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Maid in Love! - Chapter 19

Mature Content Ahead (18+ Only)

Shashi gupta was thoroughly confused. He had no idea why they were in GGH head office building instead of the court. He looked at Garima who looked equally confused while Khushi seemed to have a calm look about her. He turned to Khushi “Khushi, what is happening. Why are we here? Mr Shetty is not saying anything, but I have a feeling you know something.” Khushi smiled at the father “Papa, just hold on a minute, you’ll know everything soon” saying this she led her father along with the other officers up the VIP lift. They entered their floor and went straight to the room adjoining the conference room. They could heated loud voices in the conference room, especially kishore’s. Khushi made her parent sit on chairs facing the other room and opened the adjoining room a fraction. What ensued there stunned them.


Kishore felt like he was being sucked into some kind of a cruel joke “What the hell do you mean by saying that I signed over the company to him?! Mr Khan your old fuzz of a brain is making you a complete loony to even suggest this! My God man, at least review what you say before blurting it out. I think its time I terminate you from this board!” Mr Khan laughed loudly “really Kishore, are you drunk! What the hell do you think you just signed for? My dear man, you just signed over all your stock in the company to Mr Raizada, in fact you also signed over all of Sheena’s stock! This deal was proposed by Mr Raizada so that we can have a good and strong leader for GGH, and he fit the profile perfectly! Did you really think we would hand over this company to both of you!”

Sheena felt her entire body shake in rage! How dare he play this game with them, she leapt forward and held arnav by his hands “ASR, please tell me this is a joke! Did you really dupe us? We thought this was a joint venture, not a buyout! In fact we read the proposal word to word. How can it be otherwise” Arnav calmly pushed her hands away and looked them straight in the eyes “Well Sheena, this is business. I knew that you both would never agree to this, so I had to strategize. I did give you a proposal on a joint venture but we conveniently changed the documents when you went to other room to formalize your directorship. Sorry sweetheart but everything is fair in Love and war and business is a kind of war right?!”

Kishore came forward and went straight for arnav's suit lapels “How dare you! I'll take you to the police! I swear to God i'll make sure you are put behind bars you B*****d!” Arnav stared at kishore angrily and shook his hands off him before saying in a menacing voice “Don’t swear at me Mr Gupta! Whatever we did was legal, in fact SEBI might have already documented the deal. So lets just leave it at that, right now you are the beggars. I mean whatever your personal wealth is will be sealed by the govt since your brother will be in jail for corruption, by the time he comes out it may be a few years at least. I think its best you accept this humbly instead if making a bigger fool out of you and your daughter”

Sheena went and stood by her father “You will pay for this Mr Raizada, just you wait and watch. You only have stocks which were mine and my fathers. My uncle and Khushi’s stocks are still with them. Their portion is far bigger with them owning majority of promoter shares. They will make sure you don’t get any power over this company. And board members, I can’t believe you all would fall so low! I will make sure that all of you are jailed for this betrayal to the company and to us!”

Arnav looked at the members smiling, “So you are saying that Shashi gupta and his daughter will oppose this? But how is that even possible! Do you have amnesia? As far as I know they will be in Jail for a long time! Thanks to you both, they will be easily convicted and the best part is that after three months their shares will automatically get transferred to me, the new CEO of this company. So lets just cut the crap, either you both leave cordially or I call security”

Sheena looked with blazing fury in her eyes and said confidently “Oh but they haven’t been convicted yet have they! We can always take our statement back and just to let you know I can prove that they had nothing to do with any of the accusations! In fact it was all done by us! me and my father planned the entire thing! So its very easy for me to prove otherwise” She laughed maniacally as everyone looked on shocked “Everything from the buying of quotes to the bribing was my brainchild! I will put the entire blame on that Lavanya and Shyam who by the way were hired by me! I will get my uncle and khushi out and tell them the truth about you! They will be forever grateful to me and my father for saving them. We’ll take you down mr Raizada! Along with all of you traitors!!”

Sheena was breathing heavily, she felt Kishore hold her hand “Shut-up Sheena, why are you telling them all this!” Sheena turned her angry eyes to her father “What does it matter pops, its not like they can prove anything! We have to rush to the court so that we can take our statement back.” She gave one last angry look to arnav before turning on her heels, she felt a chill as she heard arnav speak “Well, you really don’t need to go to court and we needn’t prove anything since you just proved your uncle’s innocence and your conviction” She shivered all over as she felt the adjoining room open. Her mouth fell open and she felt her father stumble on the carpeted floor. Right in front of them was a very angry Shashi, a very angry Garima and a calm Khushi along with a bevy of ACB officers.


Khushi felt her father jerk forward as he heard arnav speak about the deal, she quickly clamped a hand over his mouth as he started throwing abuses towards both his brother and arnav. She gave him a pleading look and asked him to only listen to the conversation instead of reacting to it. He nodded his head and she slowly went and opened the door a little bit more. Luckily Kishore and Sheena’s back was to the door so they could not see anything. They all heard as Sheena spoke about their part in the plan, all the hidden hurt and pain was resurfacing on Shashi’s face. Khushi could see his face contort with suppressed hurt and anger. When she finally saw Sheena turning to leave the room and stop, Khushi opened the door completely and led her parents out. She could literally feel the anger emanating from their bodies. The officers followed after them and at last they were standing face to face with the real culprits. Khushi took a huge sigh of relief as she finally felt a 100kgs lighter.


Arnav saw the horror on Sheena and Kishore’s faces and felt a sadistic happiness at the pain and the suffering which was in store for them. He saw as Shashi came forward and face Kishore “How could you Kishore! How could YOU! I trusted you more than myself, I nurtured you, I gave you all the love of a parent. Why did you do this to me?! What was lacking in my love for you!” Kishore’s face first showed shock and then as he heard Shashi’s voice he felt anger bubbling inside “What did you do bhaisahab? Really! U trusted me huh? That’s why you kept me away from all important meetings. I saw how you made sure I was never part of any major decisions. You treated me and my daughter with indifference and not only that, you named your daughter as the predecessor for your position, when you know for sure that I deserved that seat! And u ask me what went wrong!”

