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Maid in Love! - Epilogue :)

Some Mature Content (18+)

It had been nearly two years since they had gotten married, arnav still remembered that afternoon when they announced the happy news in front of the entire aizada family; all had been estatic with the turn of events and everything had happened so quickly that they had no chance to take a breath and relax, those days of being away from khushi were the most taxing for him, she had to go back to mumbai for the wedding preparations while arnav had to remain in delhi for same, on top of everything dadiji was very strict about both of them meeting till they were married. Those were frustrating times indeed.

These past few months had been same; today their daughter was 40 days old. Arnav smiled as he remembered holding his precious princess in his hands, her tiny fingers had curled around his while her lips had formed into a small o, she really was a wonder he thought as he glanced at her cradle to see her sleeping peacefully; her silky tuft of black hair and porcelain skin gave her an ethereal look, her gorgeous button nose and rosy cheeks reminded him so much of khushi, she really did have her mothers look but now that she was growing he could already see the temper tantrums she would throw which very obviously were his gifts; just today morning she had refused to drink milk and had instead bit khushi hard on her already sore nipples. Arnav so wished it was him but finally his wait was coming to an end today. He quickly got dressed and gave his daughter a quick kiss on her forehead before putting the baby monitor on and rushing out of the room.


Khushi was a nervous wreck! She was feeling restless as the guests kept pouring in, she had told arnav that she wanted a small naming ceremony not a gala affair, fortunately for her ,her parents were here, her mother sat by her side as anjali and dipti were helping her out with choosing her jewelry “Khu, you should wear this one. It will go beautifully with your sari” khushi eyed the gold and kundan set held up in dipti's hand, she was just extending her arm when dadiji burst in “Wait bitiya, arnav had ordered this set for you. The jeweler just delivered it”

Khushi smiled and eagerly opened the velvet box, inside it laid the most beautiful rubies and diamond set she had ever laid eyes on. The delicate necklace and earrings would go spectacularly with her red sari. She quickly put them on “Wow khushi, you look amazing! You know the color red really suits you” Khushi thanked anjali and got up to take one last look at herself “Di, you look wonderful yourself! Aman jijaji will be floored today! Plus your glowing thanks to your pregnancy” Anjali blushed profusely “C'mon khushi this is our gudiya's day, have you dressed her up?” Khushi nodded and saw as anjali walked out towards the living room, her 4 months old tummy showing slightly from her sheer sari.

Khushi still remembered the day when Aman had finally gotten the courage to ask her out; Arnav and she knew that he had feelings for her, but he needed a little push to take the next step. It wasn't long before anjali and aman announced their engagement, the twins were ecstatic since they loved aman already and wanted to see their mom happy. Aman loved the twins like his own and had legally adopted them as soon as he and anjali had gotten married. Dadiji always complained that the house was quite once all of them had shifted to aman's house, so her little princesses cries were like balm to her ears.

Dipti came towards khushi once everyone had left the room “So khu, look at you! All glowing and all. You know what post-pregnancy you are looking more beautiful” Khushi rolled her eyes “yeah right dipu! I have dark circles under my eyes, i have put on weight and my breasts are sore all the bloody time! How can i look even remotely pretty” Dipti sighed “Khushi, don't you see that glow you have around you?! Its what makes you extra pretty tonight! I mean this only comes from being happy and satisfied babe” Khushi smiled at her best friend “I am happy, satisfied not so much. Do you know arnav and i have not been active since i was in my 7th month of pregnancy! That makes it nearly 4 months of no sex!”

Dipti laughed at khushi's frustrated expression “Aww khu, i'm sure these things happen and i'm quite sure its safe to make love now, especially since you had a normal delivery. Why have you guys waited for so long?!” Khushi made a face at dipti “Well i wanted it after two weeks of giving birth, but arnav felt it wasn't safe for me. I don't know dipu, what if he doesn't find me attractive anymore? I mean i know he loves me, that i can never doubt. But all that we have exchanged are small kisses, nothing more. I just wish i knew what was going through his mind!”


Arnav was shocked to hear khushi's confession. He was just going in the room to bring khushi down when he stopped at the entrance. He could not believe that his measures to keep her safety and health a priority would have hurt his wife to this extent. She actually thought that he didn't find her attractive! My god he thought, ever since she was pregnant and even post pregnancy he felt more attracted towards her, if that was even possible. The only reason he did not go further with her when she wanted to 3 weeks ago was because he had read somewhere that its safe to have sex 40 days after delivery. He took a deep breath and entered the room.

Khushi looked up to see her dashing husband come in, he came straight to her and pulled her up, he either did not notice Dipti or didn't care as he held onto khushi tightly and crushed her crimson lips to his. Dipti thought this was the best time for her to leave and she slipped out of the room quickly closing the door behind her. Khushi was shocked by arnavs behavior but was far from complaining about it, she missed this passion and heat and was savoring the feel of his skilled tongue sucking on hers when he suddenly pulled away leaving her hot.

Khushi sweetheart, i heard what you said to Dipti, believe me when i say that i have gone mad from the past four months! Every night i dreamt of being inside you but i wanted you and our baby to be safe. I was told that its safe to make love 40 days after delivery and you used to be so tired from being awake nearly all night to feed the baby, so i waited patiently for it. Today marks our baby's naming ceremony and our re-union of sorts. I wanted to surprise you tonight but then did not want you to think such thoughts for even a second longer. Sorry i kept you waiting baby, but what could i have done!”

Khushi looked tearfully at her flustered man “Oh hon, i'm sorry for thinking it. I was just frustrated and my hormones are not helping. I thought you did not find me pretty and slim anymore. But now i understand.” she quickly hugged him saying sorry again. Arnav pulled her more tightly against his hard body “Darling i find you more attractive that ever! And what the hell do you mean by not being slim, you still have a rocking hot body with roundness in just the right places. I can't wait to take you tonight. Can we just cancel this bloody ceremony?”

Khushi pushed him away and gave him stern eyes “No way Mr raizada, this is our daughter's naming ceremony and even though i was thinking how loud and huge the ceremony had become, i want the best for my gudiya” Arnav smiled at his beautiful wife “I know babe, i know. She will have the best of everything and may be few years form now another sibling to share it with” Khushi pinched him playfully on his arms before untangling herself and leaving the room leaving arnav to follow her out.


