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The Learning Curve - Chapter 22

'Pride and...Prejudices?'

"Anjali devi..." khushi said uncertainly as she saw the older woman standing stiffly by her door, she looked on, shocked by the sudden appearance of the most unexpected person "Yes, are you going to let me in or should I stand here all night?!" anjali devi said haughtily to which khushi blushed and stood aside to let her pass.

" must be wondering why i'm here..." anjali devi said stiffly as she looked around khushi's flat; her eyes looked up Shilpa once before moving over to the rest of khushi's modest abode, she finally turned to look back at khushi who had a puzzled and confused expression on her face "Y..yes...I c..came to my house?" khushi said nervously, glancing at Shilpa di who shrugged her shoulders after realizing that this was the woman khushi had just told her about.

"Yes..i is shocking isn't it? I mean this is the first time I have come to a ser..I mean an employee's house" she sneered as she surveyed the small couch before sitting down; shilpa who was annoyed at the woman's audacity spoke up before khushi had a chance to respond "Madam, khushi is not an employee...she is counciling Anaya out of the goodness of her please show some respect to the woman who is helping your family out" shilpa said calmly, her anger simmering just beneath her serene face.

Khushi looked between anjali devi and shilpa di and tried to diffuse the situation "Di..I'm sure anjaliji did not mean it that way..." she said, gesturing shilpa to calm down, she then turned to Anjali devi and asked her in a polite voice "Anjaliji, what can i get for you? Some tea? Coffee?" khushi asked softly to which the older woman shifted her piercing gaze from shilpa to khushi "No..i don't need I highly doubt you will stock the brand of tea that i drink or for that matter even the mineral water that I prefer" she said snootily which got both khushi and shilpa bristling, but they did not say anything.

"Anyways...lets just drop the pleasantries...I have come here for a very important thing" anjali devi said to khushi who silently nodded and sat down on the opposite couch, facing her "And we need if you don't mind.." she said glancing at shilpa who pursed her lips and was about to walk out when khushi's voice stopped her "Shilp di is more than family for me...what ever you need to speak to me, can be spoken in front of her..I will not have it any other way" khushi said firmly as shilpa gave her a warm smile and came to sit next to her.

"Very well then..." anjali devi said as she cleared her throat and looked straight at khushi "Are you and Arnav having an affair?" she asked her directly without even blinking an eye. Khushi who was shocked at first at someone, practically a stranger asking her such a personal question took a deep breath and said in a barely restrained voice "I don't see how that is of concern to you"

"Oh, it does concern me! see, I don't want just anyone in Arnav's life...after all the woman who marries him will be responsible for anaya as well" she said to which khushi gave her an annoyed look "Oh, so you think the girls you were looking for him fit that bill?" she asked casually when in actuality her heart was beating like a drum

"Yes, obviously they do...they come from Rich, cultured background...and know how to poise themselves as a billionaires wife...which I think, you lack in plenty" she said snobbishly to which shilpa started her protest again but quieted down when she felt khushi hold down her hand "So, I will ask you once more...since you are not denying you have an affair with arnav..I need to know if he has proposed to you" she asked khushi again, completely unfazed by the rudeness of her questioning

Khushi closed her eyes against all the insults thrown at her and said in a very controlled voice "Anjaliji, like I said have no rights to come and discuss my personal life with me...In fact if your thoughts reflect in such a way about me and Mr should have asked him these questions". Anjali devi observed her for a second before saying in a much lighter voice "I did ask him...but he refused to discuss anything with me"

Khushi widened her eyes at anjaliji's words "Oh, don't get any ideas...arnav is a playboy..once he gets bored of you he will move I don't know what I thought...he will never propose to you...I know the kind of girl you are...looking for a better life, getting friendly with the household staff just to get through..." she kept on saying when Shilpa shouted at the top of her voice "Shut the f**k up you batty old woman!"

To say khushi was shocked was an understatement, she had never seen shilpa like this...she was positively shooting hellfire from her eyes "Now you listen to me An-ja-li-ji...Who are you, to come and question khushi like have no rights to belittle and insult her in this way...whatever is between her and arnav is their personal matter...and if you ask me, Khushi will be the perfect mother and wife...while you on the other hand, I can see very well...were probably never a good daughter, a good sister, a good aunt and most definitely not a good wonder you are childless...I am sure even God shuddered thinking how your child would have turned out" shilpa screamed at the woman who was visibly shaken by her words.

"Shilpa di...please...calm down..." khushi said pleading her to sit down, she then turned toward the fuming old lady and said in a very stiff voice "Anjali devi ji, please leave my house at once...I have tolerated enough of your nonsense...I cannot take any more of this...I gave you respect as you are an elderly person...but even I draw a line when it comes to the kind of behavior you have displayed in my house...towards please, the door is that way..." khushi said in one breath as the older woman got up in a huff

"As if i want to stay another second in this god forsaken house with such slum mouthed people" she said looking at shilpa, but before shilpa could say anything, khushi spoke in a very cold voice "How dare you insult my di...if you don't leave my house this instant...I swear to God, i will do something that I have never dreamt of before.." she said menacingly her eyes blazing with anger.