Shashi looked at his brother with sad pitiful eyes “Kishore all these things are your imaginations! You think that you are not worthy of this job. I never kept you away from anything. Sometimes I did not involve you because you were not concerned with those projects. Moreover I never thought of Sheena as less than Khushi, both were equal for me. If you remember, it was the board which took the decision to appoint Khushi next in line, not me! In fact you were one of the first persons to congratulate her. If you had a problem with it, why did you not say anything at that point!”

Kishore felt like there was no way out now, they had dug their own grave and now they had to lie in it. He looked at Arnav who looked at him with scorn. He could not believe that he was brought down by him. He wondered why of all the people arnav had helped them. He felt another bout of anger grip him as he leapt forward to hit arnav, but this time instead of arnav he felt a strong but soft hand grip his arm.

He looked up to see Khushi looking at him with angry blazing eyes, “Enough uncle, you have done enough! I cannot believe I gave you the same place as my father. You are not worthy of any of our love or loyalty.” Kishore pulled his hand from hers and raised it towards her, but before he could bring it down he felt his head being snapped back as a powerful slap landed on his face. He looked up to see Arnav towering above him “Don't you dare touch her! You have done enough damage here. Its time you and your daughter make way to your new home with the officers.”

Kishore and Sheena were more shocked to see arnav go and hold khushi possessively by her shoulders, Arnav turned towards Shashi gupta and Garima “I'm sorry Mr Gupta, i know my way was wrong but this was the only way we could bring the truth out. Khushi was working in my house as a governess. I'm sure she'll tell you the entire story later but right now you must know that i fell in love with her, she is my life and even though fate has played this game with us, i know that we have come out of it stronger. Our love is pure and nothing can change that. I have always respected you and never once did i want to hurt or trouble you. Please understand that all this was done intentionally to prove your innocence. I hope you can forgive me”

To say that Shashi gupta was shocked was an understatement. He did not think that he could take anymore shocks, but this one was a pleasant one by far. He came towards arnav and took his hand, then he placed Khushi's hand in his and looked him straight in the eyes “I always liked you son, i knew something was up when you got so defensive in this case. In fact to tell you the truth the time when Khushi left for Delhi, we had received a proposal from your grand mother for Khushi's hand for you.”

Arnav and Khushi looked at each other suddenly with their mouths hanging open, Shashi and Garima smiled at their expression, Shashi continued “That was why it hurt me so much when i heard that you were accusing my daughter without even knowing her and that too after the proposal had come from your house. But now i know how fate has played this game. You two were always meant for each other kids. You have my blessing and forgiveness” He clasped their hands together and turned towards Khushi “And you young lady have a lot of explanation to do! I will be having a stern talk with Dipti”

As Khushi hugged her parents, they heard a loud scream and a raging Sheena looking at them “ You b***h! First you play this game with us and then you snare him too! I always knew you were a wh**e, I hope both of you rot in hell!” Arnav came forward and held Sheena gruffly by her chin, she got terribly scared of his devil angry eyes “Not a word more Sheena. I have never hit a woman, so don't provoke me to start and trust me there will be no place in hell left with the likes of you there” Sheena gulped but said in a nasty voice “Well Mr Raizada, who are you to say anything! You are no better, you have the blood of a cheater running in your blood or have you forgotten how your mother killed herself over your father infidelity, its public news!”

Arnav dropped her face and took a step back, her words rang in his ears. He turned away form her when he saw Khushi whoosh past him towards Sheena. It took a second for him to realize what had happened as Sheena fell down with the powerful blow of khushi's slap, he could not believe that such a petite creature could pack such a powerful punch. He saw as Sheena was pulled up by one of the lady officers and cuffed, her lower lip was bleeding and her eyes were now full of terror as she looked at Khushi.

Arnav felt khushi slide her hands in his as she spoke with passion while looking into his eyes “You don't hit woman, but i definitely can” Arnav pulled her up and held her tightly against him, they did not care for the audience that were interestingly watching the drama including Khushi's parents. Khushi closed her eyes as she felt arnav's lips on her, He kissed her with a gentle abandon as if trying to put all his love in that one kiss. She pulled away a few seconds later and they both turned towards Kishore and Sheena who were now standing near the door with the officers ready to take them out. Khushi walked towards them and spoke slowly “You lost. You thought you could deceive us, well you tired your best. I hope we never see you again. You deserve no love or respect form anyone! Do you understand” with that she turned her head away from them as the officers led them out.


It was nearly two hours later and 3 cups of coffee down that Khushi got to explain the entire story to her parents, she told them everything right from her decision to work in delhi at the Raizada's to the events which took place in the morning today. Mr Khan had joined them in the cabin and patted arnav's back as he spoke “Shashi, this is a good man here! Did you know he masterminded this entire thing! The bugger called us up at 2am to explain his plan. Without him we would not have been able to bring you both back”

Shashi gupta looked at arnav and came towards him, he placed his hand on his shoulder “Thank you son. I don't think i can thank you enough. For trusting khushi, for helping us out and for just being there for us in this difficult time. I cannot ask for a better person for my daughter” Arnav placed his hand gently on top of his “There is no thanks needed Mr Gupta, i love khushi and i respect you. Even though i did doubt her i knew in my heart that i could trust her” He smiled at him and continued “Also, just to let you know i have already asked my company secretary to send papers for transferring Kishore and Sheena's shares in your name. I only bought them for this plan.”

Shashi shook his head at arnav's words “No son, you and Khushi are one. You need not transfer the shares back to me. I and i'm sure the board as well would love to have you on as a promoter director. I have already stepped down and with my brother gone, khushi will need a hand in running this business. If you don't mind we can actually think of merging both our companies together or forming a new venture” Arnav looked at Khushi and spoke “I would like nothing better”


Everyone left the office building after a good lunch; Khushi felt like she was on cloud nine! She could not believe that dadiji had sent a proposal for her, destiny could never be planned. She saw as arnav said his goodbyes to everyone including her parents. He had promised them that they would come home in his car. He came in her cabin and locked the door behind him. She looked on impatiently as he loosened his tie and walked slowly towards her. She was standing against her desk when his arms came and suddenly lifted her up on the table. He made her sit up with her legs twirled around his. He leaned down and whispered in her ears “So..fate huh? What do you think? Would you have accepted me or rejected me if you had seen my proposal?”