It was late evening by the time the ceremony and dinner party was over, Khushi was just putting her daughter to sleep when Yuvi and his girlfriend priya walked in “Bhabhi, how is our little ananya doing?” Khushi looked at her little bundle of joy who was now looking wide eyed at her uncle, she gurgled as yuvi touched her softly on her cheeks, Khushi was just adjusting her blanket when anjali and aman walked in with the twins

Wow mami, can we play with her now? We hardly got to be with her all day! And now we are leaving for home” Khushi pulled them both towards her “Well, right now she is very sleepy, why don't you kids stay over tonight? We can all do something fun tomorrow?” The twins looked at their parents for their nod of approval. They kissed ananya on her cheeks and bid a goodnight happily as they skipped out to find someone to irritate. Arnav walked in with Khushi's parents as the twins left the room excitedly. He looked around to see the room full of people and gave khushi a disapproving look, khushi smiled at him innocently and went back to patting her daughter.

Arnav cleared his throat as everyone looked at him “Well guys, i think we should let ananya sleep, she has had the most hectic day today” he saw as everyone smiled “Uh, papa and mom, you guys should also rest since me and papa have that meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning, we need to discuss the opening of our Goa hotel.”

Arnav thought about his and khushi's dream project, now reaching its culmination. Once the allegations and confusion regarding the Goa project tender had subsided, the corporation had decided to give the tender to VBR group, but arnav knew how much this meant for khushi, so he happily recommended GGH for the project, obviously both Shashi and Khushi refused the offer instead opting for doing the project together through their recently formed joint venture. Now the hotel was nearly ready; the first boutique styled resort in India.

Khushi looked on fondly as arnav led her parents and the rest of the family out of the room, ananya was softly yawning and dozing off to sleep. Khushi had kept all the things required since she was bound to wake up in a few hours. Sharada walked in as Khushi kissed her darling daughter “You should go to sleep khushiji, I’ll look after her for tonight. Arnav sir has asked me to.”

Khushi smiled warmly at her “Sharada, how many times should I ask you to call me khushi, you were the first friend I made here” Sharada came and held her hands, she was very happy to see khushi as part of this family, khushi squeezed her hands in return “Please don’t hesitate to wake me up if she cries, you know what a quite child she is, but you never know when her father's temper rides on her head” both laughed as khushi left the room, closing the door behind her.


Arnav was waiting patiently for khushi to make an appearance, he had specifically asked sharada to stay with ananya tonight since he wanted khushi all to himself if only for a few hours, it was as if khushi had some kind of a 6th sense and she knew 5 minutes before ananya woke up. He was pacing on the carpeted floor, thinking about his gorgeous wife, she looked breathtaking today in her red sari, string blouse and the ruby set he had gifted her. He could not wait to take it all off her and make her his after such a long time, he went hard just thinking about her ripe luscious body writhing under his. He made sure that all the arrangements were perfect as he heard the door slowly open and his wife walk in with a surprised look on her face, all this work was worth it!


Khushi slowly tip toed inside their room and shut the door behind her, she felt something soft beneath her feet was surprised to see the entire floor covered in a deep blanket of rose petals, she looked up to see beautiful golden starts hanging from the ceiling and elegantly placed candle holders all over the room, the lights were off and the glow of the candles and the twinkling of the golden stars made it all very magical, the fragrant and heady perfume of the scattered roses made her close her eyes for a second to enjoy the feeling, when she opened her eyes she saw arnav standing at the far corner of the room in a white shirt smiling at her, she shyly smiled back and tears formed in her eyes due to the overwhelming efforts in had put into decorating the room for her.

Arnav Saw her shyly standing at the door admiring the room, his breath hitched every time he saw his gorgeous wife, it had been more than two years since he laid eyes on her as she fell in his arms, but still the sight of her made him breathless, he slowly walked towards her and stood in front of her. She looked up into his eyes and he saw tears shimmering in them, he shook his head slowly and wiped them with his thumb, he then held her hand and led her towards a settee near the bed, he sat her down and kneeled in front of her. He slowly took her sandals off her feet and started kneading her tired feet with his strong hands, khushi closed her eyes in bliss she she felt her tired feet being soothed by him. She was thoroughly enjoying this pampering.

God only knows how he was controlling himself, but he wanted to pleasure her in all senses tonight. He slowly massaged her feet as he felt her relax completely against the settee, she laid her head down and moaned when he tackled the pressure points on her feet, once he was done he placed her delicate feet down and kissed her toes, he then pulled her up and sat down next to her, he tilted her chin so that his face was level with hers, she looked boldly into his eyes wanting him as much as he wanted her

Arnav, what you have done is so beautiful that I cannot express it in words. I’m so sorry again for even thinking those negative thoughts earlier. I love you soo much baby, please tell what can I do to make up for it” Arnav placed his hands on her face and leaned in “I know sweetheart, it ok. In fact I am sorry for not understanding your needs which were on par with mine. We made a beautiful angel together, I cannot ask for anything else from you” with that his lips hungrily devoured her as he shifted her on top of him.

Khushi’s gasp of surprise was muffled as arnavs greedy mouth assaulted hers, she gave in and held him tightly as her body responded feverishly thanks to her heightened senses, she hitched her sari up to make herself more comfortable as arnavs hands roamed on her back pulling her in closer. Arnav threw her sari pallu away from her shoulders and untucked the rest of her silky sari from her skirt; he tossed it away as it slunk slowly to the floor, he buried his face between her ample bosoms, and licked the cleavage visible over her blouse neck, he heard khushi moan out loud as her fingers started undoing his shirt buttons.

Khushi was too desperate to feel arnav’s naked body, she tore away at his white pristine shirt and pushed the shirt over his broad shoulders, she bit him hard on his shoulder to show her impatience, arnav smiled at her eagerness and lifted her up in his arms and tossed her on the bed, they were enjoying their wild love making and khushi could not help but laugh as she saw arnav jump over her on the bed like an animal

So you feel like laughing huh Mrs Raizada? Well we’ll see about that” with that he tore open her blouse and pushed her bra up to latch his mouth to her huge breasts, he made sure he did not injure them since she was very sore already. Khushi felt the ultimate pleasure as she felt arav’s mouth lave her straining sore breasts, she felt wonderful as his tongue circled her nipples making her hot and wet down under.