Anjali devi strode straight past them to the open door and turned around as she stepped out "I can't believe the kind of people you rude! But let me warn you...if arnav ever proposes to you...and if you accept, the consequences will be I need you to promise WILL say a NO to him when he does...otherwise..." she said trying to sound threatening when khushi came right in front of her and said in a calm voice "Make me" before shutting the door right in her face.
"Aman...i hope dadi-bua has left by now" arnav said in a relaxed tone as he leaned back in his chair; he was still on cloud nine after the incidents of this morning when he had come down for breakfast. As he had sat down to sip on his coffee, maggie had informed him that dadi-bua had cut her trip short and was leaving by lunch time. He was very surprised at first..but then waited to talk to her, as she got down.

He saw the stiffness in her stance when she spoke of some emergency which had come up, because of which she had to leave early. He nodded at her before informing mohan about dropping her to the airport...but when he was about to leave, she stopped him and told him the most bizarre thing. She told him how she had visited Khushi last night to ask her about her and arnav, since arnav had point blank refused to tell her.

At first arnav's shoulders had gone stiff at the audacity of the woman, but when she told him about khushi's behavior and how she had rudely thrown her out of her house..he could not help but smirk inside...he knew dadi-bua too well to understand why khushi might have reacted that way, so when he did not show any remorse or anger at khushi's behavior dadi-bua had stomped her foot and cursed him saying that they both deserve each other before stomping out out the room...and hopefully out of his life as well.

He grinned as he looked at aman observing him "What? Is anything the matter?" he asked a perplexed aman who shook his head " sir, its just that you are smiling a a days...I mean..." he said as arnav threw his head back and laughed loudly "Happy days are here my friends...why will I frown when I can smile?" he said as he dismissed a confused aman before texting khushi...he had waited till lunch time to text her, since he knew she was busy with classes till then

' are you? I did not get a reply for my text last night' he texted and waited impatiently for a few minutes before grabbing his phone as it beeped with an incoming message 'Sry...m nt feeling 2 well...nt in school...i need to talk 2 u abt sumthing impt' her text said. Arnav pondered and was concerned for her as text seemed a bit off. He quickly called aman and canceled his other meetings of the day before informing the driver to bring his car around. Time to visit sabrina.
Khushi had just finished her shower. Since she did not go to school today, she had lazed around the entire day eating a late breakfast and simply catching up on her textbook corrections..but her mind was very obviously occupied with other thoughts...all night she was worried about how bad the situation had gotten between her and anaya's dadi-bua...she did not even text arnav back since she had no idea what anjali devi had told him.

She dried her hair and left it open to dry as she went back to check her phone...after the text arnav had sent half an hour ago, she had relaxed a bit...but he had still not replied to her reply about talking to him...was he upset about the dadi-bua episode? Was she mistaken about how he felt for her? Was he really just looking for something casual with her? All these thoughts were running amok in her head as she slipped on a simple loose vest over her old comfy track pants. She was just about to walk into her kitchen area when the door bell rang.
Arnav waited impatiently at khushi's door..waiting for her to open it. He knew that he should have called and told her that he was coming...but he just could not wait...he had to know why Khushi had reacted the way she did last night...he was sure she was affected by him...but to what extent..that was what he wanted to know...and the fact that khushi would not give dadi-bua a straight answer about their relationship when she knew that anjali devi was fixing his marriage, gave him a confidence like nothing else.

He took a deep breath as the door slowly opened and khushi's fresh dewy face peeped out, her eyes widened as she started at him before opening the door a little bit wider. Arnav took in her intoxicating scent as he stepped inside her flat before closing the door behind him..she had still not said anything and was probably wondering if he was a hallucination "Khushi?" his husky voice made shivers run up her spine 'He was really here'

She stepped back as arnav stood stiffly by the now closed door watching her "Arnav?..what.." she started asking as arnav looked her squarely in the eyes "Khushi...i'll only ask you this once...did you throw dadi-bua out of your house last night?" Khushi looked down guiltily before slowly raising her head " wasn't like that...I mean...I'm sorry for behaving soo horribly with her but..." she started saying when arnav held up his palm

"Just..yes or no khushi..." he said looking at her with an odd glint in his eyes..khushi who was a little hurt by arnav's questioning, before even hearing her side looked at him and said in a soft but confident voice "Yes, i did" she knew she was right in the way she reacted and arnav better..., she started thinking when the shock of arnav pulling her body roughly against him and slamming his lips on hers left her completely fazed out and shocked beyond her wits 'What the hell just happened'

The Learning Curve - Chapter 21

Whirlwind of surprises...

"Arnav...why are you avoiding my question?" dadi-bua asked in an agitated but whispered voice as arnav served some rice to anaya and looked her way with an exasperated look "Anju bua..this is really not the time and place to have this conversation..." he said gesturing towards anaya with his eyes; he saw the older woman sigh and take a long sip of water.

"I think this is the perfect time to talk about this...after all, she will also be affected by this decision.." she said as arnav narrowed his eyes at her, pleading her to stop, which she blatantly ignored "Anaya...wouldn't you like to have a new mummy?" anju bua asked anaya who stopped mid-way from eating her food, she looked with a bewildered expression, first at her father and then at her grand mother "I...I..." she said as arnav shot a dirty look towards anjali devi.

"Sweetheart..its ok...dadi-bua is just asking out of curiosity" he said as anaya slowly nodded and looked at arnav "but, will you get a new mummy for me pa? I mean...its not like I need one...I have you and maggie and now i also have ms Gupta!" she said gleefully to which arnav felt a warmth seep through him, he smiled at her while dadi-bua started another rant.