Khushi felt his hot breath on her ears as he continued nuzzling her neck and bite slightly into the delicate flesh of her ears “umm...i don't know...maybe i would have tried you first...see if we were compatible...and then made my decision” she replied breezily, her nipples getting harder as his body pressed further against hers, arnav started opening her shirt buttons slowly and took off her shirt completely, she was left in a lacy cream bra. His lips trailed her neck and he whispered again “Well then, i guess it time to find out” with that he hoisted her up as she wrapped her arms along his neck. His lips captured hers with a hungry desire. He could not believe how much he wanted her all the time, even after the amazing night and day they spent together, he could not have enough of her.

Khushi responded feverishly to his kiss, she tangled her tongue with his as he assaulted her mouth with his hot demanding one. She pulled his tie off him and slid his coat from his broad shoulders. Her deft fingers, now experienced tore his shirt as she slid her palms over the hard panes of his body. She heard him suck in a breath as her hands pinched and grazed his nipples. Khushi could feel his throbbing arousal between her legs, it made her already wet center drip with excitement.

Arnav unclasped khushi's bra and latched his tongue on her straining peaks, his body went completely rigid as he heard her moan loudly. He quickly pulled off her pants as she undid his. He got rid of his boxers and slid Khushi's wet panty off her. In his impatience he cleared the entire table of the clutter in one sweep of his hands and looked at Khushi with passion diluted eyes, she understood what he wanted. He helped her get on all fours over the desk and he quickly thrust into her from behind. She gasped loudly and started moaning as his thrusts got harder, his one hand pressed her soft breasts under her body while the other held her lush bottom. Khushi moaned loudly “ please..harder...yess...” hearing khushi's voice nearly threw him over, his rhythm took a wild turn as he increased his pace and thrust harder in her welcoming warmth. He felt her body getting ready to climax as her tight sheath milked his arousal.They both came together as their bodies shuddered and reached the ultimate shattering orgasm.

Khushi felt arnav slowly sliding out of her as he pulled her up and hugged her tightly. Their sweaty bodies pressed together gave a sense of being one to her. He held her face in his hands and gave her light kisses “I didn't hurt you did i baby?” Khushi shook her head and continued kissing him back “No, you could never hurt me darling, that was the most amazing experience i've ever had. Maybe we should do it more.” she giggled as he ticked her waist “Your wish is my command princess” Khushi got down from the table and put her arms around his neck “By the way my answer would have definitely been a yes if it was based on compatibility” she said while laughing, she picked up her clothes and ran to the en-suit bathroom to freshen up.


Half an hour later they were heading to the Gupta mansion, Khushi looked at arnav sideways and asked “by the arnav, what happened to Lavanya? Do you have any idea where she is” Arnav smiled sheepishly “ tell you the truth....what the!” before he could complete his sentence he saw his phone buzzing, he saw that it was his sister calling. He parked the car on the side curb and showed Khushi the caller ID, Khushi smiled as arnav spoke on the phone, she wondered how they would explain everything to the raizadas. She saw as arnav got tensed and looked at Khushi with worry “Don't worry di, i'll be on the next flight back” He clicked the phone off and took a deep breath “I have to go home right away. Di said the twins were picked up from school but not by her. The teacher said their father had come to pick them up”

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Maid in Love! - Chapter 18

Mature Content Ahead (18+ only)

Shyam was having a restless night, after days of relaxed happiness he felt like his whole world was crumbling. First of all he had no idea where Lavanya had vanished which was definitely a dent in their plan; and if she doesn't turn up then the conviction will get further delayed and when there is a delay, there are good chances of sniffing out the truth. Next neither Sheena nor her father were picking up his calls, he wondered what was going on there; but the cherry on the cake was that his ex-saale sahab was in Mumbai and very much involved in this case. He wondered if arnav knew that Shyam was a part of this organization, things would definitely get complicated if he did. After lots of tossing and turning, shyam thought it best to go into hiding for a couple of days till Lavanya resurfaced or was found by his goons. He got up and started packing his bag.


Sheena and Kishore were up till four in the morning working out the contract details. The document given to them by ASR was crystal clear, it definitely benefitted both the companies, Gutpa group more so since they'll be moving up the value chain by collaborating with VBR. The board seemed to think it was a good idea and Kishore definitely wanted to be on their good side, especially with the way they thought about his leadership.

Both father and daughter agreed that they should go ahead with the contract, but they knew that they had to be careful not to involve Shyam now, they did not want to face ASR's wrath. They thought it best to ignore him from now on and terminate his position in the company as soon as possible on ground of treason. Sheena had the brilliant idea that they should tangle Shyam along with Lavanya and make it look like both were involved in the buying and selling of quotes for Shashi Gupta. Once they worked out the details, both went to get a peaceful sleep, Kishore thinking of the millions he'll make and Sheena thinking about the man she'll win along with the deal.


Arnav felt Khushi stir restlessly against him, it was five am in the morning and he knew that he had to make his way out soon; but the feel of her round bottom against his arousal was making him go crazy, they were spooning against each other with khushi's back pressed snug against arnav.

Arnav shifted her hair away from her face to reveal her swan like neck, he started sucking her sweet flesh there. Khushi stirred in her sleep and moaned. Completely aroused now, he caressed her breast with one hand teasing her nipples into taut submission while his other hand probed her wet center rubbing against her nub. Khushi started moaning more loudly as he felt her waking up to his arousing touch.

Khushi's eyes flew open as she felt her entire body on fire, she was deliciously surprised to find arnav's skillful hands on her body taking her to pleasurable heights. She whimpered as his fingers started sliding inside her warmth while his thumb kept up the fast rubbing of her nub, she felt her orgasm building up “Arrnaavv...aah...yes right there...keep going gonna cum” she arched her body as the powerful orgasm racked her body and she shuddered as it subsided slowly.

Arnav was beyond hard, khushi's seductive voice egging him on was making it harder for him, he wanted to just flip her over and bury himself in her tight warmth. As she orgasmed he felt his whole resolve crumbling , but before he could put his plan into action, she quickly turned towards him and pulled his face closer to hers, her lips sucked his while her tongue sought entry in his mouth, the familiar taste of hers was driving him crazy to have her. But before any rational thought could come to his mind, she pushed him down on the mattress and got up on her knees. She then straddled him with both her legs on either side of his while she sat in her gorgeous naked glory on his thighs.