Armav felt himself going rock hard as his arousal strained against his pants, he settled himself over khushi between his legs and started humping her over her skirt, khushi also started rubbing and twisting underneath him, the action bought out a guttural moan from arnav’s mouth as he raggedly said “What do you do to me khushi, it feels so good” she then quickly crept her hand inside his unzipped pants and held his throbbing arousal in them, she squeezed him with her delicate hands as arnav shuddered in response. He quickly pushed his pants and boxers down as his hand went beneath khushis skirt to tug her panties off her. His slowly inserted his fingers into her hot wet warmth thrusting them in and out as his mouth once again found her hard peaks.

Khushi was at her tethers when arnav’s fingers dipped inside her, she screamed his name aloud “Now arnav, I want you now. Please don’t make me wait any longer” arnav saw the naked desperate desire in her eyes mirroring his own, he quickly slid her skirt over her silky long legs and mounted her with the tip of his arousal teasing her entrance. He leaned down and kissed her passionately, his tongue hungrily ravaging her sweet mouth as she wound her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, she held onto his neck and shoulders and dug her fingernails in deeper as arnav slowly entered her in a swift motion, he wasn’t sure if he would hurt her since it was her first time after ananya’s birth.

Khushi hissed in pleasure as arnavs strong length filled her up, she felt satisfied beyond measure. She felt like this was her first time all over again, but she wanted him wild against her, he was going too slow obviously trying to protect her again, she bit his ears and growled “Faster baby, harder…please…take me arnav, fast and hard” arnav could not think straight after hearing her passionate plea, he started ramming quick thrusts in her and kept up the fast pace as he felt her body getting ready, he thrust a couple of times more as they both came to the most earth shattering orgasm ever, They held onto each other tightly as waves of pleasure crashed around them.

It was half an hour later as khushi and arnav lay in each other arms, their bodies entwined together as one. Khushis head was resting on arnav’s chest as he played with her silky hair twirling them in his fingers while khushi’s fingers made small circles on his hard abs. They felt such contentment being like this together that both did not want to move away from each other’s warmth. Arnav kissed her on her head “Khushi, your name suits you perfectly right. I was just thinking about the day you came into my life, I always wonder where we would be now if you had not decided to take up the governess job”

Khushi smiled at him fondly “No darling, we were meant to be together, it was fate. Nothing could have changed that. You do remember how my uncle and sheena tangled our companies right? So if not as a governess we would have met as business rivals” Arnav held her closer and nuzzled her neck “Hm…that would have been hot” Khushi pinched him lightly “Arnav..i think we were pretty wild too” Arnav kissed her jaw as he felt himself getting hard again “We still are baby…” Khushi tilted her head up to receive his kiss, but was interrupted by a call on the room phone.

Arnav picked it up swearing, but his face softened as he kept the phone back “Ananya’s up…I guess its time for her feed, you go and get cleaned up while i go to her” He quickly got robbed as khushi went to the bathroom to clean up. Arnav went to ananya's room which was next to theirs and held her up while soothing her cries. He told sharada to go and sleep and that he and khushi will be here.

Khushi reached ananya’s room in minutes, she smiled as she saw arnav singing a lullaby to her, she went ahead and slowly took ananya from him while opening her robe, as soon as ananya saw her, her hungry mouth latched onto her breasts. Khushi went and sat on the love seat in the room. Arnav came and sat next to Khushi with his hands around her delicate shoulders.

Arnav looked in awe as his tiny daughter held onto her mother. His heart sang with joy looking at the two perfect girls in his life, he kissed khushi on her head as she looked up with love in her eyes “What are you thinking daddy?” arnav shook his head “uh-huh I prefer papa, and im thinking if life would be more perfect for us” Khushi kissed his hand “Well maybe one more angel and it will be perfect, though I think it’s pretty perfect now too” They both snuggled closer to each other with ananya securely sleeping in khushi’s arms with her tummy full and satisfied. They really were the perfect family.


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Maid in Love - Chapter 21

Some Mature Content (18+)

The twins slowly crept inside shyam's room, they had brought some rope and glue from the other room along with them. Vivaan slowly opened the glue pot and dipped a big brush in it, he looked at his sister who raised her palm up and motioned him to wait, vibha went and took shyam's phone from his side table and started going through it, vivaan came forward and looked over her shoulders “What are you doing? Are you calling home?”

Vibha keep scrolling through his calls “No baba, i'm just checking if he has actually called our mom or not. I don't want to do this unless i'm very sure that he has lied about everything” vivaan nodded as vibha shut the phone off and slipped it in her pocket “See, i knew it. I checked his call logs all the way till yesterday, no calls were made to mom, dadi or mama. He's a liar, lets do this”

Vibha slowly pushed a sleeping shyam on one side, he was very heavy but she managed to tilt him over a little bit as vivaan smothered the mattress with super glue, as there was no bed sheet on it, he would be stuck directly onto the mattress. Then she let him roll back on his back as they did the same thing on the other side.

Shyam's groggy eyes opened for a few seconds before he closed them again and slept off, he really seemed to be in a deep sleep. 'Good for us' thought vibha as she and vivaan then proceeded to tie his hands and legs with the fiber rope. They secured his limbs tightly to the bed. They were surprised that he did not even flinch during this entire time.

Finally they saw the key ring on the bedside table. They were just closing his door and stepping into the main living area when vivaan's eyes fell on a sticky gooey amber colored liquid, they did not know that it was but on vivaan's insistence they sloshed it all over the living room floor right outside shyams room. Then they silently slipped out of the house and locked the front door securely.

It was past 3 am in the morning and the entire place was deserted except for sleeping dogs. They had no idea where they were so they started walking swiftly away from the house, as far as they could get before their father woke up. They knew that it would take him a while to get out of the mess they had made, but they did not want to take a chance.

Vibha finally took out the phone from her pocket and switched it on. She quickly dialed arnav's number which she knew by heart, but before the call could connect the phone shut down “Oh No! The battery's died down!” they both looked worriedly at each other. They thought it best to keep walking and find someone who could help them out.