"Does not want a mother! You'll know one day why a mother is important...who will teach you everything necessary to be an ideal daughter-in-law? Your father? Or the help??! Just you wait...i'll be damned if i don't get the perfect mother for you and the perfect lady for this house...after all, we need someone of pure royal blood like us to..." anju bua started saying to which arnav shouted a loud "ENOUGH!"

Anjali devi really did shut up this time while anaya got up...they could hear her soft sobs as she even pushed maggie out of her way and ran up the stairs to her room. Arnav gestured maggie to go after her while he turned his blazing angry gaze towards the woman who now sat quietly eating her kheer "What the hell is wrong with you? What are you? A bloody malfoy?" he asked amazed at the incredibility of the woman sitting at his dining table.

Anju bua turned confused eyes towards him and asked in a very normal calm tone "What is a malfoy?" to which arnav ran a frustrated hand through his hair...that was the first thing which jumped in his mind when she spoke of pure bloodlines and whatnot! Thanks to his daughters obsession with Harry potter!.. "Never mind that bua...I will not tolerate you speaking such rubbish in front of my daughter!" he said sternly to which anjali devi simply kept her spoon down and looked at him.

"Why should i not? She should know how rare her bloodline is...after all we are related to the rajput princes..and someone of a similar background should be the mistress of this house...Now your blood, I cannot change...don't take it personally...I mean, I am grateful for you to take up the responsibility of anaya but even you know that you are a nobody...I mean, even though you may have adopted are but a mere guardian..." she sneered at him to which arnav closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"Who the hell are you to tell me what anaya is to me? and let me clear this once and for all...she was not someone who was thrust on to me...i willingly and with all my love adopted fact she was as much my daughter as akash's since the day she was born...and think you have a right to tell me my place and ridicule people who are close to anaya, only because you are related to her by blood?" he thundered as anju-bua went red at his outburst.

"Oh..don't change the topic so randomly arnav!" she said waving her hands..she knew she had spoken too much and wanted to avoid getting into it "Lets just get back to the real topic of you getting married...Now I have shortlisted some women who are of the right caliber and..." she started saying when arnav came right in front of her and said in a slow but cold voice "I will not marry anyone who you choose...If i ever do get married, she will be my and anaya's please, stop this non-sense at once...and seriously! Do you even have a heart beating inside you? How can you be so cold!" he asked her as she proudly looked up.

"I don't care what you think of me arnav...I have always shown my dislike towards my brother preferring a drivers son...but well, thats how yash was...But i will not let my only grand-daughter be bought up by someone of common you will have to marry someone i choose...I will not take no for an answer!" she said stubbornly. Arnav did not know what to make of this can someone be so shallow?!

"I will only marry someone after consulting with anaya and that someone will be the one I choose..don't think you have a right to choose my life partner and a mother for anaya when you grace us only once a year for a week without having anything to do with us for the other 51! and as for the poor drivers son...don't even go there...because you know better than me who pays for your lavish lifestyle.." he said as anjali devi fumed in anger.

"Oh! I know what the problem like some girl don't you? Some common thrash! Who is she? Tell me!...wait, is it that teacher who came by today? You both seemed to have spent an awful lot of time in the gym...and when she came out, she did not look the is her isn't it?" she asked him in an accusing voice to which arnav looked her straight in the eye and said in a calm voice before he walked away "Maybe it is...but i will not give any justification to you because you don't deserve if you don't mind; I need to go and talk to my daughter"
Arnav sat by anaya's bed as she pretended to be asleep "Anu...i know you are not sleeping...please get up baby...I need to speak to you" he said softly and sighed with relief as anaya finally came out of the blankets and sat up in bed. It hurt arnav immensely to see his baby's eyes moist with just shed tears, he quickly swung his legs on her bed and pulled her into a comforting side hug.

"Pa...will..wi...will you be getting mar...married to s..s...someone dadi-bua ch..chooses?" anaya stuttered as her eyes once again filled up with tears, she snuggled her head inside arma's armpit as he slowly stroked her soft hair "Na baccha...i am not getting married...not yet...and when ever i do, you and I will choose the lucky lady together!" he said in a mock serious tone to which anaya giggled

"Really pa? Do i get to choose my new mommy?" she asked innocently...wonder and glee flashing in her light brown eyes, Arnav gave her a warm smile and nodded "Yes you do...I will only marry someone once you approve of her" he said as anaya forgot her earlier fears and sat up in the bed clapping her hands happily.

"Oh wow! Then pa..i know the perfect girl for you!" she said as she kneeled in front of him..her eyes dancing with mirth as she looked at her father. Arnav raised one eyebrow and acted as if he was thinking very deeply " have, huh? Ok..lemme it katrina kaif?" he asked with a huge 'O' to which anaya squealed in laughter "No pa! Not Katrina...!!" anaya said as arnav again pretended to ponder "Hmm...I don't know...who can be more prettier than Katrina kaif!" he said as anaya slapped her head.

"Really na! She is much more prettier than Katrina kaif..." she said as arnav showed a shocked face "Is it Aishwarya rai? But she is already married and has a small baby...but...well..I don't mind...I guess, I could always talk to Abhi.." he started saying when anaya put both her tiny palms on his mouth and looked at him as if he had lost his mind "No pa...she is single...and beautiful and the most amazing person...after you and maggie off course" she said as arnav raised his eyebrow again...wondering who his little girl was talking about...he pulled her tiny hands away gently and was about to ask her when she looked at him serenely and said "I think you should marry Ms Gupta"
"Oh god Khushi! Really! Tu toh na haddh kar deti hai (You are the limit)" shilpa said in an irritable voice as khushi went around the kitchen cleaning it "I'm so confused di! I mean...i don't want to take anything forward till the time anaya is not comfortable about this..." she said biting her already raw lips...she was feeling better after sharing her vastly confused mind with Shilpa di.