Khushi had never been so bold, but with arnav she felt she could do anything, it was as if her shyness left her and she became a brazen wonton who just could not have enough of him. She wanted to pleasure him like he had pleasured her. She was always touched by how much he wanted her to enjoy, always thinking about himself after. She took a scarf which was draped on her bed and tied up his hands above him on the headboard. He gave her a surprised look and was awarded with a seductive “i want to try something different” form her. She leaned over and started kissing his face from his forehead, all the while aware of his hard arousal poking against her stomach.

To say he was shocked was an understatement, he loved this new bold khushi. But she had no idea what she was doing to him, if she did not stop soon he would blow up without any help from her, her soft silky fragrant hair was gliding seductively over his body while her lips were leaving trails of hot burns across it. He wanted to to touch her, squeeze her breasts, make her goddess like body one with his, but his tied hands were making it impossible.

Khushi kissed his entire face leaving his lips, then she moved further down kissing him on his shoulders, then his chest, teasing his nipples with her tongue; when she pulled at them with her teeth she heard a deep groan and a “What are you doing to me khushi...i can't take this anymore...untie me woman!” from him, she could feel his entire body getting restless. She laughed seductively before answering “Not so soon mr raizada..let me have my fill” with that she trailed her hot tongue over his hard abs, circling her tongue on his belly button just like he had done the night before.

She then looked into his eyes and saw his tortured naked desire for her. She took his aching arousal in her hands and started stroking it slowly up and down pumping it slightly. She saw arnav's eyes go dark with desire. She then slowly lowered her head and licked it while her hands squeezed his balls. She saw him shudder before she completely took the entire length in her hot mouth. She laved her tongue while sucking him with all the passion she could. She kept on going as arnav moaned her name over and over again.

Arnav had never felt this level of pleasure ever, khushi's mouth was making him loose all his senses, he knew that he would come in a few more seconds; He saw with dazed eyes as she pulled away from him, the momentary loss of warmth made him look at her in confusion, but she gave him a quick smile as he felt her hands once again holding his throbbing arousal, he saw in wonder as she guided his hard arousal into her tight wet center. She started rocking against it up and down and got a momentum going, arnav thought she looked magnificent as her hair swished past her shoulders and her gorgeous breasts bounced as she made love to him with abandonment. She pushed her wild hair on one side as she leaned in to kiss him full on his mouth. She then undid the knot ,finally giving his hands full reign over her body.

Khushi felt her orgasm building with arnavs as he throbbed inside her, she never knew she could be so wild and ravenous. She squealed as arnav held her tightly and flipped her over as soon as she untied his hands. He caught her lips in a possessive kiss full of wild passion as he finally let go and came inside her. She felt herself orgasming again and again as he moved within her, pulsing his hard length into oblivion. They finally calmed down and fell against the bed into a sweet silence.

After a few more minutes of holding each other, arnav slowly pulled the sheets over khushi and kissed her forehead as he got up “I've gotta go sweetheart, before your family wakes up. Even though i wish i could lie with you forever” Khushi smiled at him and snuggled closer into the sheets as she saw him putting on his clothes and then the turban and beard “You look quite cute in those, maybe we should have a kinky night dressed up in some weird costumes” Arnav looked at her in astonishment, he wondered what monster he had created. He smiled at her fondly and kissed her once again before walking towards the door, he turned at the last minute before stepping out “Remember that your father should not know anything till later. I'll let you know what your uncle's reply is, hopefully fate will be in our favor. Love you” saying that he quietly walked out of her room and back to his penthouse. He had a lot to plan today.


Arnav finally got the call he was waiting for since morning, he was just finishing getting ready when his phone buzzed, he picked up the call and grimaced as he heard the person on the other side “ASR, good morning! I hope you had a good peaceful sleep..can’t say the same about me <giggle> so anyways pops and I spoke on length about your proposal and we decided to go ahead with your offer. I mean we thought that since the board was already in favor we should just give caution to the wind and go ahead”

Arnav felt a smile forming on his tense face “Well Ms Gupta, I’m so glad you and your father are in agreement. Trust me when i say that I’ll make sure this contract benefits both of us” He could feel the excitement in Sheena as she took a deep breath “Well then, I was thinking after we sign the agreement and work out the terms, maybe we could celebrate with dinner tonight. Just you and me. Pops may want to relax after the taxing trip we had, he’s hardly got any time for himself. Oh and please call me Sheena, ms Gupta is just too formal”

Arnav chose his word carefully “Ok then, Sheena it is. I’d love to have dinner tonight. Let’s meet up in your office for the board meeting. We can get intimately acquainted after that, what say?” Sheena felt herself go all hot; arnav’s sexy voice was making her extremely excited. She could not wait to meet him later “See you in a bit ASR” Arnav clicked the phone before texting Khushi ‘Game on!’


Khushi woke up after an hour of arnav leaving, she was waiting impatiently for his text. She was very anxious and in her state she ate an entire melon during breakfast. Her parents gave her odd looks wondering what was wrong with her; Shashi held her hand across the table “It’s ok kiddo, you were telling me to be positive yesterday. So why are you so worried now? Let’s just get this over with. They’ll be coming any minute to hoard us to the court.” He smiled a reassuring smile before getting up to go and get ready. Khushi got up as well, but she heard her phone vibrate; she quickly checked the text and a huge smile broke on her face reading it. She skipped the rest of the way to her room and started getting ready for phase two.


Kishore gupta and Sheena reached their office at sharp 11am. They wanted to reach early and discuss the deal with the board members; but oddly enough none of the members had come in yet. Kishore found this odd because usually all of them were very punctual. They sat sipping tea in the office while waiting for them, Sheena was worriedly walking around the room “Pops, what if the board had changed their mind. We cannot let go off this opportunity. I mean the perks are enormous!” Kishore looked calmly at his daughter “Don’t worry Sheena, the board has already decided to go ahead with the deal. Why would they differ now? Plus right now we have more things to worry about, Lavanya is missing and my brother and khushi must have reached the court. Anyways thank God for ASR, they’ll at least be convicted on those terms.”