Arnav was sitting on his laptop trying out the online search engine for anything on alok sharma or his whereabouts, he was constantly on call with the police who kept updating him about each location they were checking, Yuvi had just come back home and was on call with Mr bagchi

Khushi was once again with anjali who had woken up with a nightmare, she was soothing his sister who was beyond a nervous wreck now. As soon as arnav shut his laptop after an unfruitful search his phone buzzed, he picked his phone up and suddenly his face broke into a wide smile as he heard the voice on the other end “We got it sir, we think the address is correct now. Its in chandani chowk and we are headed there right now”

Khushi and anjali leapt to their feet as soon as arnav told them about the call, they both decided to join him as he rushed out to get his SUV, arnav asked yuvi to stay back at home in case shyam calls. Khushi was on the phone with the police as they narrated the address to them, arnav drove like a maniac and reached the place in 15 minutes since the roads were dead empty at this time of night.

As he skidded his car to a stop in front of the house, the police jeep also reached at the same time. They found the door locked from outside. Arnav saw as anjali's face fell, he hugged her from the side “ Its ok di, we'll keep looking. Even if shyam is not here i am sure we find him out soon” Khushi came froward and held a dejected arnav's hand tightly. They were just turning back when one of the police guys came “Sir, it looks like one of the room's lights are on. I can see a stream of light coming from a windows at the back”


Shyam felt uneasy while trying to move his body to the side, he woke up sweating and found himself bound to the bloody mattress, he tried moving about but his hands and legs were tied up with a strong rope , moreover he felt like he was stuck onto the mattress with some kind of a super strong glue since he could not move about at all. He struggled and struggled but it was useless, he wondered who had done this to him. His mind wandered to the kids and he extended his neck to see their door from his open door, he was surprised to find their door open, he also saw the remaining rope and glue pot near the bed.

Now he knew what the kids must have done. In his desperation he tried with all his might to pull the ropes, after struggling for a few minutes with all his might, the headboard of the bed gave in, it hit him hard on his head but now he could easily free his hands, he then undid his shirt buttons and took off shrugged out of his shirt which was stuck onto the mattress, he then and got up to his waist, and quickly undid the ropes binding his legs , he then proceeded to slid out of his pants. He got down from his bed and leapt towards his side table to retrieve his phone, he wasn't surprised to see that the phone was missing.

He rummaged through his bag and pulled out some pants and a sweatshirt, he dressed quickly before opening the door to the living room, he was walking hurriedly towards the main door when he skid and slipped on some sticky slippery substance on the floor, he fell backwards, his head hitting the stone hard floor. He felt a concussion coming through but got up holding his head. It took him a while to adjust his sight and get his head in order, he put on the lights while cursing the children to hell “im sure they have this nasty gene pool from their mothers side” he muttered. He went towards the main door and tried opening it but found it locked from outside.


Arnav felt his spirits lift up as soon as the man told him about the light; there have to be people inside in the house if any lights were on. He leapt forward and kicked the door hard with his foot, after a couple of hits the lock broke down and the door finally opened up with a bang!

Shyam could hear voices on the other side of the main door, he knew something was up since there seemed to be a lot of commotion, he wondered if the kids had bought some people to the house. He quickly ran back to the other side of the house into the kitchen and hid himself behind the refrigerator, there was no way out for him and he had to hide himself. He was sweating like the pig that he was. He snuck behind the fridge and waited with baited breath as he heard the door bang open and lots of voice shouting the twins name.

Arnav walked into the house slowly, he felt something slimy beneath his feet and saw that it was s jelly like substance spread over the entire floor. Khushi, anjali and the rest of the police staff entered in after him. They all spread out over the house to find the kids. At first they were not sure if the kids were even brought in here, but he heard anjali's scream and went into the first room “Arnav! Its their bags and water bottles. They were here arnav, maybe they still are”

As soon as she said those words one of the police guys came up to him and took him to the middle room, there he showed him clothes stuck on the mattress, open ropes and broken headboard. Khushi came up behind him “I'm sure the kids had done this to shyam. It looks like a grown man's clothing. But where are the kids?”


Shyam was holding his breath as he felt someone come into the kitchen, he peeked out to see that it was his ex-wife anjali. He let out a frustrated breath, she was the last person he wanted to see. But then a brilliant idea came to his mind, he reached his hand from behind the fridge to the adjoining granite table top, he grabbed the carving knife kept on it and slowly came out . He was right behind anjali who was now busy opening all the bottom cupboard in the house desperately looking for her kids.

Shyam slowly lowered himself and whispered in her ears “rani sahiba..” Anjali froze as she heard those words, no one but shyam had called her that name, she suddenly turned towards the voice and saw with a horrific expression as her ex-husband pulled her onto him and held her by her waist, her back was to his front. He then lifted his other hand and placed a sharp knife against her neck “try anything stupid and i'll ram this knife through your pretty frigid little neck” anjali whimpered with fear as he pushed her out of the kitchen in to the main living room.

Khushi screamed as she saw shyam holding anjali captive against him, the sharp knife was very close to her neck and anjali seemed frozen in shock and fear. Arnav and the others quickly filled up inside the room to see why khushi had screamed. Arnav leapt forward towards shyam, when shyam pulled anajli more closer and said in a menacing voice “tut tut tut sale-sahab! U still haven't learnt any patience have you!” he laughed maniacally “If you take even one step forward i'll cut her delicate neck. So back off” Arnav looked furiously at him and said in a chilling voice “What you want shyam! Leave my di and tell us where you have kept the kids. I'll give you whatever you need”

Shyam smiled triumphantly “Well well, now we come to the point huh! First of all i need to escape from here. I will take you precious di till you fulfill all my demands, and none of you will follow me. Don't worry i'll keep my word. So to start with, i want you Mr Arnav singh raizada, God amongst us mere mortals to clear my name of all charges and i need 50 crores in the bank account which i give you, transferred by tomorrow. Once your meet my demands i'll release your sister.”

Khushi could feel arnav getting helpless, she saw as he hung his head and looked with weary eyes towards shyam “I'll do exatcly as you say. But first you need to tell me where the kids are.”

Shyam looked incredulously towards arnav “Well, first of all thank you for listening so patiently and agreeing to my demands, i should have asked for more huh?! But i truly don't feel your sister is worth anything, so ehh..and as for those kids, they are definitely not mine! Im sure your sister whored around to conceive those bastards, if it were up to me i would have killed him in her womb, they are the devils spawns! God only knows where they are now. They left this place ages ago, by now either someone has taken them or wild dogs have eaten them! I don't really care” Arnav felt his anger reach the ultimate limit with shyams words, but khushi held his arms before he did anything stupid, anjali di's life was at stake.

