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When I Met You! - Chapter Thirty One

Arnav cursed under his breath as buaji's voice sounded more satanic, like a devils knoll "Arre, open now..i want to sleep next to you tonight. We have soo much more to catch up on...why are you taking so long?and why did you think it was arnav! Khushi?? aye khushi? Open up!" khushi got up with lightening speed and donned her discarded clothes, she stuffed her torn panty in one of the drawers before picking all of arnav's clothes and pushing him inside the bathroom.

"Coming buaji...i just got out of the shower...give me a few seconds to dress" khushi shouted as she pleaded arnav "Just stay inside till i go ok...i'll take her back to her room...leave after a few minutes" she said as she turned to close the door, arnav held her hand and pulled her back to him "No khushi...just make up can't leave me like this" arnav said in an angry irritated voice.

"Arnav try and understand, she knows me too well and i can't lie to her...just tonight ok...please baby, won't you do this much for me?" khushi whispered coming close to arnav and placing a small kiss on his rough cheek. Arnav held her tight and nuzzled her neck "hmm...khushi...can't you come to me after she falls asleep?" arnav pleaded and looked hopefully at khushi who smiled at him and pushed him away "I'll try...but now i really have to go" she shut the door before her own resolve could fall apart.

She quickly looked at herself in the mirror and straightened her hair, she placed her cool hands against her burning cheeks and opened the door. Buaji stood there with a weird expression on her face "Khusi...were you talking to someone?" buaji said as she pushed her aside and walked into the room. Khushi shook her head " buaji...i was talking to you only...i mean i was singing earlier in the shower..but now i'm not!" khushi said laughing awkwardly at her.

"Oh ho! I really do not understand your madness sometimes!...and why are all your buttons messed up?" buaji said as she came and straightened khushi's buttons, khushi flushed a deep red and panicked as her eyes kept darting towards the bathroom door "Um..that...oh yeah...i was getting ready in a hurry since you were at the i guess i messed it up" khushi said grinning like a mad woman.

"Anyways buaji...lets sleep...but in your room" khushi said pushing her towards the door. Buaji held her hands and made her stop "Why? I like this seems nice..why don't we just sleep here?" buaji said walking to the bed to sit down as khushi quickly came and stopped her making her get up and stand " buaji...the AC is not working and i sweat at fact i was coming to ask you if i can sleep with why.." she said quickly making the first excuse she could think of.

"Oh..ok problem...lets go to my room then" buaji said giving her an odd look. She glanced around the room as she walked out with khushi who switched the lights off before walking to her bua's room but buaji stopped just a few steps later and turned towards her "Arre khusi...i forgot to tell you about Lavanya...did you know she too is coming down soon?" buaji smiled warmly at her niece.

Khushi started panicking when buaji stopped suddenly, she did not want arnav to step out while they were standing there, she held her buaji's elbow and started guiding her towards the other end of the corridor "Oh..ok buaji, thats nice but can we discuss this in the room? Everyone must be sleeping now...and the voices echo here" khushi said frantically as her eyes kept darting towards her door, praying to God that arnav won't come out at the wrong moment.

Buaji felt like something was wrong when Khushi did not react the correct way after knowing about Lavanya's visit "What happened khusi? Is everything ok with you and Lavanya? I thought you will be so excited about this news!" buaji said as khushi felt sweat beads form on her forehead "N..nothing buaji...i'm so very happy!! yay!! but i think its best we talk inside the room...i have soo much to discuss with you!"

"Ok are right, lets go but i need some warm water for my throat so that i can gargle..can you get me a glass? Buaji smiled at khushi who breathed a sigh of relief "Off course buaji..why don't you go to your room..i'll get the water" khushi turned her buaji towards her room while she started walking briskly towards the stairs hoping against hope that arnav does not step out till buaji is well out of sight.

As she was walking along the corridor, she heard a click and saw her room door opening, she looked back to see buaji's retreating back had now turned the corner as arnav stepped out, his chest bare and his pajamas riding low on his hips. He looked up throughly surprised to find khushi standing outside staring at him "Wow! That was quick! She slept so soon?" arnav smiled as he came towards khushi.

"No arnav...she has jus gone to her room...don't just stand there, go now...i'll try and come later...and why are you not wearing your t-shirt?" khushi said as she stepped back from him looking back to see of buaji had come back, she calmed down as arnav chuckled and walked backwards towards his room looking at her "Because you tore away my t-shirt remember? My little minx!" he grinned as he turned and bumped into a large body, that shrieked a loud 'AAA'

Khushi's eyes turned round like saucers while she felt her mouth drop down to the floor, never in her life did she think she would ever be in such a situation which was not only difficult to explain but comical to witness, her body froze as the scene unfolded in front of her...arnav teasing her about tearing his t-shirt...buaji walking out of the shadows right behind him...arnav bumping into her and arnav's large feet once again pressing buaji's sore feet! God! Why????!!

"Shit, buaji...I am soo sorry...did i hurt you?" Arnav asked as the momentary shock left his system, he was horrified and scared to see buaji limping around holding on to the corridor wall while khushi gaped at them like she had just been electrocuted! "Off course I am hurt you fool! Or do you think you have fairy feet?" buaji scolded him with murder in her eyes. It took her a while to steady herself before her eyes trailed his naked torso.

"What is the meaning of this shameless act of yours! I know this is your house but is there no decency in you!" buaji's voice roared aloud and several lights switched on in the house as maya, dadiji and anjali spilled out of their adjoining rooms "What happened behenji?" dadiji asked buaji as she saw her leaning against the wall, her face flushed and angry staring at her grandson.

"Arnav! What is going on? And where is your shirt?" maya asked as she came forward and stood between buaji and him..Arnav was just about to open his mouth when buaji's death knoll started again "Arre! Ask what did not happen...your son walked out of my niece's bedroom devoid of his t-shirt which apparently khusi tore! What is going on between these two kids? I knew something was wrong when khusi tried to hurriedly take me out of her room!"

Buaji then turned her ire on poor khushi who was standing in the same position, shock and embarrassment evident on her crimson face, anjali was holing her hands as buaji came and stood in front of her "Aye titaliya! What is all this shamelessness? What was he doing in your room huh?" buaji asked a stunned khushi, she looked at arnav for support, but knew that as always he'll just turn away..leaving her to explain everything!