Sheena smiled at her father “You are right pops, a missing Lavanya is a concern, but we have ASR on our side, his testimony will be enough. I can’t wait to see both of them behind bars. Plus today you will be sworn in by the board, Life couldn’t get better” and she thought gleefully, her dinner with ASR will take things to a new height. Finally things were going their way.


Arnav walked purposefully to the main foyer of Gupta group’s head office, the imposing building was very much like his own office at Delhi. He was taken directly to the last floor through the VIP lift. He walked directly to the conference room passing a cabin with Khushi's name on it, a slight smile lit his face as he thought of a hot-shot business woman Khushi; she looked good in anything he thought. He reached the conference door and stepped in. He saw Sheena and her father seated at the head of the table. She knew the board members had not come in yet “Mr Gupta, Sheena hope I’m not late” he said nodding at the pair. Sheena got up quickly and came strutting towards him, she leaned in and air kissed him, her strong perfume was making him gag, he could not help but compare her fragrance to khushi’s mild sweet one. Arnav gave her a smile and sat down at the other end of the table.

Sheena was disappointed when ASR sat at the other end, but she had to keep up a professional approach to this especially when the board got here, she leaned in on her arms so that her ample cleavage was very tantalizingly viewable “So ASR, do you need to go in and give your testimony again? I hear the court hearing is today.” Arnav smiled slightly as he spoke “not really, they already have it on record; Speaking of which I do need to ask you something. Does Shyam Jha work for you in your company?”

Kishore and Sheena both looked at each other before Sheena jumped in to answer “yes, he was part of our organization. But truly speaking we never really liked him. Plus he was shashi gupta’s favorite guy! And from what I’ve heard he was also having an affair with khushi, I mean how sad is that! Anyways we are planning on terminating him.Why do you ask though? Do you know him?” Arnav felt his rage building up as she spoke those words, he clenched his fists to keep his anger in check “yes he was married to my sister a while ago, but the scum that he was I had to throw him out. Anyways we should probably keep an eye on him just in case.”

Kishore nodded in agreement as Sheena spoke “Oh my God really? If you want we can terminate him right away. We really don’t want you to have any awkwardness working with us” Arnav smiled at her with difficulty “its fine, lets worry about that later, why is the board so late? I have another meeting after this.” Sheena looked uneasily at him “ Don’t worry ASR, we have already read the entire contract word to word, as soon as the board is here we’ll get it signed.” Arnav gave her a sexy smile as he relaxed back in his chair. A few minutes later the board members started pouring in, all of them had some or the other reason for delays. After nearly 10 minutes of shuffling around everyone was seated.


Shashi gupta was ready and was waiting for his wife and daughter to come down. He had made his heart stronger by deciding that if they are convicted he’ll take the entire blame on himself, leaving khushi out of this mess. Earlier in the day he had received a call on his home phone, it was a reporter asking him if certain allegations were made on him and his daughter. Shashi denied all claims and banged the phone down. He did not want the media to get a wind of this, he was sure his own brother was responsible for this. He looked up to see his baby girl walking down the same stairs she had a few weeks ago for her coming out party, all that seemed like such a long time ago, A lot had happened since then.

They all walked out and sat in the waiting jeep with Mr Shetty at the front. The entire car was silent as they made their way towards Bandra for the court hearing. Khushi hugged her father sideways while Garima held his hand tightly. After a few minutes Shashi was thoroughly confused because it seemed like they were going towards their head office in Worli instead of the court. He looked at Mr Shetty and questioned him “Why are we going towards GGH office?” Mr Shetty looked at him and smiled “Lets keep the questions for when we reach there” Shashi then looked at Khushi and Garima who both looked equally confused. They continued the rest of the trip towards the office building.


Sheena walked to the front of the room and addressed the people sitting “Good Afternoon gentlemen, first of all let us all welcome Mr raizada from VBR group of companies, we are very honored to have you with us today. Next we’d like to apologize for the delay in starting the meeting.” Arnav looked and smiled at all the board members in the room. Sheena continued with her speech “Without further ado, I’d like to start the agreement process on the proposed deal from VBR. As you all already know about it, can we have all the people who object to this raise their hands” She looked around the room and was relieved to find that no one was objecting “Excellent, then as a newly elected member of this board and in full confirmation from your new CEO, Mr Kishore Gupta. I propose we sign on this deal without delay”

As sheena went forward to get the papers out of her bag, one of the board members Mr Khan stood up “Ms Gupta, even though it is understood that your father and you are heading the company, we still need to make it official to get you on board. Can I have you and Kishoreji join me in the adjoining room to sign a few official papers, just formalities you understand” Kishore got up quickly and motioned Sheena to join him, he thought it best to agree to what the board demanded; he was elated that the board readily accepted them in the role. Things were definitely off to a good start! They left for the adjoining room with Mr Khan.


Arnav sat tensed in his seat as Sheena and Kishore walked in a few minutes later. As soon as they did, Arnav congratulated them on new positions. Sheena went forward and whispered in his ears “Well, looks like double celebrations are in order” Arnav gave her another winning smile and pointed to his watch; Sheena quickly stood straight and got the contract forward. She took her pen and handed it over to her dad. Kishore gupta was over excited to see what he was exactly signing, one of the other board members, Mr Gandhi pointed at the various spaces where his signature was required. After all the signatures were done, arnav and three other senior members of the board signed their part as well. Finally the document was passed over to the company secretary who went and got copies made for each of the parties. The original document was sealed and taken by him to hand over to the SEBI official to make it official and Legal.

All the board members got up and went in to congratulate Arnav for the deal. Sheena and Kishore felt odd that no one even looked at them when they too had gained a lot from it. They both got up as all the members turned towards them with Arnav standing in the center. Sheena and Kihsore started walking towards them as Mr Khan said in a booming voice “So Kishoreji! What have you and Sheena planned to do now?” Kishore smiled at him and replied confidently “Now, we all work together to take this company to new heights” Mr Khan had a confused look on his face “Well are you planning on re-applying here” he looked at the other board members who started laughing. Sheena and Kishore thought this was some joke and joined in the laughter “Very funny Mr Khan, do you want to leave this board? Because now I have the power to do it” Kishore said with dead seriousness. Suddenly the laughter stopped. Mr Khan came forward and looked at him straight in the eyes “What are you playing at Kishore? C’mon don’t tell me now you are re-considering the deal after signing the entire company over to mr Raizada!