Anjali felt herself shake, but this time with rage, not with fear. She could not believe she fell in love with this low life scum, she could not believe that she wasted eight precious years of her life due to his betrayal, she could not believe that she deprived her children the mother they desperately needed all because of him! But now she had enough. She did not care what he spoke or thought of her, when he uttered those unforgivable words against her children she could not take it anymore. She sank her teeth hard into his hand which was holding the knife, she snagged his hand soo hard that she could taste his blood on her lips.

Shyam yelped due to the incredible pain he received from anjali's bite, the knife fell from his hands and clattered on the floor. Anjali then released his battered hand and saw him take a step back from her to hold his throbbing hand, he could see her teeth marks prominently visible on his bleeding hand. He looked up angrily at her, but was surprised to see her blazing eyes and absolute anger on her face “That was for cheating on me all those years ago”

Anjali then slapped him hard across his face, shyam felt his face burning “That was for embezzling from my brothers company and for the grief you gave him all those years ago” She slapped him again on his other cheek “That is for making me loose 8 years of my life away from my children”

She then hiked her sari up and kicked him hard in his abdomen” Shyam fell down on the sticky floor due to the impact, he was too shocked to react to anything “That is for all the problems you created for Khushiji and her family and for trying to ruin arnav's name”

Then she looked at him squarely in his eyes as she took her heeled foot and kicked him violently between his legs “And that is for having the audacity to kidnap my kids and call them illegitimate” with that she finally spat on the writing pathetic creature lying on the floor. She turned to see a stunned khushi and arnav in front of her, she smiled a satisfied smile and collapsed against khushi's arms and fainted.


Few minutes later, arnav looked at his sister sleeping on the back seat of their car. She had fainted but she looked peaceful and happy. He looked at khushi who sat with anjalis head in her lap “Its ok aranv, she'll be fine. I'm still shocked you know. I'm so proud of anjaliji”

Arnav gave her a quick smile before walking back to the police car “Thanks guys, you should take him now. Two of you can stay back with me, i'm going to look around for the kids. I'm sure they haven't gone far enough” The senior official nodded his head and brought in a bruised cuffed shyam. He then proceeded to shut him in the back of the car with the other officers. Arnav watched in satisfaction as their car sped off. He quickly ran back to his car to start looking around for the kids.


It was nearly half an hour later that they got a lead, some men outside an all night store confirmed that they had seen two small kids wandering about. When one of them had asked them what they were doing out so late, they had scurried away from there. Arnav ran a shaky hand through his hair, why was it that when one problem got solved another one started.

He turned the ignition on again when his phone buzzed, he picked it up to see yuvi's name flashing “Yep, you got anything” yuvi replied cheerfully from the other end “Oh yeah, we got something! Bhai the kids are here. I still don't know how they managed but they just got here. A rickshawala dropped them home. Come quickly” Arnav smiled genuinely for the first time since this entire ordeal started he looked up to see khushi holding his arm from behind, He looked at her and said in a loving voice “Everything's fine now. Everything fine” with that he put the car in reverse gear and headed home.

Khushi relaxed back in her seat as soon as she heard arnav's words. She felt like finally she could breath easily. She squeezed arnav's arm and saw him smile at her in the rearview mirror “Arnav, now that we have shyam and the twins back, you still haven't told me about lavanya. She's the only one left now right? Where do we find her?”

Arnav gave her a big cheesy smile “babe, i didn't get to tell you earlier, Lavanya has been the guest of honor at arthur road jail since a few days” he saw as khushi's face registered shock “Yes, the ACB nabbed her on basis of suspicion the day i spoke to Mr Patnaik about the plan. She will be convicted along with the other three. We did not want to disclose this to anyone for safety sake.” Khushi hit him playfully on his arms “Bloody lord governor! Always trying to do everything on his own!” she smiled at him as they approached the huge gates of raizada palace.


Two hours and many talks later, the entire household retired for the night, or better to say morning. It was 6:30 am when arnav finally left for his room. Anjali had come back to consciousness once they got back home, they all sat down and heard the kids narration about their kidnapping, their plan and how they finally reached home with help from a kind rickshawala, who was handsomely rewarded and profusely thanked by everyone in the family.

Once the kids and di had gone up to sleep, dadiji had turned to arnav and khushi and had given them the shocking news that khushi's father had called and explained the entire myth to her. She was shicked but she was also very happy to have khushi as part of her family and blessed both of them. They were going to tell everyone the news in the morning or whenever their morning turns up.


Arnav got in for a quick shower. He felt extremely relaxed and at ease after a long time! He turned on the hot water and leaned against the cool wall to enjoy the water caressing his body, he so wished it were khushi's delicate hands which caressed him instead but he knew how tired she was. She had given him a quick peck before retiring to her room. He so wanted to pull her back and take her to his room, but he respected her wishes. He closed his eyes and let the water soothe his tired body.

Khushi tiptoed into arnav's room silently, she was surprised to not find him in bed, she looked around to see the bathroom door open. She told him earlier that she was going to sleep in her bed cause she wanted to surprise him, well she thought, she might as well surprise him in the shower. She locked his room and slipped out of the robe she was wearing, her original plan was to slide in naked next to him, but this would have to do. She walked towards the bathroom door and entered slowly.

Arnav thought he heard something, but the roar of the shower was too loud for him to realize it. He put both his palms flat on the cubicle wall and let the water hit him straight on his back. He had his head turned towards the wall so he did not hear the cubicle door open and someone slide in. He gasped as he felt two soft arms slowly slide along his waist, he felt her luscious breasts pressed firmly against his back and the front of her thighs caressing the back of his. She pressed her cheek against his upper back and said passionately “I love you arnav”

Khushi felt him take a deep breath before his hands left the wall and covered hers locked on his waist “I love you too khushi”They remained like that for a few minutes before arnav slowly turned and took in the sight of his gorgeous khushi, extremely beautiful in her naked splendor beneath a cascading shower, his breath hitched every time he looked into her beautiful eyes and felt like time had stopped. He savored the wonder in front of him before he bent down to take her rosy lips in a mad passionate kiss. Khushi wound her arms around his neck and pushed him against the wall. Arnav held her up by her slick wet buttocks as he pushed her further into his hard arousal.