She looked down and opened her mouth to speak when she felt arnav stride straight towards her and stand next to her "Buaji, its not what you think! My bathroom got locked and I had only come to Khushi's room to freshen up..but when i was inside the bathroom, you knocked on the door. Khushi panicked as she did not want you to get a wrong she told me to stay inside till you both leave, She was only trying to avoid an embarrassing situation, but looks like this was meant to be.." he sighed dramatically with his palm on his heart as buaji looked at him with a confused expression.

Khushi looked up with wide eyes at arnav, who so smoothly lied to her buaji..she blinked a couple of times to make sense of the bullshit he just fed her, her irritation at his lying growing ten folds, when buaji turned towards her and tapped her shoulder "If what he is saying is true, where is his shirt? Why did he say you tore it! Khushi answer me! I'm talking to you!" buaji said in a loud but less angry voice.

khushi looked back at her and lowered her eyes, she had to know the truth "Th..that bu..buaaji...i..i" khushi stammered as arnav once again piqued in "She did not tear it on purpose, when i came out she pushed me back inside the know since you were outside...thats when it tore as it got stuck on the door ledge...i thought it best to leave it in there..." arnav said with a straight face, not a single expression of his betraying the fact that he was blatantly lying.

"Hmm...fine but next time Khusi I don't want you lying ok! I understand that both of you are engaged, and if you would have explained the situation to me i would have understood" Buaji sighed as she finally calmed down, she looked at the others assembled and joined her hands together "I am so sorry for creating this ruckus, but i was just taken by surprise.."she said looking down.

Dadiji came and held her hands "No no behenji, its fine..we completely understand and I think its best that you and Khushi remain in same room so as to avoid any more misunderstandings" dadiji smiled at buaji as she turned towards arnav giving him a stern look. Arnav started at his dadi..'what the hell did she mean!..there was no way he was staying away from khushi..' he opened his mouth to speak when maya stepped next to him and held him hard by the shoulders.

Arnav felt his mother grab his shoulder as she shook her head at him, he nodded and kept quite as buaji and khushi wished everyone a good night and went to buaji's allocated room, the latter giving him a disgusted angry look. He saw dadiji and anjali walk to their room while maya stayed put. Arnav felt his irritation rise up at buaji and his heart get heavy due to Khushi's disappointed face, he had no other choice but to lie he thought miserably.

"Chotey!Buaji may have fallen for your lies but I certainly haven't...i won't question what you were doing in Khushi's room as both of you are mature adults, but you must understand that buaji is from an older generation like dadiji...and you still need to win over I think its best if both of you keep your distance in front of her...I hope you understand?" maya said softly before kissing him lightly on the forehead. Arnav saw her retreating back and opened the door to his room...he needed a cold shower!
Khushi stared at the ceiling as her buaji snored away to heaven, she sighed as she turned on her side and snuggled into the comforter..she wished she was in arnav's arms instead. She looked over her shoulder at the peaceful sleeping form of her aunt and was relieved for two things, once her buaji's peaceful sleep and two for the lies which Arnav had made up.

She had thought about it long and hard and her initial annoyance and anger at him for lying so blatantly to her buaji's had eased up..she knew how delicate her aunt's health was and the last thing she wanted was to trouble her more by blurting out the truth of what exactly they were doing in her room when she knew how old fashioned she was.

She already felt guilty for lying about her job and then hiding her engagement which had put her aunt through so much trauma! And if she had come to know the true nature of arnav's being in her room, it would make it worse. She suddenly felt restless like she had to see arnav and talk to him...things were left very awkwardly earlier. She slowly pulled the comforter away from her body and got up from the bed tiptoeing silently towards arnav's room.

Arnav was standing by the large french was past 3am but sleep was miles away from him. He was desperate to see Khushi..he felt horrible about lying to buaji and deserved the angry disappointed look he saw in khushi's eyes, but it was all a spur of the moment thing..he sighed as he turned to return to bed but stopped in his tracks as the door slightly opened and his thoughts walked in gingerly towards him.

"Khushi? What are you doing here?" arnav asked as he came and stood in front of her, unsure if she would blast him or hit him...but he was ready for both. He started at her small form and was pleasantly surprised when she leaped forward and hugged him, her arms going around his waist as she held him tight, he smiled as he crushed her against him and buried his face in her fragrant hair.

They stood like that for some time before khushi slowly pulled away and smiled at him. She held his face in her hands "Thank you arnav...for making up that story..I love you soo much for it!" she said softly as arnav's face scrunched up in confusion "What? Wait pinch me...I thought you were angry with me cause i lied to buaji...what happened?" he asked taking her hand as he led her to his bed, they both sat down facing each other.

"I was angry when you lied earlier and made up that story...but then i thought that it was the right thing to do...buaji is all about traditions and old customs...she could never stand the fact that we have a physical relationship before our marriage...and we still need to get her to like you!" her full mouth turned down in sadness as she leaned onto Arnav's shoulder, holding his hand close to her "What should we do arnav!" she whined as arnav chuckled deeply.

"You really are mad you know that!" he said as his arms went around her shoulders pulling her in closer to him "We'll figure it out and if we need to keep our distance in front of her, then so be it..I will do anything and everything to get her approval" he kissed her softly on her head as he got up and pulled her up "And for me to keep up that promise...its imperative you leave right now...otherwise God only knows what i'll end up doing!" khushi smiled at his new resolution, her love and respect for him growing even more if that was possible.

She leaned in and pecked him on his cheek before turning towards his door "Good night baby.." she whispered as she closed the door softly to his smiling face and walked soundlessly back to buaji's room, she sighed in relief as she saw her buaji's snoring form and slid silently into bed, her face glowing in a huge smile, she hugged the extra pillow and fell into a blissful sleep.
' me tomo @ noni's cafe, 12 noon. C ya' Shyam looked at the sms he had received from anjali for the 50th time since that evening...he smiled as he muted the TV screen as the evening news came to an end. He tutted at the daily news which stalk of the the same old murders..extortion..kidnapping...rape..yada yada! He thought of all those innocent and not so innocent victims who fell prey to such evils..