Note : SEBI Stands for the Securities and Exchange Board of India, it is a Govt body who give final approvals on any kind of Mergers/ Joint ventures or Buy-overs for large public companies in India.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Maid in Love! - Chapter 17

Mature Content Ahead (18+ only)

Kishore Gupta was in awe of the man standing in front of him. To say he was stunned to meet ASR was an understatement. Once he came out of his trance he started worrying wondering if ASR had found out anything about their plan or involvement but was assured as soon as he saw him extending his arm for a hand shake. Kishore shook his hands throughly before speaking in a high voice “Mr raizada, it is such an honor to meet you, your company is a legend in our industry. Please tell me what i can do for you.” Arnav smirked before answering “What? You are not angry with me for accusing your brother and his daughter? I thought your entire family will be fuming at me”

Kishore was flustered by his question, but sheena spoke up before her father bungled anything up “Mr Raizada, such a pleasure to meet you in person” she purred “I have heard soo much about you. I am Sheena gupta by the way, his daughter” Sheena said extending her arm with her palm upturned. Arnav brushed a kiss on her hands “Charmed” he said in the most sexy way he could.

Now it was time for Sheena to get all flustered. The slight brush of his lips on her hand gave her butterflies in her stomach. She was never affected by anyone like this before. He was the perfect specimen of male gorgeousness and his money and power made him extra attractive. Sheena gave him a seductive glance as she slowly ran her tongue over her lips. She saw something odd pass in his eyes but he quickly smiled at her and turned towards her father “Well Mr Gupta? Maybe you'd like to finish your questioning first, then we can talk. I'll be waiting for you in my car outside” Saying this he turned on his heels and walked away leaving Kishore and Sheena staring at him, one with awe the other with lust.


Mr Shetty unlocked the door to the gupta's waiting room and stepped inside. He looked at the three figures hunched up against the central table. He turned towards mr Gupta and said in an authoritative voice “Mr Gupta, i regret to inform you that the court proceedings have been postponed till tomorrow. Unfortunately we cannot get through to Ms Seth, and without her we cannot present your case. Even though Mr Raizada was insisting on giving his statement for both charges, we cannot take his word for the first one since the main accuser was Ms Seth. The good news is that if your lawyer gets your bail done then you can go home today, but you will be under house arrest.

Shashi gupta was furious, he had never felt such rage for anyone “I cannot believe that Sonofab***h! If he ever comes in front of me i'll shoot him right between the eyes” Khushi leapt forward to calm her father, she was tired and weary trying to keep up pretenses, she just hoped that arnav was handling the next part of the plan. “Papa, please calm down. Just be positive ok.” Shashi gupta looked at his only daughter “Positive! What are you made of Khushi! Don't you see the kind of web this guy has woven around us! Thank God for my brother, if we are to be free of this it will be only because of him”

Mr Shetty came forward, Oh boy he thought this was going to be a toughie, but it had to be done. He looked at Khushi uneasily and she understood right away what he wanted to say. She hesitated but nodded her head in a yes. Mr Shetty went forward and kept his hands on mr gupta's shoulder “I have some bad new regarding your brother and his daughter Sheena.” Shahi got up instantly “What! Is everything ok? Are they ok? Did anything happen to them”

Mr Shetty felt pity for the poor man in front of him and anger for his pitiful brother. He took a deep breath and said in a heavy voice “Mr Kishore gupta and his daughter Sheena denied everything. In their statement they said that Khushi was always the project leader and she was the one to change the quotes, not them. Mr Kishore also said that he had suspected foul play and was quite sure about the bribing incident of VBR group, he further added that he believes that you may have helped Khushi with the new quotes by getting them off Ms Seth since you wanted Khushi to succeed by hook or crook in her first large project. I am sorry Mr Gupta but their statement further pushes you and Ms gupta towards conviction.”

Khushi looked at her fathers shocked face she felt he was dying a little with every syllable that Mr Shetty spoke. She held on to her fathers left side as her mother supported his right. She could feel her father trembling beneath his heavy suit. She held his face sideways and hugged him hard as the word spoken by Mr Shetty made sharp dents all over her father heart. She felt tears sliding on his face and dripping on to her hands. No words could be spoken to lessen the deep hurt and disbelief she saw in her father eyes “This cannot this is not right....i'm sure they are being threatened or! Kishore will never do this to me....NEVER!” Garima came forward and hugged her husband tightly as Khushi let go of him. He sobbed his heart out in his wife's arms. Both her parents looked dejected and scarred after hearing this news. Khushi closed her eyes and let her tears flow freely. At last the truth was out. And it hurt.


Arnav sat in his car holding the steering wheel tightly. He could not believe that he maintained a cordial behavior in front of Kishore gupta and that sheena. He felt sick thinking about the way he kissed her hands. He knew it was necessary but all he could feel was disgust for the pair, even while talking to them he wanted to rip both of them apart, especially Sheena, he kept remembering Khushi's narration of how she had tried to kill her years ago. He wanted to punish them for all the pain they put khushi through. He looked out of his car window and saw both of them heading towards him, he took a deep breath and waited for them.

Kishore and Sheena looked around for ASR's car, they spotted a beautiful Bentley parked right outside the building; as if on cue Arnav rolled down the window and motioned them to come. They both scampered towards his car as he opened the door for Kishore to get in, but instead of Kishore Sheena sided into the passenger seat next to arnav while Kishore sat at the back. They both looked at him expectantly as Arnav locked the car and spoke “So, you both must be wondering what i want to talk to you about right? But before that do tell me what you said to the officials to prove your brother innocence, because trust me whatever you do, i'll make sure he and his daughter pay for their deeds”

Sheena inched closer towards arnav, he smelled divine, his cologne making her go wild. She really had never felt this pull towards anyone before. She lightly touched his shoulders to make him look towards her “ASR, why do you think we supported the father-daughter duo! We already knew that they are responsible for this foul game. Trust me when i say that they are done for! They will get what they deserve, there is no way in hell they will come out of this.”