Arnav felt her respond feverishly to his caress as he squeezed her sexy bottom. She raised one leg to get better access to his arousal which she then proceeded to rub against her wet center. She moaned his name as his fingers went down to probe her entrance slowly while his thumb kept up a rhythmic motion on her swollen nub. She writhed against him as she pulled him down again for a hard kiss, she plunged her tongue in his mouth and took hungry possession of it. He groaned against her mouth as his other hand pressed her perfect breasts. He played with her nipples making them hard and strain painfully against his deft hands. Then he lowered his mouth and continued the assault.

Khushi could not take it anymore, she bit arnav's ears breathing heavily “I want you inside me arnav, now! I want you to fill me up, i feel incomplete without you” arnav moaned her name between her breasts, he quickly lifted her up and turned,pinning her against the wall, she automatically would her legs around him as he thrust deeply within her, she felt herself shudder with his first thrust, he continued thrusting against her welcoming warmth as khushi kept moaning his name. She dug her finger nails in his shoulders and back as she felt her climax building up.

Armav felt wonderful and satisfied being inside her, they fit like a perfect puzzle, like their bodies were made for each other. He felt his member throb with excitement as his orgasm built up, this time he could not hold it any longer and he came along with khushi. Both their bodies shuddered under the shattering impact of their climaxes. Khushi wound her legs more tightly as she felt arnav pulling out slowly, she wanted him inside her for a few more seconds. Arnav obliged her as his face fell forwards and he rested his head against the valley between her breasts. He held on to her tightly and then lowered her down slowly.

They stood under the tepid water for a few more minutes savoring the aftermath as they hugged each other. After a few minutes arnav turned off the shower and wrapped a towel around himself and khushi. He then carried her out of the bathroom and laid her down on his bed. He shut off all the lights and turned down the curtains to block the bright sunlight, he didn't care what anyone thought, he wanted khushi with him, next to him.

He got into bed and spooned with her as she pulled the sheets over them. He pulled her closer before whispering in her ears “this is the first morning of a new life for us khushi. You came into my life unexpectedly , but you made me fall in love with you, you taught me what love was and changed me for the better. I am nothing without you. I cannot wait to marry you darling so that i can spend every night and morning with you for the rest of my life. I love you. Good morning sweetheart and trust me when i say that every morning from now on will not just be good, it will be the best”

Khushi felt tears in her eyes as she heard him speak these words.She felt overwhelmed and she knew that no words could express the deep love she felt for her arnav, she slowly turned towards him and kissed him with all the passion and love she could give “ All my mornings will be best because i'll have you sharing them with me.I am yours and you are mine. I love you arnav, with all my heart and soul” with that they both hugged each other tightly before falling into a blissful sleep. A new chapter had begun in their life, a life full of love, understanding, happiness and most of all trust. 

Friday, 1 June 2012

Maid in Love! - Chapter 20

Some Mature Content Ahead (18+)

Khushi watched along with her parents as Arnav paced around their living room on the phone "Aman, i need the helicopter ready in the next half hour for Delhi. I don't care of the pilot is not available get me another one or else i'll fly the damn thing myself." with that he shut his phone and ran a frustrated hand through his already disheveled hair.

Khushi gave him a cold glass of water to drink which he gulped down quickly. He looked at her parents with a troubled expression "Im sorry Mr and Mrs Gupta, i never expected things to take an ugly turn like this. I should have kept an eye on Shyam since he was one of the guys involved!"

Shashi gupta came forward a placed a hand on arnav's shoulder "Listen son, don't blame yourself. How were you to know that he will do this. Go and be with your family, we'll try and help in any way possible". Khushi spoke up quickly from behind "I'll also be going with him papa. I wont be able to rest till i know that the twins are back and safe" Shashi looked at her "Off course kiddo, i never thought of stopping you. You should be with arnav"

Arnav came forward and shook his head "No Khushi, you guys have been through a lot. You need to be here with your parents. I'll handle everything and keep you in the loop all the time."

Khushi came forwrad and held his hands in hers, she entwined her fingers with him and spoke "I know you can handle everything arnav, i never doubted that. But who will handle you? i want to be by your side. If nothing else i'll be there with dadiji and anjaliji, they need as much support right now as possible. Please don't make this harder"

Arnav smiled at her and caressed her cheek with his other hand "Ok. I won't argue further.We should leave in the next 10 minutes" Khushi gave him a radiant smile and ran upstairs to get her things ready.


They reached late evening in Delhi, All throughout the journey they were worried and discussed many ways of nabbing shyam. Arnav had already called every possible commissioner, ACP, DCP, Detective; you name it he had called them. Nearly the entire Delhi police force was on the job, Shyam and the twins photos were circulated in every possible police station within Delhi and other nearby areas. They were not sure how far he would have taken them.

After a tense short ride to the palace, Khushi got down from the car with arnav. Her eyes filled with tears as she saw anjali waiting for them at the entrance, her pain was palpable. As soon as arnav approached her she hugged him tightly and started sobbing against her brothers shoulder “ I had just found my kids after so long, why did this have to happen now! Oh arnav, how will we find them. I want my babies back arnav, please do something”

Arnav held his sister tightly and soothed her as she cried uncontrollably “Di, i swear to God, i will not rest until i have found them. I'll kill that b*****d!” saying this he led Anjali inside the house. He extended his other hand towards Khushi who placed her hand in his uncertainly. She did not want to create more stress in the house, everyone was bound to ask about her and how come she was back so soon with arnav. Arnav gave her a reassuring look and held her hand tightly as they walked inside the palace.


So is that really our father?” Vibha asked her brother uncertainly. They had never seen a photo of his as no one in the house wanted them to know about him. But once vivaan had found a wedding photo of his parents which was then snatched away angrily by dadiji, vibha had never got to see it. Vivaan nodded his head “I think it's him. Though i can't be very sure. I'd seen his photo ages ago, but he did show us all those photos with mom right!”