"I want everything ready by mistakes" he said coldly on the phone before cutting the call and un-muting the TV. His face twitched as the excitement of his win made him smile, tomorrow if things went his way there would be one more news on the channel..a news which will make all the news channels go in a tizzy...after all it wasn't everyday such things happened to a well known prominent personality's sister!

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When I Met You! - Chapter Thirty

Some Mature Content Ahead!

“But sir...i thought you were more interested in ASR's fiancee right? So why do you care about his sister?” Mishra asked mixing a drink for his boss. that, most of the time it was very difficult to understand SJ sir...he said one thing and did something else. Mishra cursed the day he came to work for this man, God only knows how many countless crimes he had already committed by helping him in his sick games.

“Shut Up Mishra!” Shyam bellowed all of a sudden, he was gazing out into the dark imagining Katya's distinct he wished she could be in his arms right now. Mishra's screechy voice had broken his dream.. “Just do what your told you old fool!” he looked menacingly at his PA whose hands were trembling while he brought the crystal glass to him.

Shyam relaxed a little bit and took the glass from him, he sipped for a few seconds before turning back to the scared man “Have you kept everything ready? I don't want any mistakes. This is the only chance we will get...she has herself agreed to meet me. But we will have to plan everything at the last minute since she will be deciding when and where to meet” Shyam went and sat at his piano, a framed photo of khushi staring back at him.

Mishra looked at his boss's manic smile, he shuddered at what he had planned for both the women, he turned to walk out as shyam got busy with playing a soft tune on the piano..but he stopped short when the music came to an abrupt end, he turned back to hear shyam say in a cold voice devoid of any emotion “You asked me why the sister when I'm interested in her right?” shyam said pointing towards khushi's photo

“Well Mishra..anjali is only serving a purpose...a small sacrifice which has to be made to attain other words she's collateral damage...and the only way to get to my let your small pea brain be at peace and let me play my pawn, after all my ultimate goal is the queen right? She'll come to me without any'll see” Shyam laughed as Mishra looked on horrified at him, his body shaking with suppressed fear.


“Buaji! When did you come? And how are you? Is your health ok? Did you fly down on your own? Was it safe for you to travel? Have you got all your medications?” khushi blabbered on as her aunt laughed merrily, she placed her forefinger on her niece's mouth to stop the verbal diarrhea “Ae Titaliya! Will you stop your 20 questions? I am fine, fit as a fiddle and now that i saw you, i feel like a 12 year old!” buaji said as she hugged khushi again.

Dadiji came forward and steered both of them back to the family lounge. As they all sat down, maya turned to khushi “I called your buaji right after you told her everything. Yes yes...i knew when you spoke to her but don't worry i don't usually eavesdrop or spy on you kids” maya said looking mischievously towards arnav and then winking at khushi whose face had turned a tomato red.

Arnav looked at the older woman and gave her a small smile, but was seriously surprised when she gave him a cool look, she then turned towards khushi “So, are you going to introduce me to my damadji? Or is he going to stand there all day like a statue and stare at me?” khushi's eyes went round as she looked up to find a nervous looking arnav looking at them while the rest of the family sniggered merrily.

“Uh, yes course...” she got up and went to arnav smiling at him lightly as she brought him near to where everyone was sitting. “Buaji..this is Arnav singh Raizada, my fiancee” she said proudly as buaji checked him from his shiny heavy boots to his gelled hair, dadiji who was sitting near to where arnav stood, pinched him lightly to get his attention.

“What the! Dadiji..” arnav said as he turned back to look at her, she gestured him to bend down and take buaji's blessings. Arnav nodded his head and looked down at buaji again, he stepped forward and was about to bend down when buaji screamed loudly “Aaaaaah!” everyone suddenly got up to see what was wrong, khushi bent down to check on her aunt while arnav froze mid way, awkwardly bent to take her blessings.

“What happened buaji?” khushi asked concerned as her buaji's face turned red, she looked up at arnav pointing to his feet, no voice coming from her mouth, arnav looked down horrified to find his booted foot pressed against buaji's chappal clad feet. He immediately stepped back and bent down to see if her feet were bleeding.

Luckily they seemed to be ok but a little red,buaji still had an irritated look on her face as she looked on angrily at Arnav. Everyone had seen what had happened and felt bad for both buaji for she seemed to be in pain and for arnav who was surely not having a good first meeting with his in-law. Arnav felt himself perspiring as he was totally clueless what to do.

“I'm so sorry buaji, i truly did not see your feet...let me get you some ice” he said as he motioned HP to quickly get some, Khushi helped buaji take off her chappals as HP got the ice pack for it, arnav snatched the ice pack off him to apply it on the bruise. He pressed it hard against the slight reddish bruise on her feet and jumped back as buaji once again yelped in pain.

“Don't you know babua how to apply an don't just jam it on the bruise” dadiji and maya hid their smiles as they saw a terrified arnav quickly get up and once again profusely apologize to buaji. Khushi seemed to be in a pickle as she did not know if she should whack arnav or comfort him, no one could win when her madhu buaji was miffed.

Khushi saw as her buaji got up from the couch, she winced in pain as she kept her foot down, arnav quickly came forward to help her out but she held her palm up to stop him “No..don't bother...Khushi will help me out” Arnav saw khushi hesitate but he stepped back and let her support buaji while anjali came and supported her from the other side.

“Mayaji, behenji...i'll take some rest now. I feel tired after the plane journey. I truly cannot thank you enough for bringing me to my darling niece. She is really blessed to get some amazing in-laws...” she said as both dadiji and maya smiled warmly at her, buaji looked at arnav with a sour face before walking towards the stairs while muttering under her breath “can't say the same for the groom though...” anjali ad khushi looked at each other and burst out laughing much to the ire of an irritated arnav singh raizada.


The rest of the day went in a whirlwind of activities as khushi got busy with selection of sarees, dresses and jewelry. Maya had got in the best designer wear for her and was personally supervising everything. Khushi and anajli were bone tired by the time all the people had left, all in all khushi had chosen countless number of garments for all the various functions which were being planned.

Arnav had still not returned from office and khushi felt bad about the way buaji had scolded him, sometimes her buaji was just too much. She decided she would speak to her about arnav as soon as she woke up. She had messaged arnav not to worry about the morning and that buaji will be fine once she gets her required sleep and he had messaged back with an 'Ok' only.