"Beta...try and understand...You and Arnav are both adults...and I get the fact that you want to make sure anaya is ok with this...but just speculating and worrying will not help" shilpa said softly as she brewed some chamomile tea for both of them "I know you like him a lot, but do you know if he is really serious about this? I mean he is well known as a casanova! me behen...I will be the happiest if things work out between the two of you...but God forbid it doesn' will anaya take it?" shilpa asked her as khushi stirred her tea, frowning about the arnav and casanova part.

"I know di...i love anaya...and i know she likes me too...but i get your point...till the time we are not sure of this...this things between us..." khushi said as shilpa shook her head "Relationship khushi...don't call it a thing! And for your kind information..even a blind person can see what you both feel about each other...hell your sexual tension made me hot for my husband at the ball!" Shilpa said winking as khushi blushed furiously.

"Seriously di!...ok fine. I'm going to talk to arnav...i really like him and I'm not afraid to tell him fact i indirectly did..." she said blushing as she remembered the hot encounter in the gym...she had come straight home after saying a quick good bye to everyone and gone for an ice cold shower to cool down her heated body. She swiped her phone to read the message arnav had sent her as she had stepped out of the shower 'everything about you makes a difference'she smiled as shilpa snapped her fingers in front of her

"Back to earth Khushi!" shilpa said laughing as khushi slapped her hand away "I need some time di...i'm gonna talk to arnav about this tomorrow and we..." khushi started saying as her door bell rang loudly. She and shilpa both looked at each other with a bewildered expression wondering who had come at ten thirty at night. Khushi quickly got up and gestured shilpa to keep sitting "Must be the watchman or neighbor" she said as she opened the door with a safely lock and was shocked beyond her wits to see the person standing impatiently at her door.

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The Learning Curve - Chapter 20

Breaking all Barriers..

Some Mature Content Ahead.

Khushi straightened her short kurti as she waited for someone to open the door. She had had to stay back after school to sort out the issue with Anaya's bullying; the three girls parents had come and Mrs D'souza had summoned her to attend the meeting as well. She had bid a goodbye to anaya, promising her that she will be along in some time. So here she was an hour or so later standing in front of the mansion door, wondering for the umpteenth time, what exactly did Mr Raizada want to talk about?

"Arre Khushi didi, please come in" a harrowed HP spoke as a bright smile touched his lips, Khushi walked in thanking HP "Who is it?" came a shrill voice from the living room to which HP quickly ran inside as if he was being chased by hellfire. Khushi walked inside gingerly to come face to face with an elegantly dressed older woman sitting on the couch reading a magazine with a bored expression.

"This is Khushi didi, anaya baby's teacher" HP said in a soft voice to which the woman gave khushi a once over before probably deciding that she wasn't important enough to miss out on whatever filmy gossip she was engrossed over. Khushi gave a warm smile to the woman who raised her eyebrow before speaking in a very cultured but still shrill voice "So, you are the teacher who is also counseling anaya?"

Khushi nodded and sat on the opposite couch as maggie rushed in with a broad smile "Khushi! So nice to see you again dear...i mean I know it's just been a day...but somehow I look forward to our silly talks" she said laughing as khushi joined in and gave her a warm hug "Hmm...I hope you also do your job miss khushi or do you come here only to chat and make jolly with the help?" she heard the older woman speak again, her gaze fixed on the magazine.

"Oh..uh, sorry...I did not realize you are here maam" maggie said getting flustered as khushi looked on with shock at someone calling maggie help! She was as much a part of this family as anaya and arnav were "Khushi, this is anaya's dadi-bua, Anjali devi" maggie said as her cheeks warmed with the insult and obvious dislike shown by the lady at her and khushi's friendliness "Uh, why don't I let anaya know you are here? She's just finishing her homework and will be down in a jiffy" maggie said as khushi nodded and went to sit down.

"Uh maggie, is Arnav...I mean is Mr Raizada home yet? I actually came here to speak to him" she said as her reason for coming here suddenly hit her, maggie smiled at her and was just about to reply when Anjali devi interrupted her "Arnav is not here yet..And why may I ask you would want to speak to him? I mean, what is so important that it can't be spoken on the phone?" she asked khushi, who by now was getting really annoyed at the woman's high-handed behavior.

"I don't know, he probably wants to talk about anaya. She has had a pretty rough time." khushi said a bit tartly to which anjali deviji looked up and keenly observed the slight girl, a very pretty slight girl with a whole lot of oomph in her. She shut her magazine and turned towards maggie "Maggie, do get some tea and refreshments for me and uh..Khushi here" she said dismissing the poor woman to which khushi bristled further.

"Khushi, why don't you sit down...I too need to speak with you on something very important" she said in a very blank tone. Khushi hesitated for a few minutes before finally sitting down, she looked up to find anjali devi staring at her "So Khushi..I know that you have been counseling anaya since some time and I'm sure you must be good at what you do...but whatever you may have concluded, the only reason why that child is acting so irrationally is because she needs a mother...and that's all there is to it. Without a mother's guidance, she will turn worse, she will not grow the right way!"