They were both sitting on the bed of an ancient looking cot. The room was very sparsely furnished with just a table next to the bed and a lopsided lamp on it. The windows were tightly shut with dirty curtains hanging on them. The attached bathroom looked dirty and the whole room smelled foul. The rattling old fan made a mighty sound as it rotated in a slow speed. The twins looked on as the door to the room was unlocked and a man who claimed to be their father came in.


Shyam looked at his kids, he had no idea they had grown so much. The last thing he wanted was any contact with his kids, but desperate circumstances made him take this step. He had packed his bags and come to Delhi for hiding, just in case the father daughter duo decided to have his head for dinner, he thought how could he trust someone who backstabbed his own brother.

Since Lavanya's disappearance and them ignoring his calls, he was mildly suspicious for their motive, so he thought it best to stay for a while in his late uncles house at Chandni chowk, no one could find him since no one knew this address. He was having his breakfast in the morning when his trusted source at the ACB office told him about how he had overheard the commissioner and Mr Shetty discussing their plan to nab Kishore and Sheena and how Arnav was masterminding it. He immediately checked up on the twins schedule. He needed some collateral against arnav who would definitely come after him once the Gupta's were caught.

He walked towards them and was surprised to see them sitting confidently on the bed, he thought they would be terrified of him, God only knows what stories Anjali's family had fed them. He thought about how earlier he had tricked the teacher to release them to him, it was another story as to how he had to convince the kids to come with him; he was glad his story about reconciling with their mother had made them trust him and come with him. He showed them photographs of him and anjali and convinced them that he wanted to re-marry their mother so that they could be one big happy family.

The poor suckers had fallen hook, line and sinker and accompanied him to this house. Once they got here and a thousand questions from the kids later, Shyam had told them that he had called their mother here to join them. The kids seemed to once again accept his lie and went calmly to the room to wait for their mother.


Has our mom come yet? Its been a long time now” Vibha said as she glanced at her hello kitty watch. It was past 8 at night and they were starving while waiting desperately for their mom. Shyam rolled in a table stacked with roti's, sabzi, rice and dal. He served a plate each to both of them and told them to eat, he assured them that their mother is coming and might get a bit late “You both eat and freshen up. If you feel sleepy, you can sleep. I'll wake you up when your mother gets here”

Vivaan got up suddenly “Can i ask you a question?” Shyam looked at him and nodded “Why did you leave us? And why do you want us to get back again?” Shyam looked worried for a bit but quickly replied “Thats two questions,and since you asked to answer one i'll answer the second one. I want us to get back because i think you kids need a real father. We can once again be a big family, won't that be nice?”

Vivaan scrunched up his nose “I guess so, but i also like how we are now. Arnav mama is like our father you know, and since mom has gotten better we already have our family” Shyam felt a hurtful tug at his heart, but he quickly dismissed it “Well, lets just discuss this once your mother gets here. Now eat and then try and get some sleep” Saying that he quickly closed the door and locked it from the other side.


Khushi sat with dadiji and and anjali on either side of her. She held their hands as arnav spoke to the commissioner of police. There weren't many questions about her appearance asked yet probably because no one was in the right frame of mind, Anjali and dadi had both hugged her fiercely when they walked in, dadiji said that she was glad khushi was back since they needed her here in this crucial situation.

If any questions had arisen in their mind about her and arnav they kept it to themselves, right now they all had to concentrate on the kids, Khushi saw as Yuvi cam hurriedly from the foyer “Bhai, we have checked every place where Shyam jijaji ever visited, his family, friends and even his colleagues from his earlier and later companies, he's not been heard or seen by any of them since a long time.”

Arnav gave a frustrated growl, he turned towards anjali and knelt down in front of her “Di, i need you to remember. Was there anyone else that Shyam knew in Delhi? I am sure he won't go out of the city. Please Di, rack your brains try and remember anything small you can. Even some relative or friend he had ever mentioned”

Anjali closed her eyes trying to remember every conversation she had with her ex-husband, the eight years she spent in solidarity had given her a lot of time to go over her entire married lifetime over and over again; she suddenly opened her eyes and looked at arnav “Wait, he had mentioned an old uncle once, what was his name...umm...yes Alok Sharma, he was Shyam's maternal uncle. Shyam had told me that there was no one else in the world for him except shyam and he had named him the sole benefactor of his things and property once he dies, arrgghh i can't remember where he lived though”

Arnav felt a flicker of hope with this information, he quickly dialed a number on his phone “Aman, i need to you check with Mr bagchi for information on an Alok Sharma, he is related to Shyam's mother” he turned towards anjali mid-sentence “Di, do you remember his mothers name?” Anjali nodded “Her name was Usha devi, her family hailed from Benaras”
Arnav spoke back in the phone “Aman, Mr Alok sharma hailed from Benaras originally but he had a house in Delhi or nearby, his sisters name was Usha devi. Did you get this down?...Good...try and find his delhi address asap! And call me as soon as you do”


It was past mid-night when Vibha got up, she looked around and saw her brother sleeping soundly; she nudged him awake, he sat up rubbing his eyes “What? Im sleepy” Vibha roleld her eyes “get up idiot! Mom is not coming! Don't you get it? He fooled us!”

vivaan now sat up straight “How do you know mom isn't coming? Maybe she's already here and she and our father are talking right now” Vibha shook him by the shoulders “Are you blind? We are still locked in this room! If our father really wanted us to reconcile or whatever and had called mom, he would not have locked us up! See even the windows are tightly shut. I am sure something's not right”

Vivaan looked at her with wide eyes “Wait..are you saying that we may have been kidnapped by him?” Vibha looked at her bother with a 'finally' expression “ Exactly! I mean why do you think he's back after so long! Im sure he wants something...otherwise mom would have been here ages ago! Do you really think she'll leave us with him even for a second alone! And the way he came to our school...i doubted him even earlier, but then thought better of it. C'mon get up, we need to leave from here and call home” with that both of them leapt out of the bed and started looking around for ways to get out of the house.


Shyam was trying to sleep in the other room of the house, since the house was not in a long time, it was extremely messy.He had a lot of construction material lying around the house since he was going to get some people to work on the house and clean it up today, but obviously his plans changed. He was quite sure that Arnav was now looking around for him, he knew that every police man would be on the prowl tonight to nab him. He thought it best not to make any calls yet since they could trace him. He felt it was best to call arnav in the morning from a phone booth or something.