“Ma, have we fixed the date yet?” anjali said as she sat munching on a packet of spicy crisps, she reached out to grab a gorgeous purple chiffon saree “No...anji, wash your hands first...they are oily!” maya said as she stopped anjali's hand from ruining the saree “And yes, we will be fixing the date tomorrow..i have already spoken to panditji but we were waiting for khushi's buaji to come. Now all dates will be fixed tomorrow” maya said excitedly.

“You know khushi, the last wedding in this house was arnav's parents, after that this is the next wedding. We are all so excited!” dadiji said in an excited voice. They all looked at the stairs to see buaji walking down slowly. Khushi quickly got up and went to help her “Arre, don't worry bitiya i'm fine now. The sleep did wonders!” buaji said as she came and sat down admiring the various sarees and jewelry laid out.

“You will look so beautiful in all these clothes my dear” buaji said as tears sprang in her eyes. “I can't believe that you are getting married, My titaliya is all grown up now” khushi felt tears prick her eyes as she hugged her buaji. Maya, anjali and dadiji slowly got up and left both of them to catch up.

“Buaji...i hope you are ok with this wedding? Because i will never do something for which i don't have your complete agreement” khushi said as she rested her head on her buaji's shoulder, “I have no problem with your wedding bitiya, this is by your choice and i can't be happier for you. Plus you have chosen such a wonderful and respected family..what more can i ask?” buaji said as she gently kissed her forehead.

“But buaji, you did not say anything about Arnav...i know your first meeting did not go well but trust me when i say arnav is a wonderful man. We love each other a lot and i know he is the only one for me. In fact when i told him about you he immediately said that he will bring you here so that you are not far from me. Plus we will take care of you buaji...i can't stay without you” khushi said she she side hugged her aunt.

Buaji smiled as she placed her plam on khushi's smooth cheek “I know bitiya...i think i overreacted this morning...I think i was just upset that you will go away from me and if you have chosen him then i am sure he is one in a million! I'll get to know him better bitiya..and I am sure we will like each other a lot!” buaji said as khushi kissed her on her cheek and thanked her.


“What the hell Aman..i just got home! Why did you not send the file earlier? Now scan the contents and email them to me now!” Arnav barked on the phone as he climbed up the stairs two at a time. HP came running behind him as arnav kept the phone and walked to his room “Arnav bhaiyya, should i serve you your dinner?” he asked nervously as arnav turned around from entering his room. He gave HP an irritated look and shook his head. HP jumped and ran back downstairs as arnav banged the door.

Arnav was in a foul mood, not only did he have a horrible morning thanks to the unfortunate events with buaji, but he had also come to know that his european importers had send them an ultimatum for a price reduction while the dollar inflation had made things worse for them. He knew that somewhere or the other SJ was responsible for all this mess. He had asked his men to check which other supplier had contacted his european partner and how much they were quoting.

He stripped himself off his clothes and stepped into the shower to calm down his overheated mind. He needed Khushi, she was his only anchor when insanity knocked on his sane mind. He quickly dried himself and got into his pajama bottoms and a thin threadbare cotton t-shirt. He ran his fingers roughly through this hair before stepping out towards khushi's room.

Khushi had just finished getting ready for bed, she had checked a few minutes ago if arnav had returned but was disappointed to find that he hadn't. She texted him once again to see if he was all right and went to the window to peer down, waiting for his return. she felt restless wondering where he had gone when she heard a soft knock on her bedroom door. She quickly got up and opened the door to find arnav leaning against the door frame.

“Won't you invite me in Khushi?” Arnav said with a devilish smile as khushi pulled him in with one hand and locked the door behind them. She turned and pressed her back against the door as arnav leaned in front of her. “God, i've missed you baby” arnav groaned as he pulled her lithe body close to him, pressing her soft curves to his hard form. He blew softly on her ear before nipping the delicate curve with his sharp teeth, khushi shivered from the contact as she spoke in throaty voice “Aarr..nav....i missed you too”

Arnav's senses went in a tizz as he heard her voice laced with desire. He cupped the back of her neck and sealed his hungry mouth to hers, khushi responded feverishly grabbing his t-shirt tightly in small fists. Sweeping her tongue over his lips, she plunged into the masculine recess of his mouth. The taste of her, the sweep of her tongue meeting his stroke for stroke made arnav's body combust with need.

He cupped her bottom, hitching her further up the door as she wound her legs around his waist, Arnav held on to her as his fingers unfastened the buttons of her shirt hurriedly unclasping her bra and trowing the abominable thing away. His darkened eyes feasted on her gorgeous heaving breasts as he latched his hot mouth on one straining peak. Khushi moaned and threw her head back as she felt the carnal stirrings of want and need pool at her center. She wound her fingers in his hair and rubbed herself against his hardness making him know how ready she was.

Arnav did not waste any time as he lowered both of them on the plush carpeted floor, the bed seemed too far away to reach at this point. He quickly divested her of her bottoms as khushi pulled his t-shirt over him, finally feeling his hard muscles under her palm. She got up to lick his nipples and smiled in satisfaction as she felt arnav shudder at her ministrations “Sorry” arnav said huskily as he pulled off his bottom along with the boxers.

Khushi squealed in excitement as she felt arnav's hands tear at her hardly there thong, she slid her hands over his powerful buttocks and trailed them to the front to hold his proud arousal, arnav held her hands away as she started to stroke him, he saw her pout and grinned at her “Not so fast baby...first let me satisfy my hunger...i've not had dinner you know” he said huskily as khushi saw his head descend down to her curly mound.

She twisted her fingers in the warm carpet as his lips and tongue played havoc with her senses, she moaned his name as his fingers parted her slick folds while his tongue stroked the engorged nub, she held her own breasts with both hands as hot sensations started running amok over her body, starting from her center, she moaned his name loudly as she screamed his name “Arr..nav....i'm coming..” arnav sucked her one last time as she came proudly against his flushed face, he smiled as her body shuddered in surrender.

“Arre titaliya...its me Buaji...not come fast! I've been knocking for the past five minutes” buaji's voice boomed from outside the door. Khushi looked at arnav who was looking up from between her legs. Both seemed to have frozen with twin expressions of horror and bewilderment.  