Khushi bristled with annoyance at the woman's bashful and unnecessary judgment on anaya's behavior, she took a deep breath before answering her "Anjali deviji, I know for a fact that the reason you are stating is not the reason why anaya went through such a drastic behavioral fact i just came to know the real reason behind it and that's why I'm here to speak to Ar..Mr may think that anaya needs a mother for guidance, but maggie has done an amazing job in bringing her up the right way...and arnav is a very dedicated and loving father, she hardly needs a mother to as you said it 'Grow the right way!'" khushi said in a controlled and calm voice.

Anjali devi looked shocked at the way khushi spoke back to her; she narrowed her eyes at her and looked at her in a very condescending way "So you think that having that nanny and an always busy father is good for anaya? You mean to say that you know my grand-daughter better than me? Oh I don't care for any odd conclusions you have come up with...all I know is that I am right and I will start searching for a wife for arnav as soon as fact since you seem to know anaya so well, you can help me with it!" she said as khushi's mouth dropped down in shock.

"What? How can I help you with finding a wife for Mr Raizada?" khushi asked, her brain going in a freeze mode while her heart started beating at the possibility of the woman actually succeeding in getting arnav married just to prove her stupid point! She was brought out of her reverie as anjali devi's shrill voice cut through "off course you can..Since you seem to know anaya so well!" she heard her saying to which khushi tried to respond but no words seem to come out of her mouth, instead her head seemed to move in a trance, which anjai devi took as a confirmation.

"Good, I'm glad you where were we? Oh yes...I know this perfect girl for Arnav..she comes from the Royal family of ranthambore and is highly qualified in economics...yes, She will be prefect...also there is this other girl that I know, her father owns the biggest steel company in India..she is an ace horse-rider and speaks 10 languages...yes...Oh this is so good!" anjali devi said as she went on to describe another girl from some other filthy rich family who probably knew how to climb mount Everest in an hour, when a deep voice interrupted their one-sided conversation.

"Anju-bua..I see you have settled in very well...and I also see that you and Ms Gupta seem to be enjoying your little evening sojourn.." he said as he glanced at the older woman and a pale looking khushi...fortunately he had dropped in while they were having the most liberating him lots of 'Food for thought!'

"Now, if you don't mind, I need to speak to khushi about something very if you'll excuse us!" he said as he turned towards khushi at the obvious displeasure of anju-bua "Ms Gupta..I'm sorry but I have a business dinner to attend and we need to club my gym time and our if you can please make you way there? I'll be about in a few minutes" he said as he turned around and without a second glance went bounding up the stairs.
Khushi took her sweet time going to the gym, not because she wanted to irk arnav but because as soon as arnav left, Anaya had come running down the stairs. She wanted khushi to hang out with her and would not have left her at all if it wasn't for maggie bribing her with a good slice of chocolate cake, which frankly though it looked delicious only made khushi feel nauseous..Probably because of her meeting with arnav.

She took a deep breath and knocked before she heard a click and the door opened, she entered the huge spacious gym while nervously biting her lips. She gasped as the door suddenly snapped close and a kind of vacuumized sound emanated from it "It gets vacuum locked..Keeps the dust and sound out of the gym" she heard arnav's voice coming from the other end of the room.

"Uh..this is a really good gym..very well equipped" she said meekly as her gaze drank in the most erotic sight of arnav raizada running on the treadmill...his hair was wet, with sweat droplets running down his chiseled face while his vest was soaked through. His solid muscled arms flexed as he continued his run letting khushi admire his physique at her leisure.

"If you are done ogling Ms come and sit down" he said glancing her way before pressing the cool down button on the treadmill. He looked straight at her as he said in a cool voice "Why did you take so long? I told you I don't have enough time..." khushi she looked up to answer him when her throat went dry at the sight of arnav gulping down water, his adam's apple bobbing as he quenched his thirst.

"Ms Gupta..I'm talking to you" arnav said as he capped the bottle and turned towards her, bringing khushi out of her thoughts "Uh..Sorry...I...umm, anaya came to meet we chatted for a while..." she said lightly as he picked up a towel and wiped his face and neck while khushi sat a little bit straighter "So, what did you want to talk about?" she said hoping that her voice did not sound as weak as she felt.

Armav smirked inwardly as he saw how his Ms Gupta was trying to be all cool and unbothered, when she clearly wasn't...well...mission accomplished Raizada, he thought as he went towards the weights and pulled put an impressive looking heavy dumbbell and started doing bicep curls "Oh..Just wanted to check with you about how we should proceed now" he said matter of factly to which khushi blushed hard.

"Wha..what?" khushi asked as her brain went into overdrive, trying to think what to answer him...she thought he would be the one who would maybe suggest how they should take this..this thing between them forward. Arnav looked at her innocently as he lifted an eyebrow "Yeah...I mean after what happened, we can't just let things be as they are right? I'm sure you feel the same way" he said slyly as he saw khushi biting those plump lips of hers..Oh how he wanted to devour them right now.

Arnav smiled as he saw khushi close her eyes and probably wonder what she had landed into...he knew she thought he was asking her about last night...when in fact he was only teasing her, pretending to keep this general, when he was actually questioning her about Anaya'He had already spoken to Mrs D'Souza about the situation and was well aware of everything.. let her suffer a little bit! Arnav thought as she opened her eyes and avoided looking at him. He waited for her to say something before he flusters her more.

