickly plugged in the charger and waited for the phone to load up. As soon as the welcome screen came up, she heard a series of beeps as her signal came on.

Khushi looked at the screen to find 12 missed calls from an unknown number. She wondered who had called her so many times and thought it best to check...just in case it was anjali...since she was not picking up her call. Her heart thundered wondering if anjali was fine...everyone in the house seemed to be convinced that she was probably not taking her calls since she was getting a manicure done.

She waited with baited breath as the other person picked up the phone but did not speak anything. She said a soft 'hello' and waited for the other person to speak, "Uh...is anyone there? I have lots of missed calls from this number...umm..hello?" she asked once again exasperated that she was wasting precious time when she could have spoken to arnav by now. She was just taking the phone off her ear to end the call when she heard a deep raspy voice from the other end "Katya...its me Shyam"

Khushi felt the earth beneath her shift as she fell on the bed with a shock, she tried to assure her mind that she did not just hear his voice...that it was not the same shyam...but her mind did not listen while her body racked with shudders. As if to prove the truth one again, he spoke "Please don't cut the call...if you do you'll be doing a grave mistake..." shyam said, his voice held a threatening quality to it which did not go unnoticed by khushi even in her delicate state.

"Wh..what..do you want? H..how d..did you get th..this number?" she stammered as her body tensed up, fear crawling up her spine... "Did you take it from anji?...ho..how.." she spoke as his voice once again silenced her "Shh...don't think too much...its not going to help you...so you knew I was anjali's boyfriend huh? But you still did not warn her against this big bad wolf?" he said mildly amused and very turned on by the fact that he was finally talking to her.

"Good...now that you know anjali was my girlfriend...you should also know this Katya" he said his voice getting serious "She meant nothing to me...no one means anything to me...except you!" he said his voice getting aggravated by the minute "And you...you did not care for my love..you punished me Katya...you hurt me daamit! But i'm ready to forget all that...if only" he said slowly trying to get her to understand every word he says.

"If only what? How dare you say you loved me! You are an abomination, not fit for a civilized society! Even wild animals are better than you...or have you forgotten what you did to me! How dare you insult the word 'Love' by equating it with your feelings! You are nothing Shyam...nothing! And I don't care what you do...i have my true love with me, Arnav is my love...my everything! If you so much as try to call me again, he'll put you behind bars! Do you get that you creep!" khushi heaved as she cut the call and leaned back on the bed.

She quickly took her phone again with trembling hands and started calling arnav, she waited for the line to get through but it kept coming out of range...she wondered how it was so...she tried calling him again when she got a text, it was from Shyam's number.. 'Don't ignore me or my threats...remember what is precious to your love...his darling sister..now you wouldn't want anything bad to happen to her would you?'

Khushi started perspiring reading his message, she desperately tried calling arnav again when another of his texts came up 'Don't even think of calling him darling...i might just have to be very mean otherwise...to her off course!' fear gripped her cold and sterile as she re-read his message, she stopped calling arnav and called him instead.

"Don't you dare lay your eyes on anjali...do you get it! I'll find you an burn you alive you sick piece of shit!" khushi shouted, her anger flaming up at shyam's threats. "What? My eyes...oh honey I can lay a lot more on that pathetic creature! Why she is resting just a few feet away from me!" he guffawed as khushi's breathing became shallow, was he lying? Was he telling the truth?

"Don't lie! Anjali hates you! She will never come to you willingly...don't spin tales just so that.." khushi said as she was cut once again by his icy voice "Don't believe me huh? ok...let me send you something which will change you mind maybe? Do call me back once you see it...uh...mind you this is just the trailer" he said menacingly as he cut the call.

Khushi held the bed railing tightly as he head spun from their conversation...what was he talking about? She held the phone tightly in her hands as it beeped once to show an incoming Whatsapp message, she saw it was from the same number and clicked it to open, it took time to load as it was movie...but as soon as it did and she clicked play...she fell on the floor with a thud. The scene made her drop the phone as the shriek chilled her to the bone.

Anjali was tied up to the chair, her hair was all over the place with blood running from her nose, her t-shirt sleeve seemed to have been ripped off while her tear stricken face mumbled a series of 'please...leave me...' the scene was too horrific for khushi to not react, she called him again and spoke in a dead voice, alien to her own self "What do you want?"
Shyam made sure the entire house was cleaned spick and span, there were drapes of silk and strings of orchids lining the entire house. Candles and lamps were lit all along the sills and outer spaces, as soft hindustani classical music wafted through the air. He had showered and dressed, making sure that everyone in the house had left before the guest of honor arrived.

He smiled remembering how easy it was to get her to agree to his demands, what did he want anyway? Just that she leave that house and come to him...leave that b*****d Raizada on their wedding day and become one with him...Shyam Jha! How he wanted to see that man's face when he realized that the supposed love of his life was his SJ's...never to return to him.

He went and moved a chess piece across the ivory carved chess board on his center table 'Check' he said as he heard a sound outside the door, he wondered if she was here, he wondered if she had also given into his demand of her coming here in her wedding finery...she was his Dulhan after all..nothing could stop them from becoming one now.

He waited patiently as he heard footsteps and a beautiful sound of twinkling jewelry outside his door. He held his breath as she pushed the partially opened door and stepped in. His mouth lifting in a satisfied eager smile as she saw her in a blood red lehenga, her head covered in a gorgeously embroidered dupatta. She stood rooted to the door as if not sure what she should do.

He could make out her trembling luscious body as she held onto the door frame, "Come in sweetheart, this is your house now...don't be shy...or do you want me to come and pick you up maybe?" he said as his body eagerly waited to take her in his arms, his mouth salivating at the prospect of finally having her to himself...but he was disappointed to still see her at the door, not moving an inch.

He started walking towards her but stopped as she held her hand up, he ran a frustrated hand through his hair..as if this was going to stop him...but he understood what she was trying to say "Don't worry about Anjali...she'll be safe now...I have asked my men to take her back to ASR's house...now that I have fulfilled my end of the bargain...time you did yours" he said as he stood right in front of her waiting to take the dupatta off her.

But before he could do so himself, he was pleased to see her own hands moving towards the dupatta, doing the deed herself, he waited as she revealed her gorgeous face to him and stepped back to admire his katya's beauty, but his face froze and his body went stone cold as the woman revealed herself to him, he could not comprehend what to do as her sultry voice spoke up "As if you ever had anjali with you bitch!" Lavanya spoke as her face split into a thousand dollar smile.