He had decided his ransom, he knew that there would definitely be an arrest warrant waiting for him since the guptas would have blurted his name out. He wanted arnav to clear his name and make sure that his name does not crop up in this sordid deal. He knew that Mr Arnav singh raizada can make this happen, also besides this he needed money. He could ask for a couple of crores and escape this country before they could find him. On his way out he would tell them where to find the kids, till then he had to keep the kids healthy and happy. With this thought in mind, he fell into a deep sleep.


Arnav was sitting at his desk in the study with his head in his hands, they still could not trace the Alok sharma they wanted, there were close to 57 alok sharmas in delhi, it would take all night to get the right one. Arnav felt restless and helpless as he sat at his desk, he wished that the police and mr bagchi could trace the house soon, he could not rest till he found the kids.

He looked up to see khushi slowly entering the room, she had been with anjali throughout the night, she came and stood by his chair, her hands started automatically kneading his tense shoulders and neck, arnav let out a groan from tiredness “Di and dadiji are finally sleeping, their tiredness gave in. I think you should get some rest as well”

Arnav pulled her by her arm and made her sit in his lap, she instantly wove her arms around his neck and leaned in “What am i going to do Khushi, how will i find the kids. I want to go out there on the streets and look for them, but i need to be here in case shyam calls home. I cannot have di speak to him, it will just terrify her further”

Khushi caressed her palms on his cheeks and held his face “I understand darling, you are needed here. Yuvi has gone with the police right? And the police are going to find that address. I am quite sure shyam will be there. He won't risk taking the kids to any other place, plus remember the kids will be safe with him, he'll never try to hurt them” She kissed him sweetly on his forehead.

Arnav felt her lips flutter lightly on his forehead, he pulled her closer and tipped her face towards his “Thanks for being here khushi, i don't know what i would have done without you.” saying this he captured her soft lips with his own, he kissed her with all the longing and love he felt for her, he could not believe how lucky he was to have her in his life, she wound her fingers in his hair and kissed him back passionately, she wanted him to know that she will always be beside him in the worst and best situations, she'll stand with him strong throughout anything.

Arnav felt her love in the kiss, he slowly slid his hands under her kameez, his hands went towards her waist caressing the smooth skin there. Khushi shivered as she felt his rough cold hands against her heated skin. She broke their kiss and started kissing him softly over his tired eyes, she then continued kissing him on his nose, his cheeks, his ears. She heard him groan as she felt him go hard under her. She could feel his need and wanted to give him whatever pleasure she could.

Arnav felt khushi's hands on his pants, she unzipped them and pulled them down slowly, she then shifted on his lap to accommodate herself on his thighs, arnav needed her badly, they both did. He quickly divested her of her kameez and then pulled her salwar strings apart to slide it down over her silky long legs. Khushi started kissing him on his neck as she unbuttoned his shirt. She did not bother taking it off him as her mouth latched onto his hard chest. She teased his nipples with her mouth and teeth. Today she wanted to pleasure him, she wanted him to forget his worry for a while. He was too stressed out.

Arnav moaned khushis name as he felt her hot mouth on his body, trailing kisses and licking him everywhere, this pleasure was too much to bear. He held her by her waist as her assault continued.
Khushi crept her hands slowly down to his boxers, she pushed them down and stroked his arousal with her hands, she pumped it from the tip to his balls and heard him groan with pleasure.

She felt him slide her panties down as his mouth laved her hard nipples through her thin lacy bra. Khushi felt herself dripping over arnavs thighs. When she could feel arnav writhing restlessly under her, she slowly raised herself and guided his hard length into her tight warmth. She sighed with contentment as she felt his entire length deep inside her.

Arnav felt such intense pleasure being inside her, it felt right, like this is where he belonged. Khushi leaned in and held onto the top of the chair they were on, her magnificent breasts caressed his face as her pelvis thrust up and down over his hard member, arnav held her perfect bottom tightly with both his hands and matched her by thrusting upward to meet her every demand. They continued this for a long time as each stroke took them to newer heights.

Arnav felt his orgasm building as khushi's soft moans and wild thrusts took him over the edge, he held on as he he felt her body going rigid in preparation of her climax, when she came with a loud moan, her body shuddering with the powerful orgasm, arnav too finally gave in and burst into her hot sheath. He felt khushi hold his face and kiss him wildly as they both reached nirvana and back.

Once the aftershocks died down, he slowly slid out of her and lifted her to once again settle her against his lap. She leaned her head against his chest and he soothed her back as their breathing got back to normal, arnav looked into her eyes full of love and held her chin in his fingers “Thank you khushi, i needed you. You are my salvation you know that. I can't live without you even for a second”

Khushi touched her forehead against his as she replied with all the love she felt for him “Don't thank me silly, i love you. I need you as much as you need me, and i'll die if i can't be with you. I know we'll find the kids arnav i just know it. Just have faith”

Arnav took a long breath and sighed “I know darling, its just that i feel helpless. I know that the creep will not hurt them but i don't know what the kids are going through, they will be scared and worried”

Khushi brushed her nose against his “Arnav, im actually thinking about what they'll do to him, i think he is the one in danger of those two or have you forgotten what all tricks they can do!” she felt the corners of his lips lift lightly “oh yes, how can i forget the things they have done”

Khushi felt at peace seeing his face relax. They both got dressed as khushi went in the kitchen to make some coffee for them, she knew it was a long night and they had to stay awake in case the police or shyam called.


“Yes i did it” Vibha exclaimed in a whisper as the door opened. They had used vibha's hair clip to undo the lock on the door, luckily for them the door was very old and it gave in very quickly. They gathered some of the things like a butter knife and fork in case weapons were required. They slowly crept out of the room, but it was too dark for them to see anything.

Suddenly vibha saw a white beam coming from vivaan's hand “What! Its my new Ben10 watch, it has a torch light in it, cool huh?” vibha rolled her eyes but was secretly happy that vivaan had that watch on him. She took his hand and moved it around to see what they were against. There were too many construction materials, some rope and glue lying about the house. They realised that to get to the main door, they had to go through the other room.

They peeped in to see shyam sleeping deeply on the bed, Vibha looked at vivaan and they both smiled as vivaan spoke slowly “ are you thinking what i'm thinking?”