"Listen..arnav" she said as arnav once again looked at her in an amused way "Arnav? Really? Ok what should be our next step?" he asked her as khushi took a deep breath "I..I think we should...we..uh, we should...maybe talk to anaya about it first...before taking things further" she said quickly as arnav's features softened. He was really touched that she thought about his daughter before taking any such decision.

He smiled inwardly as he made his face a little bit serious "Off course we need to speak to Anaya about it...after all, it is regarding her..I'm glad those girls are getting the punishment they one gets away with troubling my daughter" he said and was awarded with just the kind of expression he was picturing on khushi's face "What? You were talking about that?" she said as she furiously reddened and mentally slapped herself.

"Off course khushi..what else will I be talking about?" he asked as he kept the weights down and proceeded to remove his vest, making khushi temporarily speechless, she took in the sculpted ridges of his magnificent body right from the powerful shoulders and pecks, to his surfboard abs..his chest hair ending in a downward pattern towards the low waistband of his track-pants. She felt her breath hitch as her eyes drank the Greek godliness of his perfect body...Oh yes, she is definitely following arvanism!

"Khushi? Everything ok? I asked you something" arnav said as he took pleasure in the way she squirmed...she was practically eating him up with her bold eyes, his body responding in painful tightness as her gaze lazily explored him. Only he knew the amount of control he was maintaining to get her where he wanted her.

"N..Nothing...I mean...yeah, I was thinking of the same fact, Mrs D'souza has asked me to fix a meeting with you to discuss this is also much better is coming out of her shell completely" khushi stuttered as arnav nodded at her "Yes...we should have that meeting soon...but are you sure you are all right? I looked you want some water?" he asked her as khushi once again licked her dry lips, making arnav hold his groan at her innocent gesture.

"I'm fine...I mean...I wasn't thinking of anything else...what else will I think about anyways" she said quickly..trying to find a way to get out of there without looking too rude...God only knows how much more of this torture she could take "Hmm..ok, if you say so...though I think there is plenty more you have to think about..." he said in his sexy drawl when khushi understood the game he was playing with was a game of seduction..a game of making her give in before him...

She took a deep breath trying to calm her nerves before flashing him a bright "Nope! I don't have anything else to think fact if you don't mind..I need to get going..Your anju-bua needs my help in selecting potential brides for you" she said nastily as arnav's face showed total confusion. She smirked as she left him to go and open the door..Which for some reason would not budge.

Arnav looked on as khushi completely turned around his entire strategy...he realized that she probably understood what he was trying to girl!...he saw her struggle with the door and smirked as he said lazily "It won't open without its remote and code...which only I know" he said as he walked purposefully but slowly towards her to which khushi took a step back and leaned her back on the door "What? Open this door at once!" she demanded as arnav walked further towards her..when hardly a feet distance remained between them...she could smell his delicious cologne wafting around.

"Why? So that you can go around trying to find me a wife?" he asked her slowly as khushi widened her eyes, his close proximity was anyways not letting her think straight "Y..Yes...anju bua thinks that anaya needs a" she started saying as arnav placed one hand on her right side and leaned further in "and do you think that anaya needs a mother?" he asked khushi who was finding it very hard to breath now "Y..yes...maybe" she said as arnav smirked "Liar...I heard what you think I'm doing a pretty good job" he said as khushi closed her eyes

" your eyes" he demanded softly as his lips inched further towards her ears, khushi slowly opened her eyes to find his darkened orbs staring right at her "Do you think I need a wife Khushi?" he asked her as she simply shook her head, then nodded...wondering why she couldn't give him a straight answer "So you are not sure..hmm...I wonder how that ranthambore princess would be like...maybe like a tigress huh? Or that horse-rider? Well her skills will definitely come in handy" he said huskily as khushi's eyes blazed with an unrestrained anger, to the utter satisfaction of arnav.

"Well I hope that you get the perfect wife for all your needs...and I'll make sure I am successful in finding the right one! Not that it makes any difference to me!" she said angrily as her eyes flashed green, making arnav inch further towards her "really khushi? It makes no difference? Then why did you kiss me back last night? Why did you lose control last night? Why are you looking at me as if you want to fulfill all your...darkest...most sensual...secret...desires...with me" he asked her in a husky voice, to which her eyes widened making her heart race did he know?

"Touch me khushi" he demanded softly as khushi's eyes turned dark again...her earlier anger vanishing..leaving a burning desire to do just as she was told...she watched in fascination as arnav placed his other hand on the left side, imprisoning her between his arms. He looked on as khushi;s chest heaved in anticipation...he closed his eyes as he waited for her to explore...he waited for... "Uhhh..." arnav groaned as her soft dainty hands touched his shoulders, slowly trailing a burning path across his broad chest and abs..making it difficult for him to breath.

He opened his eyes to find khushi's eyes glued to him as she explored his sweat slicked body to her will...her hands moved erotically over his entire upper body, from his front to his tightly corded back...she was enjoying the play of muscles as her palms felt the rock hard perfection. She looked on in wonder as she trailed her hands over his strong arms, his veins protruding out with suppressed need. She looked at his face to see the look of pleasure on it and rejoiced in the fact that she had that effect on him.

"Kiss me khushi...wherever you want" he demanded again as khushi gulped down her raging desires..she knew it was very difficult for him to control but she was always the obedient one she thought, as she placed her soft lips over the same path she had just traced with her hands...she kissed him on his chest...lingering her lips over its vast expanse'making him shudder and groan loudly...she held his back as she kissed him on his shoulders while moving her lips towards his strong jaw'her hands caressing his abs...