Arnav felt like slapping her across her face for abusing them so, but he kept his emotions in control and gave her a tight smile “Well Sheena, in that case we should celebrate! I am glad that you and your father are sliding with the honest truth. Now that we are clear on this, let me tell you about my offer”

Kishore leaned in eagerly, arnav looked at both of them before carefully forming his words “Well, as you know i was in talks with your brother about a joint venture regarding our two companies. We wanted to work on boutique style resorts in India, which would be world class and offer the best holistic holiday destination. We had a proposal drawn up on similar lines before this entire fiasco happened.”

Kishore was surprised about this since Shashi had never mentioned it to him, but then his brother had not included him in many core decisions, he looked at arnav and urged him to continue, a strange excitement had started building up inside him “ Now, some of our investors may have got a wind of this and fortunately for my company our stocks shot up two months ago owing to this news. I don't know how it got leaked but it did, but my problem now is that, though our stocks have been consistent, i am afraid that if this news of your brothers betrayal makes the media and it eventually will, not only my but your company stocks will also fall leading to a huge financial loss for both is us”

Kishore nodded in agreement, arnav felt like his story was going the right way, he continued confidently “My proposal is that we go ahead with the joint venture and sign the contract as soon as possible. In fact your board of directors already know about it and as a matter of fact it was supposed to be signed today during their meet. I find it very strange that your brother had to go and do this foolishness when both our companies would have benefitted from this deal” Arnav quickly glanced at both of them and saw them thinking about it, he just hoped that they would fall for it.


Khushi was just finishing her food when their door opened and Mr Shetty walked in with the commissioner. They both stood inside the room and addressed her father “Mr Gupta, your lawyer has successfully managed to get your bail done against all odds, we are letting you go home today. But as Shetty told you earlier, you will be under house arrest. He along with some more people will be posted outside your house. You will be bought directly to court tomorrow.” Khushi felt elated that they could go home. She could not bear to see her father suffer another day in this place. She saw happily as her father got up slowly and faced the two men “It really doesn't matter where i stay now, i feel like my entire life was a lie! My own brother turned against me. I don't even feel the need to live anymore let alone get out of this place” Khushi went and side hugged her father “Papa, please don't say this. I know you are hurting but i told you that we should remain positive. Please papa for me, lets go home” Shashi looked sadly at his daughter and gave her a watery smile, he nodded his head as Khushi walked out with him along with the two men.


Kishore and Sheena looked at each other, they both knew that what ASR was proposing was a once in a lifetime thing! They could just imagine the benefits they would get by this unique venture, nothing could stop them from getting to the top! Kishore turned towards arnav and said very politely but his voice could not hide his excitement “ASR, i think sheena and I should discuss this more. We can postpone the board meeting for tomorrow, plus since Shashi and Khushi are both in for treason to the company, they will be voted out by the board. That would leave me to undertake the responsibility completely. You do understand that we require some time to decide”

Arnav expected this answer from them, he smirked inwardly and answered “Sure Mr Gupta, if you can postpone the board meeting for tomorrow, we can take this decision and sign the contract then. But do remember i cannot delay it further than that, there are many other companies who keep approaching me and i can't risk my stocks plummeting. Hope you understand”

Kishore who was sweating nodded his head and promised arnav that he will call him in the morning to confirm, he thanked him one again and got out of the car, Sheena opened her door but leaned in once again towards arnav “So, didn't you say something about a celebration? We can tonight if your free.” She said seductively with an inviting look in her eyes, arnav leaned in and whispered in her ears “Its tempting, but i'll pass. I am sure you and your father have a lot to discuss. We can always celebrate tomorrow night” Sheena shivered as his breath caressed her cheek as he spoke, she could not wait till tomorrow. She bid him a good bye and got out of the car. As soon as they both left, Arnav called Mr Shetty.


It was quite late by the time, Khushi and her mother ate dinner. Her father had just slept after soothing and calming him down. Her uncle and Sheena had very obviously not come home instead opting to spend their night in their pent house at Malabar hill. He aunt had left for a weekend trip with her friends, but may be that was her way of coping with everything. The servants cleared the table as Khushi bid her mother a good-night. She quickly went sprinting to her room desperate to see if arnav had called her, she wondered why he had not called till now. She was afraid to call or text him in case he was still with her uncle and sheena.

The hot shower was doing wonders to her tired aching body. She felt wonderful as the water cascaded down her body relaxing her, she remembered her encounter with arnav in the day and went hot all over. Just the thought of him made her desire for him come to the forefront. She quickly got out of the shower and slipped into a short baby pink satin nightie. It fitted her like second skin. She just wished arnav was with her. She stepped out of her bathroom and headed straight to her phone checking if arnav had called. As she was keeping it back, the phone rang. Her disappointed face lit up as she saw arnav's number flashing on her screen. She picked it up and screamed into it “Now you get the time to call me! I can't believe you. I'm extremely angry arnav, you know how worried i was all day!” She got startled as she heard a voice say seductively in her ears “Well how come you don't look angry then”

Arnav was waiting for Khushi to come out of her shower since the past 15 minutes, how much time do these women take to shower he wondered. He chuckled thinking of how he came to her room, he checked with Mr Shetty if he could go in disguise as one of the ACB officials outside Khushi's house. It took a long time to convince him but eventually he came around. Arnav disguised himself by wearing a turban and beard. He waited till Khushi and her mother retired to their rooms, only then did her quietly walk in and slip into Khushi's room. How he found her room was another story! He wanted to surprise her when she came out of the shower, so he carefully removed the turban and beard was sitting quietly by the side table. But the hell he knew that the mesmerizing beauty who walked out would leave him stunned and surprised. He went instantly hard looking at her delectable body encased in the barely there silky night wear, her hair all damp was curling around her face while the sweet smell of jasmine filled the room as she walked in. He saw her sad face as she looked in her phone to check if he had called, he quickly took his phone out and dialed her number.