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When I Met You - Chapter Twenty Nine

"How can you ask me to choose arnav?" khushi said getting agitated, she could not believe how unreasonable and absolutely pig-headed he was being. She probably should not have told him anything. "Khushi, just tell me his name...can't you understand that i cannot be at peace unless i know who he is" arnav said as he pulled her roughly by her arms.

Khushi looked at the troubled look in his eyes..she hated not telling him Shyam's name but she really did not want him to take matters in his hands, besides it had been soo many years that it really did not matter anymore. "Arnav, please try and understand, the reason i am not telling you his name is because he was part of my past, a part which i never want to remember or think about, a part which should not shadow my present or future with you" she said as her eyes became moist.

Arnav left her as he saw her tremble with sorrow, he could never see her tears, he cursed himself for acting like such a brute "I don't want you going to jail for doing something to him..i won't be able to live without you and if i have to spend my every minute with bodyguards then he has already succeeded in keeping himself alive every second in my thoughts..please arnav try to understand..let the past be in the past...he won't try to do anything to me. If he wanted to he would have tried to contact me some way or the other in these last few years" khushi sighed as she went and sat on the couch.

Arnav saw her sitting dejectedly, she sighed softly as she gazed out the window..he knew he should listen to her but somehow he would not settle without knowing about that b*****d. He thought it was best to agree with her and investigate about this guy in his own way...he made a mental note to check with Aman for an agency in the UK.

He walked towards khushi and put his arms around her small form "Fine khushi, i won't probe into this anymore. If you don't want to talk about him and if you are confident that he will not trouble you, i won't bring it up anymore. Lets just forget about all this ok?" arnav consoled her as he felt her body relax into his.

Khushi looked up and smiled at arnav, she knew that he was only agreeing with her because he was probably thinking of finding shyam's name out himself, all this time she was with him she had come to know him very well. She knew she could not stop him from doing that but she just hoped that he would not do anything foolish. She leaned back into him as his arms came around her shoulders holding her tight.

"Thank you arnav...lets just forget this conversation ok? We have bigger things to worry telling your family the truth." she said closing her eyes, she felt that problems were just not leaving them. Arnav grinned into her hair "That you leave to me...i'm going to sit with mamaji and work out a strategy to make dadi,ma and brat listen to me...they need to know that you were my fake fiancee when you first came to India...though i think i should skip the part of me thinking you were an escort" he said as a loud crash got them out of their reverie.

"WHAT! Your his fake fiancee? And wait..bhai...what were you saying about escorts?" a throughly confused and befuddled anjali asked from the doorway..her portfolio laying scattered on the hardwood floor. Arnav and khushi jumped at once as they say her staring at them waiting for one of them to speak up. Khushi looked at arnav who seemed lost for words. She stepped forward and gently pulled anjali into the room and made her sit on the couch.

"Anji...this was not the way we wanted you to find out" khushi started as arnav looked everywhere but at them, she shook her head as she went and sat next to anjali "God,i don't know how to start this but...we did meet in the UK...and arnav wanted a fake fiancee for a month...ask him the reason why.." she said pointing at arnav who was still not looking at them.

Khushi sighed as she took anjali's hand in hers, the poor girl looked like she was in shock "Yes, we came to India with an intention to keep up the pretense and then break up after a month...once again please ask your brother for his reasons" khushi said giving arnav an angry look...she could not believe she was explaining all this to his sister by herself...'Mr..i will take care of everything and strategize!' Balls...khushi thought smiling to herself.

"So anyhow...after a while, we both realized that we love each other..and thought of giving this thing a real go..." she finished uncertainly as anjali looked up and caught her hands tight "I just want to know if you will be my bhabhi or not...i don't care how you both met or why my idiot brother thought of a fake engagement...i just don't want to lose you...your'e the best bhabhi any girl can have...please tell me your not leaving me..please!" she pleaded as khushi's eyes filled up.

"Off course i'm not leaving silly girl...i love your brother and he loves me and we both love you...i'm very lucky to have you as my sister...i'll never me when i say that i may leave arnav one day but i'll never leave you" she said as anjali pulled her into a tight hug...khushi hugged her back as arnav suddenly spoke up "Jeez! Do you both want a room now? What the hell do you mean by saying that you may leave me one day!"

Anjali and khushi both pulled apart and regarded arnav's angry red face with amusement "So now he speaks...i thought you have taken up a temporary vow of silence" khushi sniggered as anjali heartily laughed "See bhai..this just shows how much bhabhi loves me...wayyy more than you!" anjali said as she spread her hands to show the vastness...arnav quickly stepped towards the couch "Anji ki bacchi..." he said loudly as anjali squealed "I'll always tease you with this" as she ran out of the room.

It was later afternoon when arnav, khushi and anjali reached the house. Arnav had already spoken to mamaji and explained to him that they needed to talk about him and khushi. He had not told him a lot over the phone but only that they had to tell the entire truth to the family. Mamaji had calmly told arnav to come home immediately so that they could work out a way to break the news.

Khushi walked in holding Anjali's hand, the house seemed to be empty with only mamaji pacing the huge foyer waiting for them. As soon as he saw the three of them he went straight to arnav, "So, have you thought of anything Arnav?" mamaji said anxiously. Arnav looked at him with a quizzical expression "Uh..mamaji, i told you we need to figure this out. You know for a fact that ma and dadi will not take this lightly"

Mamaji looked at anjali and asked her in a serious tone "Anji beta, was it difficult for you to accept the truth? You know about their fake engagement and all? Since you know do you feel about it?" anjali gave him a dazzling smile "Aww...c'mon mamaji...i don't care how this all started...the only thing that matters is that they love each other and are perfect for each who cares!"

Arnav rolled his eyes "Mamaji really? Your'e asking her for an opinion? She's from a generation that gets inspiration from Glee and twilight! Off course she's ok with this...but ma and dadi come from a generation that still muses about sunday morning mahabharat! So their opinion on this matter will be completely different and i feel not so pleasant! So lets not waste time here...please think about how to tell them the truth" he said getting exasperated

Khushi saw how tense arnav was, she walked up to him and started pressing his shoulders "Arnav, lets just forget about all this strategy and other nonsense! Lets just tell them the truth as it is..there is no need for a plan...i know we started wrong but what really matters is that we want things to be righted and i know for a fact that ma and dadiji will understand us" she said softly.