Arnav was too gone by now...he knew he would probably die of self-control if she went any further and was just about to stop her when he felt her hot tongue encircling his nipples...his eyes shot open as he saw khushi nip him with her teeth...that's it! He thought as he pulled her up against him and crashed his lips to hers. Khushi was too lost in the salty taste of his body and could not help but lick his chest...she was still in her exploration stage when she felt arnav pull her up and slam his lips on took her a moment to register but soon she started kissing him back with the same ardor.

Arnav slipped his hands under her kurti and grabbed her small waist as she clung to him for support. She moaned as his hands pressed her soft body,  trailing up towards her back...he quickly undid her bra clip and slipped his hands under it to cup her full breasts "Umm...Arnaavv.." khushi moaned against his plundering lips as arnav thrust his tongue inside her hot mouth, starting a duel of eager tongues waiting to mate with each other.

He kneaded her breasts and rolled her hardened nipples between his fingers as his lips left her mouth and went to her neck, biting her and soothing her with his tongue...khushi threw her head back as she felt a hot need pulsate between her legs'she pulled the offending kurti off her, giving arnav more access to her delectable body as he continued his way towards her shoulders. She pressed herself on him as both gasped at the first skin to skin contact between their bodies, the feeling too pleasurable to describe...but at the same time making them realize just how far they had come...and if they continued there will be no point of return.

They pulled back reluctantly as arnav touched his forehead to hers.."Khushi...what do you do to me.." he said huskily as khushi blushed prettily, awareness flooding her mind at the state of her undress. She quickly bent down and faced away from him to put on her bra and shivered as arnav helped her hook it on "You are soo beautiful khushi" he said hoarsely as he kissed her back lightly before turning her towards him...he picked up her kurti and slipped it over her head, making her wear it.

"I'm waiting for the day when I actually get to take off every scrap of clothing off you instead of putting it on" he said as khushi shyly smiled at him before she laid a hand on his chest "Me too...but its not the right time...we have too many things to work out" she said softly, surprising arnav with her frankness. 

He leaned in to take her lips in another searing kiss as she responded equally before pulling away "Go khushi...go before I make this the right time!" he said and punched in the code for the door to open with a whoosh. Khushi looked at him one last time before she turned towards the door and stepped out...arnav smiled as he heard her say softly before she walked away "It does make a difference by the way'".

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Learning Curve - Chapter 19

Of Glorious Mornings and Revelations...

"Sir?? there something wrong with your ear?" aman asked nervously...he was surprised to see that his boss, for the first time, had hardly paid any attention to the routine stock market updates that aman was giving him. Instead all he kept doing was looking somewhere far away in the distance and touching his left ear over and over again...aman wondered if he had some skin rash.

"What?" arnav asked as he came of of his self-induced purgatory...yes purgatory! cause all of last night and most of today morning went in to thinking about those few minutes of heaven with sabrina..he could not get the image of a thoroughly aroused Ms Gupta out of his thrilled him that she wanted him as much as he wanted her..the thought making him feel elated and very light hearted after a really long time.

"Did you say something aman?" he asked aman politely and with a slight smile to which aman just looked on shocked.. " sir...I...I was just...I you have a rash on your ear? Because you keep touching it.." he asked, hoping that he had not annoyed his boss by asking such a question, but to his utter shock arnav burst out laughing and got up as he came towards aman "No Aman..i'm absolutely fact i'm more than fine.." he said smiling more broadly.

"You know what..its been ages since i've eaten out for lunch...why don't we go to that sushi place on Linking road? My treat" arnav said and winked before picking up his wallet and walking out his door, leaving aman to follow him, who by now would have definitely fainted if the huge mahogany desk wasn't there to support him...'Who did what to Arnav Raizada??'
"I know di...I really did not think about it...I mean I could hardly think straight!!" khushi moaned in her phone as he picked at her leftover pasta..she had confided in Shilpa about what had happened last night, simply because she was too confused about her strong feelings for Arnav..anaya's father! God..he was her student's parent..she blushed throughly as shilpa di reprimanded her for taking things that far ,when anaya was sleeping in the next room; though she also expressed her excitement about Khushi's new found feelings for arnav.

She listened as her friend told her to be more careful and cautious if she wanted to take things further with arnav since she had to consider anaya's feelings about all this...Khushi thought about, how in such a small time, she had come to love anaya...probably because saw a little of herself in the sweet girl. She knew for a fact that she will do whatever she can to make things right for her...but now the only thing bothering her was what arnav wanted from her.

Khushi was not a very traditional girl..and she was not looking for marriage and promises at the start of any relationship, but this thing was arnav was combustible. It felt like her body went into overdrive as soon as he came in front of her, all her rational thoughts would backfire making her vulnerable to her desire for him. But she knew that she had to let things take its course..and if it was meant to be, then it would work out just right.

She smiled as she finished her lunch and pep talk with Shilpa di before walking out to go towards her next class. The lunch ending bell was ringing and Khushi had too much work to finish today...not that she was getting anything done as images of last night rendered her useless to focus on anything at present. She was just about to take the next turn around the corridor when she saw three girls cowering over someone..she walked swiftly towards them and was shocked at their one sided conversation and the girl who was being cowered over.
"How will you know what its like to have a mom? You only have a dad and that old maid! Your mother died after you were are a killed your own mom! In fact my mother told me that your father is not even your real father..she said that your real father also died with your mom..." the taller of the girls spoke menacingly to anaya, who stood stuck to the wall, fat tears running down her chubby cheeks.