Khushi jumped as she heard arnav's voice in her ears, she spun around and came face to face with his smoldering eyes. In her shock she nearly fell but arnav's strong arms held her by her waist. Arnav took her phone from her hand and smiled at her stricken face “Surprised? I thought we'll continue where we left off” Khushi came out of her shocked state and pushed him away from her, how dare he think that she'll be fine when he did not call her all day “Where the hell were you?! Do you know how worried i was...i thought something happened to you. God only knows what my uncle and Sheena are capable of”

Arnav saw her concerned face and felt guilty “Sorry babe, i wanted to surprise you so i didn't call you earlier. If i knew that you would be so upset i swear i would have called you earlier.” Saying this he walked towards her but stopped when Khushi held her palm up “Wait! Arnav tell me what happened. I've been worried all day, How did it go with my uncle? Is our plan working”

Arnav went and sat on her bed “Ok, if you insist then listen, yes they fell for it khushi” He saw her face split into a 1000watt smile. What he wound't give to see her smile like that “They are considering the offer and have postponed the board meeting for tomorrow morning. I'm sure i'll get their call first thing in the morning”

Khushi ran to arnav and fell on him on the bed. She took his face in her hands and kissed him passionately, she was so very happy to hear this. She suddenly felt relaxed and stress free. She pulled back from her kissing to look lovingly at arnav, she was soo lucky to have him in her life she thought. Arnav was stunned to say the least “Whoa! If i knew this would have been your reaction, i would have told you the news as soon as i entered” He pulled her against him and started nuzzling her neck.

Khushi sighed against arnav's face on her neck, she craved his touch and feel like she craved air to breath. He kept on nibbling at her neck as his hands started gently sliding her thin straps down “So what did you think of Sheena? I mean lots of men are attracted to her” Arnav was so lost in her that he did not think before answering “oh yeah, she has those assets that men fall for, but if they knew how she is inside, they'll never go for her. Plus i'm still gagging from that kiss”

Khushi's eyes widened and a rage built in her as she heard arnav speak. She pushed at him and stood up from her bed. Arnav was slightly confused by her sudden change of mood, he was wondering what went wrong “You kissed her! How can you? After all that i've told you. You found her that attractive that you kissed her in your first meeting! Don't even dare tell me how you gagged!”

Arnav now realized what he had said “C'mon Khushi, its not like that. I did not kiss her, not on her face or anything. She darted her upturned hand towards me, what was i supposed to do! I had to kiss her on her hand” Arnav felt his heart twist as he saw angry tears threatening khushi's eyes. He got up and went towards her.

Khushi knew she was over-reacting but the thought of arnav with Sheena made her sick to her stomach. She felt this possessiveness towards arnav and her insecurities came to the forefront when she thought of Sheena trying her charms on him. She shivered as arnav came and held her tenderly against him.

Khushi, i understand what you are thinking, but i'm not some boy in ninth grade. I love you Khushi with all my heart and if sheena were the last person on earth i would not touch her. I hate her for what she has done to you. You may still want to redeem her since you are related to her, but i will always hate her since i have no connection to her. Don't ever think that sheena or for that matter anyone could every come between us. I love you and that is final”

Khushi felt her body lean completely against arnav as his words soothed her paining heart. She knew he loved her just like she loved him, passionately, wildly, completely. She tightened her embrace and felt goosebumps on her arms as arnav trailed his hands over them. She tilted her head back to look into his eyes, she saw all the love and devotion he felt for her shine through his molten chocolate eyes, she moaned as she felt his mouth descend slowly towards hers.

Arnav poured his entire love into their kiss, he knew that she needed assurance after all she had been through, he seductively pulled her lower lip in his mouth and sucked on it till she moaned his name, his tongue tangled with her hot sweet one as he deepened the kiss further. He once again slowly slid her straps off her , to leave her neck and shoulders bare for him. He shifted his hot demanding mouth to her neck and and slowly licked his way up to her ears, he whispered in a slow sexy voice “You are mine Khushi as i am yours. I can't stay away from you for even a second my love”

Khushi felt herself melting against the assault his mouth created on her senses, she wound her arms around his neck and splayed her hands in his thick hair, she pulled him tightly to her as her body arched to meet his. She felt his hard arousal against her quivering stomach and felt that restless ache start between her legs.Arnav quickly picked her up in his arms as she rested her head against his chest. He carried her to the bed and laid her down gently on it.

Khushi unbuttoned his shirt as fast as her trembling hands could, she wanted to feel his skin against hers, she moaned as arnav deftly unzipped her nighty and pulled it completely off her. She only had her lacy pink panties on. He helped her take off his shirt as he covered her body with his own, kissing her fiercely, hungrily, his tongue mating with hers and his weight pining her down to the mattress.

She wanted him closer. She opened her legs and wrapped them around his waist. She felt the length of his erection press against her centre. She wriggled beneath him making arnav groan deeply in his throat, he impatiently clamped his mouth on one of her breasts. she cried out arching her back as his tongue circled one nipple while he caressed the other with his deft fingers, stroking them until she was desperate and wet.

He kissed her between her breasts and lower, finally circling his tongue over her belly button, dipping it in and out, khushi moaned with the immense pleasure she was feeling, she wanted him now, she could not wait any further. She quickly pulled his belt and undid his pants, arnav could feel her urgency and knew that he too could not wait any longer to be buried in her. She took off all his clothing and then slowly divested her of the last scrap of lace adorning her gorgeous body.

He looked at her tenderly and kissed her palm as she opened her legs for him, she felt his hard arousal teasing her center as he hovered right at her entrance, she held his face with one hand and leaned in to kiss him as he quickly thrust into her tight hot sheath, She held onto him tightly as he slid in and out, she felt shock every time he found her center. When the pressure started to build she moved beneath him, restless and agitated, arnav's jaw tightened as his thrusts became harder, faster.

Khushi screamed in pleasure as her body spasmed and then fluttered around him, he called out her name and thrust once more before bringing his mouth down on hers as he pulsed inside her. They both held each other tightly as their shudders subsided. Khushi's body was still humming as arnav eased out of her. He pulled her close and she rested her head against his chest. She felt such joy being with him that it was overwhelming her. His arms around her tightened as she whispered against his chest “Stay with me tonight, please don't go” Arnav pulled the covers over them and kissed her lightly on her forehead “I'll never leave you sweetheart. Sleep now, we have a very important day tomorrow” with that they both slept blissfully against the sound of each others heartbeats.