"Understand what?" Maya said as she descended down the stairs with dadiji in front of her. They came and stood in front of the other four looking curiously at them "What are you taking about Khushi beta? Is there something you want to tell us?" Maya said helping dadiji sit on her armchair as she herself sat on the plush leather couch.

Khushi looked nervously at her and started stammering " ma...n...nothing sig..significant...just something s...small" she looked up to find arnav suddenly busy with his phone. He quickly looked up and obviously pretended to get a call "Uh...excuse me...aman is calling" he said as he turned around to sprint.

Khusi narrowed her eyes at his back 'Oh no you don't mr raizada!" she thought as she went forward and snatched his phone from him. Arnav was too stunned to react to Khushi's obvious displeasure. She looked at his screen to check if he had really receive any call from aman, she smiled as she saw the number being dialed "Pizza hut? Really? Did aman change his job?" she said sarcastically at a guilty looking arnav.

"Arnav, i think we have pretended enough...its time to tell them the entire truth, they should know" khushi said looking directly at arnav. He nodded his head and came forward to hold her hand. They both turned towards maya and dadiji. Arnav squeezed Khushi's hand as he spoke in an even tone "There is something you both should know...something that we have kept hidden from you" he looked at khushi to see her give him an encouraging smile, but maya's voice made both their faces freeze.

"You mean the truth about your fake engagement? How you both pretended to be engaged when you first came here?" maya said smiling broadly at them. Even dadiji started laughing at the identical bewildered expression on both their faces "Yes Khushi bitiya, we knew about all that before you both even walked into the house on that day!" dadiji said as both arnav and khushi looked at mamaji, who was now holding his hands up.

"Ok...ok...don't look at me with murder in your eyes...i did not intend to tell them you know...they just kind of overheard me speaking to you that know when we were planning a fake fiance for you" mamaji said cowering behind anjali who was equally annoyed that no one had included her in their secrets.

"I can't believe you guys did not tell me! How could you? I'm sure that if had not overheard bhai and bhabi's conversation today i would never have known!" anjali huffed looking at her family with mild annoyance reflecting on her face. Maya came and placed a palm on anajli's cheek "Anji, if i had told you then the whole world would have come to know the next second.." she said teasingly.

Maya then turned to khushi and arnav who still had varied expressions running on their faces "Ok kids, come out of the shock now...stop giving murderous look to mahendra" she said in an amused tone as she gently took khushi's hand and guided her to sit with her on the couch. She then motioned arnav to take the chair opposite to them.

"I knew all this the day mahendra and arnav spoke about it...arnav you do seem to forget that i am your mama's elder sister...if he is sly then i'm slyer! I knew he was going to call you since we took his fact we were relying on it. I also knew that only he would give you such a harebrained idea! I know my brother too well" she grinned as she saw an embarrassed and red-faced mahendra glaring at her.

"So, we made him speak..he told us about your plan and we threatened him not to let this on to you. And then we waited..." she said looking directly at arnav "We wanted to see who you bring in as my bahu and your to be wife" maya then turned towards khushi "I must say beta, i was really surprised to see you..such a pretty and innocent looking girl had agreed for this? That was what i first thought" maya took khushi's hands in her and smiled at her.

"I am sorry if i spoke rudely to you beta, and put you through so many unnecessary tasks..but i was very sure that you had already fallen for my son when we spoke in my study that day. I just knew that you were the girl for him...i started observing both of you very closely and was very happy to see how love blossomed between the two of you...i guess all of us could see it clearly but you both were too stubborn to realize it" she said smiling openly at them.

"Lets just say...we acted as necessary cupids to make you both realize that love and are we glad that the Neemrana thing worked out wonderfully..." Maya looked at Khushi's shocked face "Yes, it was all my idea..but i had to execute it through Mahendra..." maya looked at arnav who was looking at a smirking mamaji "What! You think he could think of something so brilliant?" Maya laughed as khushi and arnav both relaxed

"So Ma, you knew this all along? And dadi too? You guys planned this entire thing? And what did khushi say in the study?" Arnav asked incredulously looking at his mother "That you can ask khushi later" maya said winking at khushi "And, yes we did plan everything...but i must say that you really were the sore thumb in our plan...while khushi fell perfectly in sync, you always tended to mess things up...i mean the spectacle you put up during your engagement night! That was too much, poor khushi...we had to even drag in poor Raghav's name to make you jealous! So much stress you gave us!" maya said dramatically

"What! So the Raghav thing was a lie? I can't believe you guys! God only knows how many scenarios i had thought of to finish off the poor chap...i'm sure he has an ulcerated tongue by now, thanks to the myriad of swearing i have done with him in my mind." he said chuckling to himself, he then turned to Maya and dadiji "So since you guys had planned for us getting together...i guess we have your blessing?"

" course you do...and speaking of blessings...Khushi there is a surprise for you upstairs...wait let me tell Hari prakash to get it for you" Maya said gesturing to HP "What surprise ma? Are there any more surprises and secrets left? I think we have all exhausted the lot for the next two generations!" khushi said laughing, but her mouth froze in an 'O' as she felt instant tears prick her eyes.

Coming down the stairs, dressed in an off white sari was the one person who was most dearest to her...the one person for whom she had done all this, she stood up shivering from the excitement of seeing her in person after so many days and started walking slowly towards the stairs, she reached her as the other woman held her hands, her eyes mirroring the joy and moistness in her nieces eyes "Buaji" khushi croaked before being pulled in her aunt's loving embrace.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