"Yeah! Its best to stay away from her...God only knows what she'll curse us with! Besides she said no to tripping ms Gupta during her morning class, so why should we be friends with her anymore" the other girl with pigtails spoke menacingly, while the third one jabbed a finger at anaya's shoulder "Witch! Witch!" she said as anaya burst out crying..Khushi could not take this anymore she walked straight to them and shouted in a very controlled but angry voice "Enough!"

All four suddenly looked at her with fright, they had never seen the docile Ms Gupta so angry "I want all three of you to report to the principals office after school. I'll make sure you get the strictest punishment for abusing a fellow student. This is absolutely intolerable and in-decent behavior which is not expected from girls of good families...if it were up to me, i would suspend all three of you right away" she said to the three girls who were too scared to say anything.

Khushi looked at anaya who was still leaning against the wall, her eyes closed with remaining tears making its way down her cheeks. She felt her heart tug at the sight but she had to be professional about this "Now go back to your classes and meet me outside the principals office, your parents will be notified about this. But before you go..apologize to anaya" khushi said in a dead calm voice to which the three girls quickly looked down in shame and fear as they said their sorry's to anaya and fled back to their class.

Khushi went and kneeled in front of anaya, who still had her eyes closed. She ran her thumb across her rosy cheeks and wiped the tears that were stuck on her eyelashes " you want to talk about it?" she asked in a soft voice to which anaya shook her head vehemently, she sniffed as she opened her now reddened eyes and looked sadly at khushi "No..i don't want to talk about it..what they are saying is true why should it matter?" she whispered in a hurt voice

Khushi pulled her closer and hugged her tightly as anaya slowly laid her head on khushi's shoulder and held on. Khushi ran her fingers over her soft hair as she spoke in a voice hoarse with unshed tears "Please don't say that anaya...don't listen to what those girls were can you ever think like that?" khushi said as she soothed her down, her own heart breaking at the injustice of what had just happened.

"I only wanted to make friends Ms Gupta...and..and those girls told me that if i do whatever they say, they'll be friends with me...but..but today they told me to trip you purposely..." she started sobbing again as khushi held her close "I have no friends because Natasha told everyone that i'm a witch and that i killed my mom...and now they make me do those pranks and hurt that i can call them my friends and they will eat with me..and play with me" she cried as khushi's blood boiled with outrage at what those girls were putting her through.

She pulled back from the hug and held anaya by her shoulders, she looked into her watery eyes and told her in a strict voice "Anaya..listen to are one of the sweetest and kindest girls i have ever met and if anyone does not want to be your friend, then its their loss...not yours! If they can listen to some girl who is talking rubbish about you instead of defending you then they are not worthy of being friends with. I know that you will make very good and deep friends with the right people..but you need to stand up for yourself. You cannot let these girls rule over you" khushi spoke as anaya looked on

"I'm glad i now know the reason behind your behavior...and trust me when I say, that i will make sure those girls get the punishment they deserve for this. Also I will make sure that no one..and I mean no one will ever speak anything bad regarding you. But are you ready to stand up and face such people head-on?" khushi held her chin up as anaya nodded "yes Ms Gupta..i won't let them bully me anymore..I have pa and maggie and now I also have you...i'm not scared anymore" anaya said as a small smile lit her cherubic face, the twin of it reflected on khushi's lips.
'Do it...don't do it...don't do it...arrrgh!' Khushi thought as she twiddled with her phone...after she dropped anaya to her class, she had a talk with mrs D'souza about the three girls from anaya's class and her final conclusion on anaya's rash behavior...everything seemed to be solved...Mrs D'souza had asked the parents of the girls to come to school to discuss the matter as it was pretty serious and she had told khushi to speak to Mr Raizada and fill him since the past hour or so, instead of doing something valuable she had wasted in thinking about her impending call to him.
Arnav had finally gotten himself busy with some important work and was trying to focus on the ongoing meeting when his phone started to buzz, he was about to ignore the call when he saw khushi's name flashing on it'he was surprised and mildly excited to get her call. He quickly excused himself and took her call outside the room, he answered the call in a slow 'Hi'

Khushi felt her insides melt as she heard his husky deep 'hi', she was left speechless for a few seconds before she found her voice, she cleared her throat before speaking a meek voice "Uh..hello'Ar..I mean Mr Raizada" she said as he heard a deep breath from the other end "Back to being formal ms Gupta?" he asked as she noticed a quick flare of annoyance in his voice.

"No..its juts that I'm calling from the school..its regarding Anaya" she said softly as he quickly spoke "What about anaya? Is everything ok? Where is she?" he asked, his voice laced with concern for his daughter. Khushi took a deep breath as she tried to reassure him "She is fine, I just wanted to tell you that we have found out why she was behaving the way she was'" she started as she explained everything to him that had happened since morning.

Arnav listened to everything calmly as he went through many emotions from remorse to anger at the kind of things Anaya had to go through, only when khushi assured him that the girls will be dealt with strictly, did he take a deep breath before closing his eyes and saying in a calm voice "Khushi please come over to the house with Anaya today'we need to talk" he said before abruptly ending the call, leaving a shocked khushi staring at the phone 'Bloody freddy!'