When I Met You! - Chapter Twenty Eight

"Shyam, I can't accept this..please try to understand" Khushi said getting irritated with him, Shyam looked at her with angry eyes, raking his fingers through his long hair "Katya..c'mon. How long are you going to deny this thing between us...please take this necklace, i got it made specially for you" He pushed the bag into her hands and stepped closer, but khushi had already moved away from him. She kept the bag on the floor and looked directly at him.
"let me tell you for the last time Shyam...there is nothing between us, i consider you a friend and that is all you are to me. This will never go to any other level. Please try and understand..i don't feel anything more for you and i never will" Khushi said getting exasperated. She always felt emotionally and physically tired every time they met nowadays. After three months of knowing each from that day in the park, Khushi had really come to like his easy ways and respectful friendship but lately he had started imposing on her too much.
She saw his eyes turn dark as he leapt forward and held her tightly by her upper arms "No are denying it! I know you have deeper feelings for me but for some reason you keep on saying no to yourself. Don't you see how perfect we are for each other? I will always keep you happy, you will never have to work another day..I am too rich for my own good. I'll keep you like a princess" he pleaded, khushi squirmed against his hold "You are hurting me Shyam" she said as she eased his hands off her arms.
"You cannot force me to feel something i don't! Why are you not understanding this?" khushi said getting seriously agitated "And its not about money or how happy you can keep me, Shyam I simply don't love you..we can never be together..just...just leave me alone" she said loudly as she ran to the main door of her halls of residence, she quickly opened the door and closed it not caring that Shyam had run right behind her and the door had closed right on his face.
Shyam gulped down the last of his vodka letting the fiery liquid burn his throat, he leaned back on the easy chair in his lounge and looked at the dogeared photo of a smiling girl in a bright red coat. He had taken this photo of her's without her noticing on his phone. He had many more which he had taken this way but this was his favorite.
He then got up slowly and went to his bedroom; he switched on the lights and looked around the huge room whose each and every available wall was covered with various photos of the same girl "I lost you once Katya...not again" he said slowly as got into bed staring at the wall in front of him, a life-size same picture of the girl in the red coat plastered on it.
"Khushi?" Arnav knocked softly on her door. He had seen his mother out and about the house as soon as he had come back from his jog, so he felt it was safe to go and visit Khushi. When there was no response from her room he opened the door and stepped in. At first he thought she was still sleeping but then saw the quilt lying haphazardly on the bed.
He checked the bathroom and the balcony wondering where she had gone. He started worrying that she may have been too upset and must have gone somewhere on her own. He quickly ran down to meet his mother downstairs "Ma! Where is Khushi? I checked but she is not in her room" he said quickly. Maya smiled at him "Arre baba, she went with Anjali just a few minutes ago..actually anji needed her help to choose some fabrics for her project so she took Khushi along. They've gone to your office only".
Arnav looked at her skeptically "This early in the morning? Are you serious? They could have just waited to go with me" he said getting irritated. Why did anji had to take Khushi along? That too this early? "Well she probably wanted to finish her work before everyone else arrives, if you go early you may get to meet them there" she said pinching his cheek and smiling. Arnav grimaced and ran up the stairs..he had to make it in time to meet them in the office. He decided to call khushi and tell her to wait for him.
"So bhabhi..what do you think? Does this fuchsia color go with this pattern? Maybe i can weave some dull gold thread along this...i think it will make a wonderful fabric for the dress na?" Anjali said getting excited. Khushi looked at her and nodded, she did have a point. The fabric will actually look stunning if she gets it right. "You know anji, you can also team this up with some light zardosi work..just along the borders, it will look classically chic" khushi smiled at her as anjali drew some indian patterns on her sketchbook.
"Yes bhabhi, you are right! This will look fab! Your'e a genius...why don't you join us here?"anjali said coming towards khushi and grabbing her hands. "Because unlike you, she wants to stand up on her own two feet princess!" a deep voice spoke from the doorway to the fabric room. Both khushi and Anjali looked up to find arnav grinning at them, his body leaning on the frame. Khushi felt her heart soar as he smiled at her. She had missed him terribly from last night.
Arnav saw the play of emotions on khushi's face, he knew she was still upset because her voice had sounded quite dull when he had called her an hour ago. He went directly towards her and pulled her into a tight hug "You ok babe?" he whispered in her ears, he felt her head go up and down as she nodded "yes, i'm ok now" she whispered back as they pulled away to look into each other's eyes.
"Ahem! Young innocent sister alert! You two should get a room!" anjali giggled as arnav and khushi broke their stare to look at her, khushi blushing prettily "Oh and by the way big brother, according to bhabhi here i am an amazing let me just say that i'm doing you a favor by offering to work in this company...i mean i really don't want to see you grovel and beg when i become a famous designer!" anjali squealed as arnav picked her up and transported her to the door.
"Bhai! Thats so are actually throwing me out!" she said with a fake hurt face, arnav saw the mischief behind those huge eyes "yes i am, because you just so kindly reminded us that we need to get a room, so we are getting one...this one!" he said as anjali stuck her tongue out "Fine! I'll be with Aman, but i need bhabhi in some time ok? This was supposed to be my time with her!" she gave him a cheeky smile and a thumbs-up to khushi as she ran down the corridor giggling all the way.
Arnav locked the door after anjali left and turned to look at khushi. She was leaning against the work table, her flowery yellow summer dress blowing slightly at her knees due to a light breeze from the open french window. She gave him a small smile as he came and stood in front of her "Hi" he said huskily circling his arms around her waist, he pulled her between his legs "I missed you" he said as his nose nuzzled her neck.
Khushi sighed contently in arnav's arms, she snaked her arms around his neck and pressed herself to him "I missed you too" she said as closed her eyes enjoying the assault his lips were carrying out on various parts of her face, she smiled as she felt him kiss her eye-lid, followed by her nose and finally they brushed against her lips.
Arnav skimmed his lips over hers, lightly kissing her on the corner of her mouth, he wanted to kiss her slowly, building it up with all the love he felt for her. His tongue darted to taste her bottom lip as she parted her lips to invite him in. She whimpered as he slowly entered her mouth, tasting her sweet taste leisurely, khushi's unique taste he thought as his grip on her waist tightened, he heard her moan into his mouth as her own tongue thrust into it. She grabbed his hair as she deepened the kiss, wanting to feel more, needing his touch, his skin against hers.
Arnav could feel her desperation, but he also knew how upset she was and even though his body was straining to be one with hers, this was not the right time so he pulled away. He saw her confused eyes and felt her body stiffen at the sudden loss of contact. She moved back as he caught her face in his hands "Sweetheart, are you all right?" he asked suddenly. She pushed his hands away and went to stand by the window "I'm fine...i told you i'm better now" she said softly as she folded her hands across her chest.
Arnav went and held her by her waist, his front pressing into her back "I know your'e not ok babe, trust me when i say that i want you so so desperately..but we need to talk. You need to let me in...tell me who Lavanya was taking about yesterday." he said softly into her hair. He felt her body go cold as soon as he brought it up. He knew that she would try and withdraw again, but he had to get through to her.
He tightened his grip on her "Please Khushi, don't you trust me? I won't force you, but you have to let me in sometime." he said as he loosened his hold and stepped back. He was just turning to leave when khushi held his hand firmly "Don't go" she said with moist eyes. He quickly pulled her into a hug as tears flew down her shiny cheeks wetting arnav's white shirt.
"What is it babe? Tell it really that bad? Did he do something to you?" arnav said getting charged, he would kill the person who had hurt her so much that she could not even speak about it. He held her close till she cried herself out, he then took her to the couch and got her a bottle of water from the fridge. He sat down next to her and pulled her into him. She leaned into his chest as she drank some water before looking into his eyes and started speaking solemnly.
"I met him during my first year at uni, he was this fun-loving easy going kind of guy" she felt arnav stiffening, she looked up at him and gave him a small smile "It isn't what you think arnav, let me finish first" she sighed as she felt him relax against her "He was a guest lecturer at my university and we had a couple of classes with him. At first i thought he was interested in Lavanya cause she certainly showed interest in him, but after meeting him a couple of times sometimes for coffee, sometimes for movie or a night out with our friends...i realized he liked me instead" arnav saw her getting paler. He held her tightly and urged her to continue.
"At first i tried to ignore the obvious signs he showed, thinking he'll give up in sometime, but then he started getting unnecessarily close to me, he bought me expensive gifts and texted me at odd timings saying he missed me and what not. I made it clear to him that i was not interested in him and did not feel anything for him but he kept insisting that i was denying it" She adjusted herself against him to face him instead.
"I asked him to leave me alone and he did...for some time. But then one day he came drunk to my halls and started shouting my name. The warden tried to control him but he hit him pretty hard and started breaking the door downstairs, luckily someone had had informed the police and he was taken away. He was given a warning due to his act and he did not show up for a few days after that incident" she shuddered as she remembered that night, the fear she felt thinking that he may just scale the building and reach her. Arnav breathed deeply into her hair as his face turned red in anger.
"What is his name Khushi? Tell me now.." arnav said getting agitated, he wanted to get his hands on the bas***d and tear him to pieces. He felt khushi's cold hand sliding over his. "Arnav, don't ask me for his name... Please its in the past and if you don't relax and listen then i won't tell you anything more" he looked at her sad eyes and nodded his head. He had to control his anger.
"He did try to contact me a few times after that, but i usually kept to myself in the halls, only stepping out when required. I had turned into a kind of recluse because of him. So one day Lavanya insisted that we all go for a night had been days since anyone had heard from him and he seemed to have fact once the university had come to know about the way he acted they terminated his classes. But how wrong i was" khushi said softly..her eyes misting up.
"That night in the club..we were all having a good time, in fact i felt relaxed after nearly two months and it felt good being amongst friends. What i did not know was that he was present at the same club that night. He was observing me the entire time..arnav he..he" khushi sobbed as she remembered that dreadful night, her innards twisting up as the images flashed in her mind. Arnav quickly hugged her tight and said softly "Shh...shh..khushi its ok, you can tell me" he said in a trembling voice, dreading what she was going to say.
"Arnav he..he cornered me when i went to the restroom..he locked the door behind him and tried to get physical with me...he..he hit me when i didn't respond to him...i was scared arnav...he would have raped me that night if Lavanya had not reached there in time.." she cried as arnav's entire body went numb, his pupils had dilated in sheer anger for that bas***d who had even attempted to touch her, let alone rape her..he could never imagine that his khushi had gone through such an ordeal..he was going to find out his name and kill him, with his bare hands.
Arnav got up abruptly and took his phone out from his pocket "Khushi, tell me his name. Don't expect me to do nothing after knowing the truth...i will kill that asshole...i don't care if i have to spend the rest of my life in prison but he will die a horrific death at my hands" he saw khushi get up with frightened eyes. She held his hands tightly "No arnav...please understand..that was my are my today, my future. I only told you all this because i wanted you to know..but if i knew you would react this way i never would have told you." she said as arnav's body boiled in rage.
"Please, listen to me...i does not matter anymore" she hugged him tightly, urging his body to cool down..forcing his mind to calm down. Arnav saw her small petite figure shivering in his arms, he hugged her back burying his face in her fragrant hair "I love you Khushi...more that can i sit around when that man is free..he should be punished for his deeds" khushi felt him get a little bit calmer.
"After that incident in the club we reported him to the police...he got sentenced for 6 months in prison followed by a restraining order and finally deportation. I never set my eyes on him again. I never left the country fearing that he may try to meet me again somewhere...but its been too long now. He will never bother me again love, i'm not going to let my past shadow my future with you." she said softly as she snuggled further into his embrace.
"Where was he from?" arnav asked her stroking her back, she looked up suddenly..a kind of wary look in her eyes. She turned back from him as he caught her hands "He's from India isn't he? Thats what Lavanya told you yesterday?" he cursed loudly as she nodded her head in an affirmative. "God Khushi, why did you not tell me this before? We are all over the news..dammit! Its ok..i'm going to hire bodyguards for you right away and you are not to leave the house without me or them..understood?" he said with a determined look.
"No arnav, don't do this...i can't live like that, I can't be in fear of something which is not there..its been too long arnav. He won't trouble me anymore...please try and understand" she pleaded him as he stood his ground. Hey eyes welled up as arnav paced the room "Fine so tell me his name, i'll kill him once and for all...then we can live happily ever after! choose one of the two" arnav faced her as khushi looked at him in shock.
'Stp callin me!' anjali texted furiously as she sipped her 3rd cup of coffee. What happened to the amazing morning she was having with bhabhi! First bhai comes and spoils their work...then she had to sit for two hours with that boring aman, who spoke monotonously in his irritating nasal voice explaining her about the benefits of moth balls! God! And now shyam was calling her continuously! What does a girl have to do to get some peace!
She had just finished sketching the final outfit when her phone buzzed again, she saw that shyam had texted her 'Please Anji..just meet me once. I swear i won't bother you after that. For old time's sake?' she sighed as she read his message. Maybe he was regretting she thought forlornly. It won't be all that bad meeting him once..after all it may be perfect for her to stop this once and for all, completer closure! she pressed the reply button ad texted 'Fine, jst once. Bt il let ya knw whn n whr'